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Hello Anime Community I would like to present well as you see at the top something new that some of us have thought of hope y'all enjoy this. For this day I will pick two anime charters and have them battle. Y'all will decide in the comments who you would think will win. So now I will present the first battle characters :
Toujo Basara
Anime: Testament of a New Devil Sister
The second character is :
Issei Hyoudou
Anime: High School DxD
So let me know in the comments which one is your pick to win. Also if you don't know the characters I recommend watching the anime but be warm that there is a lot of fan service in both anime. With that being said if you would rather not watch it I would look up there powers and ability. The winner will be announced next week.
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Issei has island level feats whereas Basara doesn't really have many feats, none of which are island level, so I'm gonna go with Issei.
6 months ago·Reply
My boy issei cause he has one of the best harem out there.
6 months ago·Reply
Tag me please then
6 months ago·Reply
sure will
6 months ago
while toujo is pretty powerful issei is on a whole different level and could match him or even beat him in his balance breaker mode(picture of him in full armor ) and he even stole the power from his rival (which is insane since the two dragons powers have never been mixed before they came along) and that power is called "Divine dividing which literally divides the power of your opponent in half Everytime along with his red dragons ability as it is frequently shouted out "boost" is well the power to double your power (and if your wondering it stacks his is doubled everytime he says it) and oh boy if you even catch him in fake or real juggernaut mode (picture not shown watch the anime cause I don't really like to spoil for potential fans) his power grows immensely and any foe in his path is tread down immediately (except for his rival and other people who hold great power like gods!!!) then they might take longer due to plot / I'm gonna go with issei
5 months ago·Reply
I love your explanation! and I couldn't find a picture of juggernaut mode so I didn't put any in there. 😣
5 months ago
Gotta go with issei but he'd most likely loose a limb
5 months ago·Reply
he already has 😂 lol
5 months ago