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@dramacrazy ..ok we can share..
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@tyta468, sharing is caring.
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Oh give me a break...once again he is being humble...this man is the all for us all. On the other hand he has nothing to work with this stiff, unromantic and unable actress.
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yea, @deniselane773 gosh..give us a break too! Bet he is loving every minute of those 'actions' n who say he is not expressive enough? Ha! Come on, with so many practices (which lasts over 3 long hours!!) even a simple peck sends goosebumps beyond the screen!
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@SuraniMH1, I would have to agree with you. Also to say that he has "nothing to work with" would not be fair. we do no know what the directors want from a particular scene. remember these are teenagers that are beginning a love relationship, especially the girls are very inexperienced.
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