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McDonald's Just Made a K-Drama Burger........

Currently only sold in Malaysia, this Korean inspired burger has some brilliant advertising.

Malaysia is home to a HUGE population of K-drama fans so by advertising it this way they're going to sell a ton of burgers :D

There is even a drama-like commercial for it!

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That is funny!
16 days agoReply
Omg I can't believe馃槀馃槀馃槀id definitely buy it if I could, this is genius
16 days agoReply
whats up with the bun???
16 days agoReply
It's supposes to be a spicy flavored bun. Burger King had it once before for awhile
16 days ago
If only the McD's in America could think of something like this 馃槀馃槀
16 days agoReply
oh lort I loved this!
15 days agoReply