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Hi guys!

Here is part two of my Pohang adventure (you can see part one here) and this time I'll be introducing you to a Korean food I had never heard of!

If you've ever heard of 회 (hwae), you can guess what this might be. 회 is raw fish!

Pohang is right on the ocean so it is know for its fresh and delicious seafood and the place we went to is apparently the best place in the country for this dish! My friend is actually from Pohang and highly suggested it :)

We eat a lot, visit a cafe inspired by Finland, and then visit a museum. Enjoy!

Does that sound tasty or yucky to you?!

For more photos you can always check out my instagram :)
I would still eat it, I find raw/cook fish really good and would love to try this korean fish
that looks good but im allergic to fish ;u;
I have always wanted to try raw fish only if it's fresh of course. I would eat it, but I don't know if I would love it. The only way to find out would be to try it first.