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Naruto, Gaara, Lee
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sooo..gaara has a kid or that's just some random kid. I never knew this...WHAT IS LIFE
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Read the Boruto manga
2 months ago
so cute :) does gaara rly have a kid?
a month agoReply
Yeah, Boruto Manga
a month ago
so whos the mom? im thinking that one blond girl seemed to like him maybe?
a month agoReply
you mean matsuri? thatd be cute but i dontt think thats who it is
a month ago
yea thats the one. i think its her or at least i hope haha. also the boys hair color seems to be the same as hers n not red like gaara
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I know that everyone grew up and I'm happy for them starting a family, but this hit me hard with Gaara having a kid. T^T good thing Neji is not alive with a family of his own or my heart would've broken even more.
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