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70 decades have approved since the end of the millennium lengthy issue known as "The War". Character Aang and many of the other characters of his creation have since approved on and the globe has gradually retrieved from The War. With Aang gone, the Character is reincarnated as Korra, a 17 season old lady from the Southeast H2o Group. CLICK HERE TO WATCH FULL EPISODE 25 >>>> http://w.atch.me/QR8UDr >>>> http://w.atch.me/QR8UDr >>>> http://w.atch.me/QR8UDr She is a hot-headed but highly effective younger lady who is prepared to take on the globe. With three components perfected, Korra and her creature information, Naga, transfer to Republic City; a city town for all countries designed by her forerunner and Flame Master Zuko. There she looks for out Aang's and Katara's son, Tenzin, to be able to understand Airbending. With Naga, Tenzin, and new buddies Mako and Bolin by her part, Korra will experience many tests during her trip, such as an Anti-Bending activity that is being orchestrated by the Equalists and their innovator, Amon.
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