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Reaction to:
them catching you planning to propose to them first


Simon: "WHAT! NO! NO! NOT ALLOW! I have to be the one to propose to you. Yah, you already do enough for me. Let me woo you."


DayDay: Damn... I was planning to propose to you first... But this is perfect... at least I know you love me as much as I love you."

Jay Park

Jay: "Oh my goodd.... baby girl... I know you could of hid this better... but its all good... Cause I have a surprise for you... lets go to your parenta house." Planning to ask your father for your hand in marriage.


Chacha knows you are plotting something, and beats you to it. He takes you out to the Sears tower for. romantic dinner for two. "I know you werw planning to do this first but..." Gets down on one knee in front of you. "Will you marry me?"


G.Soul: "Wait...Bae... are you... aw... you don't have to plan it no more. I would love to be your man forever."


Gray was helping you plan the proposal but was secretly being a double agent. So when you go to see him, Loco there waiting on one kneww, head hanging and his arms stretch out with the ring. "Marry me! Please!!"

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Omg Loco!! @BabydollBre we think soo much alike... That's exactly what I want in real life too! Hahah but yo Simons was too damn cute though @RoyalPandaJedi
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lol right! Lmfaoo yes we are. hahaha
got damnit it loco stop being cute. Real life Jay knows what I like.