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Fantasy edition

You being the queen of dragons.

Simon Dominic

Your pet dragon gets in his face.
"Okay Y/n I get it, you're their Queen now make him stop glaring at me."
You have to run to your dragon and pet its nose to get him to calm down.


The gif is his reaction and probably the most accurate one given the situation. He may have actually pissed him pants.
"Jay calm down, he's really very sweet and he protects me when I'm in trouble. He won't let anyone hurt me that's the only time he's hostile."
"Y/n you're not talking about a fucking pit bull this is a full grown baby dragon. He can literally eat me."
"I have him under control Jay I swear. I'm the Queen after all, he listens to me. I promise. Oh please darling, try to understand."


After the initial shock wears off,
"Holy shit, this is really a dragon. Yo can he do tricks? Can he dab? Give me some talon."
"He's a dragon Sik not show dog."

Groovy Room

"They listen to their queen I assure you. If it makes you feel any better I named one of them after you."
Gyujeong: "Dragons are just alot to handle and just so dangerous."
Hwimin: "Wait which one of us did you name it after?"


"If you think I'm going to be okay with dragons hanging outside the house I'm not."
"Seonghwa they're not going to hurt anyone. I just need to keep them here until I can find a good place for them. They'll be good I promise. For me?"
*heart eyes*
"This better not come back to bite me in the ass Y/n."
"It won't, promise. I love you!"
*mumbles under his breath*
"Yeah I'd love me too if I could bring a dragon in the house."


Surprisingly curious and gentle enough to earn your dragons trust. When he starts to sing, they seem to fall for him too.
"Well would you look at that, seems they've chosen a King too."


"Ew, bad breath."
Other than that, like all playful puppies loco welcomes your large and scary dragons into the family so long as he isn't on their dinner menu.
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Lmfaoo omg Jay's reaction is fucjing hilarious!! I love Grays and the groovy boys reaction too.. but Simons Bahahahaha Simon is hilarious
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No lie! I would be mad too if I couldnt have a Dragon in yhe bouse Lmfaoo.. but yes Hwimins response was perfect.. I just wanna know... lol... yea poor Simon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I literally just watch we got married with jay in it. thats were the gif is from. xD
ew bad breath xD