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Hello Lovely ARMYs!!!

Anthony here with this week's B.A.W. Suga card!!
This week's theme is BTS scenarios!
Okay so I am not a writer. Not in the slightest. This is the first thing I've written and posted. It was difficult but fun. I hope you all enjoy!!
I will have a part two coming soon!!
Your friend told you about this really cute guy she wanted to set you up with. At first you were against it, but after weeks of her nonstop bothering you about it, you gave in. One dinner couldn't be so bad. The drawback, no name and no information. All you knew was that you would both bring a pink rose and would meet at this restaurant at seven o'clock.
You walk into the dimly lit restaurant, your heart racing with nerves. It's a busy night and the restaurant is buzzing with conversation. You ask the hostess if there is a guy here with a rose like the one you were holding. She lookes at the rose and smiles.
"In the very back by the wine rack."
You head to the back and can't stop thinking of everything that could go wrong. But you are already there, rose in hand. No turning back now. As you turn the corner, you see a rose just like yours, laying gently in a black box on the edge of a table. Your eyes drift from the flower to the boy waiting impatiently behind it, twisting a silk strand attached to the box.
He is absolutely breathtaking and the world goes quiet. Your heart stops in your chest. You take a deep breath and walk over to the table, your legs daring to give out with every step. He looks up as you approach and stands, picking up the flower. He seems slightly nervous as well, his eyes wider than just a minute ago. He dips his head and offers you the packaged rose.

"Hello. My name is Min Yoongi."
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what they said ^^
that cliffhanger.. 😫
part 2 coming soon 😄
is the next part out yet??
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thank you
tag me in every post cause wow...great story even tho it's shorter than the ones I read before
This is so good so far. It look pretty and exciting! Could you tag me in part two, I really wanna know what happens :3
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