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Direct instruction is one of the most popular styles of teaching, because of how efficient it is deemed. It calls for the employment of lectures or other demonstrative materials to explicitly instruct students how to attain a desired skill-set. The common style, of course, has the use of frontal instruction, but I have noticed that many decide to go up there with no real lesson plan. While I know that it may be normal for more experienced teachers, I recommend that you not only plan out your lesson plan for that 1 time, but for your lesson plan/strategy for the next week or 2 of classes. It is often the most efficient manner to teach a large mass of students, but may not necessarily be the best way to teach all your students. I would strongly recommend that direct instruction, while important, only encompass part of your teaching strategy. I will systematically be introducing different teaching styles in this collection so don't forget to follow...
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Direct instruction is the base of much instruction, but as you said isn't going to be the best way for every student! I can't wait to see the rest of your information.
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