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Currently only sold in Malaysia, this Korean inspired burger has some brilliant advertising.

Malaysia is home to a HUGE population of K-drama fans so by advertising it this way they're going to sell a ton of burgers :D

There is even a drama-like commercial for it!

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whats up with the bun???
It's supposes to be a spicy flavored bun. Burger King had it once before for awhile
If only the McD's in America could think of something like this 😂😂
oh lort I loved this!
hey! my friend showed me your comment. and idk this update has got me going insane... idk what happened but same goes for me and certain people. Idk what to do i was gonna message Vingle support but as you know i can't dm people. Sorry to call you out as well.
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So far I've only seen this happen with you which is why I thought it might be personal, but the last time we interacted was like a month ago and we were always on friendly terms so I was confused.
@awkwardjazzy i was wondering if you could ask polarstarr to check this again, because i'm blocked she wont see my comments :(
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@awkwardjazzy thank you :)