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Tan has arrived just outside the broadcast room. Through the door window, he can see YD, and he realizes that ES is in there too. He tries to get it, but YD locks the door. Tan kicks the door furiously, yelling at YD to open the door before he kills him. Inside, ES asks YD to open the door. YD replies, “When I said I would torture all those around you, it included Kim Tan. And me.” Tan kicks the door open and telling ES to get out, punches YD. Tan picks up a chair but ES grabs Tan’s waist to stop him. YD only looks at ES. Tan drops the chair and pushes ES outside. Tan grabs YD’s collar. Tan tells YD to keep away from ES. YD replies that he can only keep away if Tan gives up ES. Tan asks if YD will keep going on with this YD replies he has to since he gave up his last meal with his mom to beat Tan. Every time he looks at Tan, he is reminded of his foolishness. Tan tells YD to grow up, why hasn’t YD changed at all. YD tells him to stop acting like a grown up. Tan is going to end begging his dad again and making ES get on her knees- what’s the point of him going against his dad. Tan points out that YD hasn’t even bothered fighting. “You stay there, YD, I am no longer there.” Outside R approaches ES. To her she asks if the fight is because of her. Tan comes out and takes ES away. R goes into see YD. R asks why YD did this. YD replies it is to see someone for a just a brief moment. Outside, ES asks why YD and Tan fight like this all time. Tan says it is the love triangle and also that YD is resenting himself. Between R and YD. YD is telling her the same thing. He asks then why R is reacting that way then, since Tan hasn’t done anything wrong to her. Tan never gave her hope. ES and Tan cute scene outside. BN and CY. BN is calling HS I think. She sees CY. She calls out to him, but CY ignores her. BN pretends to fall. CY still walks away but he is smiling at her cuteness. YS asks ES to help her get the script for the drama audition tomorrow from MS’s studio since she can’t go there anymore. YS also apologizes to ES. ES smiles and say she will call YS. ES has come to MS’s studio to get the script. YD is there. YD is just about to leave when ES calls him back and offers him a bandaid. He doesn’t take it and leaves. ES is packing the script. BN has come to get the script herself to but seeing that ES has it just tells her to give to YS since YS really needs it for the audition. YD is waiting outside and he asks ES for the bandaid. She gives it to him. He leaves. ES is talking to CY on the phone about BN that they should make up. CY calls BN cute. ES’s mom is making a list for the next person to be hired. KA is upset that ES’s mom is doing this so fast. Other maid comes to say that Rachel has come. ES comes in to kitchen so KA tells ES to go into room. R can’t find out that ES is here too or it’s really over for Tan. KA comes out to greet R. R greets KA, calling her mother. R acts nice, offering KA flowers and saying she is glad to meet her. ES in her own room.