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Groups I Wish Had More Equal Popularity

This is of no fault of the girls or guys in each group, but these are groups that I think have one or two members that are much much more popular than the rest.

What do you think?

1. AOA

Seolhyun - She suddently burst into stardom with 'Like A Cat' and is now thought to be the next Suzy. She seriously has ads for EVERYTHING and is one of the most famous girls from a girl group in Korea right now.

2. Block B

Zico - Zico got huge after the success of Block B as well as his solos and all the songs he's written or produced. Now he's one of the biggest names in Kpop in Korea and he advertises pretty much everything just like Seolhyun.

3. A Pink

Eunji - After Reply 1997, Eunji became a household name. Before that, A Pink was just a normal girl group that wasn't necessarily huge, but thanks to Eunji (and now Naeun's appearance in Psy's new MV) A Pink is much much more popular.

4. Astro

Eunwoo - From debut he was known to have a gorgeous face, but after a great performance in his recent drama, he's EVERYWHERE. He's the spokesmodel for Baskin Robbins (which is huge in Korea) along with a million other ads he's featured in. He's making bank!

5. 4Minute

Hyuna - I think this is the most obvious one. Hyuna was much more successful as a solo artist (not to blame the girls of 4minute, if anything i blame cube but thats another story...) Luckily 4minute has always been super close so I know they dont hold any grudges towards Hyuna for her fame.

6. Miss A

Suzy - Honestly, many people just getting into Kpop don't know that Suzy is/was in Miss A. She is so huge for her acting and her commercials that it's easy to forget. She's the absolute queen of advertisements in Korea.

This isn't meant to hate on any groups - I just think its interesting when one member stands out. I wonder how the members, especially the popular one, feel about it.

EXO is a big one. Baekhyun, Sehun, and Chanyeol get all of the attention from fans, whereas Chen and Lay are left in the background, unnoticed by the fans. It's not fair, and I know that Chen in particular sometimes feels neglected by fans.
yo dude same. Like basically all of the rest of Exo has great talent, yet they are mostly ignored (except for D.O. Appearing in dramas boosted his popularity, but the concept is the same)
yeah Lay's popularity has gone up a bit with all of his dramas recently but it's sad. Chen is my bias, and I hate seeing him so sad when he looks around a crowd and only sees signs for Sehun Channel and Baekhyun
ikon, too :( I wish more fans focused on the other members as much as bobby and b.i.
Block B T-T I mean Zico is extremely talented. While I personally don't like some of his music I have to admit that he has an extraordinary amount of talent. But I really wish Block B would get more of the love spread around. I also wish BAP would get more love in general. Yong Guk seems to get more love than the others but isn't a stand out one man show type of fame. :(( There's always going an inequality in the business. Sighs
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