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Fans were waiting outside the hospital ever since the news broke about the accident. It had been two long days and each day, the guys would come and sit with their injured loved ones, waiting for one to wake up and the other to be released.

Minseok never left. Even when Nari called to ask if there was anything she could do. Minseok told her no. But she came by anyway, bringing flowers for Chen and even though she didn't want to but didn't want to seem unconcerned, she left some for Baekhyun. When she went into his room, Chanyeol gave her a cold stare. Sehun took the flowers right away and thanked her.

“You can leave now.” Chanyeol said viciously.

Sehun looked at him, “Hyung, she's only being nice, don't be like that.” Sehun looked at her, “Have you come alone?”

“I did. Unnie said she would be by later.” She looked at Baekhyun just lying there, she felt a little sorry for him. “I better go. I'm gonna check on Minseok.” She walked out feeling Chanyeol’s glare on her back.

Opening the door slowly, she peeked into the room and saw Minseok sitting next to Chen, holding his hand. Chen was lying on his side as they talked. Minseok played with the ring on Chen's thumb, twisting it round and round until he slipped it off. Nari watched quietly from the door.

Minseok said to him, “This don't belong on your thumb.” He slipped the ring onto Chen's ring finger and reminded him, “You belong to me forever.” He squeezed Chen's hand in his, holding it close to his cheek.

Nari wasn't totally in disbelief and couldn't help but think how sweet that was. But it finally dawned on her, like the world opening up. She's heard the rumors but paid no mind to them, because hearing about certain idols secretly dating wasn't uncommon, even if it was between members of the same group. As she stood there, she realized... it's Chen, it's always been Chen. She dropped the flowers on the floor. The vase busted. Minseok jumped up, whirling around to see what had happened. When he saw Nari standing at the door, staring at the broken vase, he ran over and pushed her out, closing the door behind him.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, ignoring the glass cracking under his feet.

“The glass” she said looking down at his feet.

He stepped out of the way when a nurse came to clean it up. Nari reached down and picked up what she could of the flowers.

He repeated himself, “What are you doing here?”

She looked up at him, “I wanted to bring some flowers for Jongdae. I know you said that I did not have to do anything but I really wanted to. He means so much to you, I could not just do nothing.” She handed him the half of the get-well bouquet that got destroyed. He took it.

Xiumin smiled. “I'm sure he would have appreciated the gesture, as I do.” He meant to lean in and give her a quick kiss on the cheek then he remembered they were in public, so he patted her arm, “Thank you.”

She gave him an awkward smile.

“I want to kiss you,” he quietly said, he glanced back over his shoulder to the hallway full of people, “but, uh, there's an audience.”

Nari looked down the hallway and noticed how people were watching them, stealing glances in their direction, trying not to look so obvious about it. Even the reporters at the other end seemed to be waiting for something to happen.

“Oh” she breathed out and nodded understandingly.

He bowed, “I'll call you later.” he whispered as his head was down and went back into Chen's room

Before the door closed, she saw Chen had fallen asleep. Minseok sat down on the bed and started humming to him. A smile appeared on Chen's face.

It's Chen.” She thought to herself, “It's always been Chen. On the phone that day, Xiumin was talking to Chen, not to some girl. That small but loving conversation that I was jealous over, was between them.”

That's right Nari. You either accept that 99.9999999...% of Xiumin's heart belongs to Chen or leave 😂😂
They are a package deal....but a threesome could be.......