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Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Flip Universe, Smut Story: As the CEO of MGM, Kim Hyojin known by your American name Y/n, you're battling the stress as a boss. So you enlist Park Jaebeom, as your stress reliever. No strings attached. Y/n's POV They say they know me but if you knew me there'd be no question about it. I handle these mufukas by droppin pounds by the thousands. I got Diamonds, gold and Bentlys for days. Every where I look the crowd is screamin my name. A1 like a stake sauce don't take away just enhance that shit. It's MGM we run this shit. Poppin bottles like it's our birthday. Work hard play hard only settle when we in the grave. And long after I'm gone they'll remember my name. It goes one two three, like we just hit the lottery. (just hit the lottery) One, two, three, damn we just hit the lottery (did you just hit the lottery?) We just hit the lottery. These bitches got me screaming like I just hit the lottery! "Wait, stop stop stop." You said. You started doing the cut action to end the music. You sat down and sighed. Laid out on the stage. "I'm so fucking tired." you screamed. Your voice echoed in the large empty concert hall. You had run though steps endlessly; you needed a break. Hyun Jung, your Co-Ceo and best friend, came over and say down nect to you. She handed you a water bottle. You sat up to take a taste, "You know ironically, Lottery is my least favorite song I wrote. Can we just cut it from the performance?" You said. "Well you're the boss but you know how many people love that song, they'll be expecting it. It'll be disappointing if you don't deliver." Hyun Jung reasoned. Hyun Jung wasn't a rapper she was a singer and very talented. Around seven years ago you broke out as a K-pop idol in a group called 8 O'clock. You only really had one solid year with them before you kind of got yourself in trouble with Korean fans. You were put on hiatus for a while to think about your actions; the thine was you didn't want what you did to affect your members. JYP ended up terminating your contract which actually flet like a blessing in disguise. ou went back to Arizona and started figuring out how you could continue your music career. That's when you met Cisco. He was great at producing music and you two collabed often to make songs. You often talked about starting a company and three years ago you had formed it. You looked around and wanted Hyun-Jung to join you as a Co-CEO because you knew her talent and she was fairly reasonable. She kept you in check. Finally MGM was created and it was time to recuit. MGM stood for Music's Greatest Movement and you intended to make the name fit what you were about to do. You signed on Black, So bong Yonggi; Samuel Diamond, Kim Kang Ha; Mania, Gam Do Hyeon; Spirit, Won Chaewon and Dj Wegun, Kim Myung Joon. Once the crew was assembled you started dropping hits left and right and then something incredible happened. You guys blew up and other artists from the states decided to join you in making songs and albums. It wasn't about being pretty it was about being a bombass rapper. You had your crew to take care of now so all the decisions you made were made carefully because it reflected on them as well. You sat up and looked at Hyun Jung, "i hate it when you make sense." you said. "If that were true you wouldn't have asked me to be your Co-Ceo." she laughed. You squinted your eyes at her and said, "You're cute." in a sarcastic tone. "I know." she smiled. You two laughed and you finally stood up and stretched a little. "Alright here's what we're going to do. We're going to hit the Lottery Remix instead. I'll keep my intro from the orginal and the others will finish it out okay?" you said loud. There was a crew member at the bottom with a mic and he communicated with the top floor. They started the music and you went back to practice. The day was exhausting but instead of going back hom to go to sleep you took the others out for a night at the club. What could be better than getting about from a hard day of dancing than going to the club to dance more. Jay's POV Jay pulled Kiseok's shoulder as they walked through the crowd. "Is it me or does Seonghwa seem too comfortable here?" Jay turned to yell back into Kiseok's ear. "Well you know Seonghwa, he likes to flirt." he answered. "Yeah so do I but for someone with a boy next door image he really shouldn't be better at it then me." Jay joked. Kiseok looked at him like "really dude" which only made Jay laughed. They followed Seonghwa deeper into the crowd catching up to him when he finalyl stopped to dance. He was whispering in a girls ear while she danced on him. She giggled a little and Jay just looked at Kiseok like that was way too fast. Seonghwa had brought them to the club to hook up didn't with a girl he had been seeing hadn't her? The little snake. Kiseok nudged his arm and nodded towards some girls closer to the center of the dance floor. Jay saw them and grinned. One was in a tight black dress the other was in royal blue dress and hers was even shorter than her friends. "Dibs on the black dress." Jay said as they moved over to get to them. "Fine by me." Kiseok said. They walked over to the girls and made some light conversation and very smoothly asked if they liked to dance. They agreed and Jay went to grind and dancing with the girl in the black dress. There was a sudden loudness coming from the crowd by the door and people had their phones out. Jay and Kiseok looked over to see who it was as they were dancing with their girls. Even the girls stopped to see who it was. Jay saw a slightly shorter girl standing next to a taller korean woman. She was wearing a huge smile and waving at the crowd, her Korean friend had her arm wrapped around her arm and she was pulling them along. He noticed the rapper's Black and Mania coming up behind them. He wondered if they were together but he got his answer when he saw them follow the girls up the steps to a V.I.P section. He wasn't sure who the girls were but apparently everyone was excited to see them. She had this bright smile to her. Her smile was captivating, Jay could tell by her outfit it wasn't the only attractive feature to her though. She had on a cropped jacket and a black hat. Her brown and blond hair was in a pony tail and pulled through the off of the back of the hat. Her hat had a gold trim and so did her jacket. She was wearing kind of baggy black pants while her friend was in a tan dress with dark purple, blue and oragne crawling up from the bottom half of it. She looked ready to dance her friend looked ready to just party and have a good time. Jay recognized a B-girl when he saw one and she was one. Y/n's POV As soon as you guys got in the club everyone started screaming and turning their attention to you and Hoody. She asked you not to show out too much but you gave her that look like she was asking too much of you. Her only response was, "I know but I thought I'd try." You laughed at her but you stayed up in V.I.P with her Black and Mania. You ordered two bottles of Champagne and Soju. Two shots in you were ready to dance. You were looking over the balcony looking for prey. There was someone you were going to choose to dance with. You called Hoody over and asked her to help you choose. You two spent ten minutes just pointing out guys that you wanted to dance with. One of which had glasses and was kind of cute but didn't look like the type you'd take home by the end of the night or like he even knew how to dance. Honestly there was no way you were going to dance with someone tonight and not take them home. Hyun Jung knew that but she was pleading with you to not do it. This up coming concert had you so stressed out though, some good sex would totally relax you. "Hey Y/n when is Cisco cominig?" Mania called to you. You looked at your phone to check your messages. "Um he says he's still with far east movement so he's gonna be late." you said. "Do Hyeon, Yonggi are you guys going down to dance with Y/n?" Hyun Jung asked. "What makes you think I'm gonna take one of them home?" You said. "What you don't want to take me home I'm really good. House trained and everything." Mania said. "Yah say that too the wet spot by your leg." you said pointing out where he spilled his liquor. "Yonggi don't let him drink too much." Hyun Jung sighed. Black laughed, "He's a grown man plus fans would love to see him drunk." He said pulling out his camera. You just laughed at them and the looked down at the crowd again. You saw there was a circle that formed at the dance floor two guys were dancing and one of them was moving really smoothly you were impressed. You bit your lip excited just by his dance skills alone. You giggled and looked over at Hyun Jung. "Hey do me a favor." you said. You leaned over to whisper in her ear to tell her the plan and she looked at you like you were a mess. You think somewhere inside her mind she was thinking about how much of a dangerous girl you were but you also knew she put up with the things that you did because she knew just how much was on your shoulders. She told you once that she looked up to you because you did take care of MGM and the crew. She admitted she wanted to do more for you and sometimes when she turned the other way while you did some risky stuff was all you needed. It's not like you were about to ruin your image but taking a random guy home was kind of a risk but one you were willing to make. You and Hyun Jung went down stairs and you separated making your way through the crowd. You pushed your way through and got to the front to see the dancer that caught your eye. You saw him dancing and you smirked seeing him seeing you. He didn't even break in his movements. He moved smoothly and there was no faulter in his step. You waited for Hyun Jung to do what you asked. You looked up at the DJ and he came over the system, "Aye our special guest Kim Y/n has requested a song give it up for her yall!" The crowd cheered and you laughed and did a sexy strut onto the to dance floor. You walked up to Jay and he started to back up a little you grabbed his shirt and wagged your finger like that was a big no no. He laughed and you had him stand right there. The music started to play Little freak from Usher started playing and you started dancing. Your body moving with the beat but also you moved in a way that enticed him. You saw him look at your butt pop in one part and bit his lip. He stopped you in the dance to dance and show off his skills like it was a mating dancing. You laughed and continued to dance with him. People watched and recorded you two in awe. The way you two went back and forth was fun Then Nikki's part came on and you pulled out two girls. They danced with you. They grabbed a guy behind the one you were seranding and another one on his left. Hyun Jung came down and watched proud of the spectical you were making. By the end of the song he was walking up to you and you were wrapping your arms around his neck to grab a hold of him. The crowd roared at what just happened and you laughed and gave him a hug before walking out of the crowd to leave him looking almost surprised there wasn't more to come. Hyung Jung met by your side and laughed. "Are you proud of yourself?" she said. "Oh I'm thoroughly satisfied." You smiled. You flagged down your body guard and said, "Hey they guy I was dancing with I want you to bring him up to my section please. If he has friends they can come too." He nodded and headed in the direction to find them. You and Hoody went back upstairs. "So you're going to wine and dine him before you bed him." Hyun Jung said. "Of course I'm a lady after all." You chuckled. "Still, I've never seen you go through so much effort for a one night stand." she said. You shrugged but there was a method to your madness. If he was really as good in bed as he was on the dance floor. You could make him a permenant stress reliever. If he chose to agree. You just hoped he was good enough. A few mintues passed by and your prey of choice arrived with two other men behind him. You smiled seeing the one you wanted and you walked over to him grabbing him his and pulling him away from his friends. "You're a pretty decent dancer." you said. "Decent? I think I'm better than decent." he said. "You're not shy about your skills are you?" you laughed. "Not in the least." he smiled back. "My name is Kim Hyojin but call me Y/n I perfer that name." You held out your hand and he took it and kissed the back of it before he said, "Park Jaebeom." "Jaebeom-ah." you smiled. You put on all the charm you had and then some making yourself as enticing as you could. He laughed as you got closer to him. You grabbed both his hands holding them down so you could come close to his face. You tilted your head back, your lips just being slightly below his. You bit your bottom lips and you watched as he smirked at your then licked his own lips. "How about we dance a little more?" You said. "I'm fine with that Ms. Y/n." You looked to Hyun Jung grinning from ear to ear and she just shook her head. One of the boys that looked like a boy next door kind of guy was talking her up and she was being very nice to him. The other one he came with, he seemed a bit more mature, he sat next to Black and they were talking. A few times he looked over at you and Jay probably suspecting something was going to happen. Either it was because of the sexy way you were dancing or your new beau had a reputation. You turned around, circling your butt against his groin and he brought his hands to your waist to bring you closer and enjoy your little tease. He knew he liked it by the way you felt him growing against your ass. You turned around and wrapped your arms arouns his neck. You led him back to the couch behind him and climbed on him lap giving him a full lap dance in front of your crew and his friends without a care. The point of coming here was to relax and destress not to give a shit about what anyone else thought. You were going to get yours one way or another and they way he was reacting to you, you knew you weren't going to be disappointed tonight. You started to grind on his lap bringing your lips down to hover just over his own. Hish hands rounded to your ass, clearly he felt no shame in you giving him the lap dance in front of everyone. You liked that. You leaned down closer to his lips and one hand came to cup your cheek so he could give you a kiss. You placed a finger over his lips and smiled at the tease you were giving him. Jay chuckled and let his hand slip underneath your hair and grip it tight. He pulled your head back a little making you release a light moan that only you could hear. He kissed your neck softly and then came to your ear. "Don't you dare think you can tease me little girl. Or I'll have to show you who's in charge." he threated in your ear. Your heart raced and your core started to heat up. His voice was so sexy and the fact that he was saying he was the boss was even hotter. You smiled at him and came to his ear. "Why don't we take this party to my place and you can teach this little girl how to behave." "You're naughty," he gave your ass a light smack. "I'm going to have fun with you tonight." You giggled and got up and grabbed his hand so that you could take him along with you. "Hyun Jung can you make sure those two get home safely- thanks!" You said hurrying down the steps. "Yah! Y/n I never agreed to that!" She yelled. You laughed and hurried. Your body guards escorted you two out of the club and you hailed a cab. Once you two were in the taxi you gave him the address and you and Jay started to make out slowly, sensually. His hand rounded to your butt and he squeezed on it tightly. Your kisses went deeper and became more hungry. You came off his lips breathing heavily, "You're going to be fun to play with." You smiled. He licked his lips while looking at yours then grinned widely. "You're interesting." He said. "You think so? I have a treat for you then." You giggled. "What's that?" He asked. "It's a secret, just kiss me for now." You smirked. He chuckled and wrapped his arms around you. His body took over yours while you two had an intense make out session in the back of the taxi. When the cab finally stopped and you two were at your place, you tossed some money up at him in a haste and told him to keep the change. Jay laughed as you opened the door and pulled him out along with you. You hurried to your house and unlocked the door. Jay's hands were on your waist while his lips kissed your neck. A animal growl left your throat to let him know how turned on you were. He was kissing just the right spot to get your engines revved up. You pushed through the front door and firmed around to see him closing if. You pulled off your cropped jacket and you top to reheat you strap less nude bra. He smiled and picked you up. He pinned up against the wall kissing you hard while your legs wrapped around him for support. Your hands moved with haste while you kissed him with ravenous hunger. Your tried to pull up his shirt and he grabbed your hands and pinned them against the wall. "Someone's hungry." He grinned. "Starved actually." You said panting. He smiled even more at that. He moved slowly to get to your lips and when your head moved to get to them he backed his lips away. You whined not being able to feel those soft plump gifts of flesh. Your body stirred more with his teasing, "Kiss me." You said. "I'm in charge tonight baby." He said. His voice was low and sensual. Your core twisted and arousal built up more in your pants. You wanted him to get straight to the point but you didn't want to piss him off. You tried to calm down. "Okay, okay." You breathed. "Say it." "You're in charge Jay." You said. He set you down from the wall and cupped your face to kiss you, teasing you with his tongue. His wet muscle sliding across your lips but anytime you wanted a deeper kiss he pulled back causing more frustration in you but your heart rate picked up and your body ached for him. "Bedroom?" He asked breathlessly. "Right this way." You said. You led him down the hall and up the stairs to your bedroom. His hands were on your waist as you walked up to the stairs. He kissed your neck from behind once you were in the bedroom again. He closed the door behind him and led you to the bed. He laid you down on your stomach and unhooked your bra. You slipped it off and laid it next to you while pushing your hair to one side. He kissed down your spine sending electricity through you. You bit your lip with a light hum coming from it. Having already kicked your shoes off at the front door he started to pull your pants down and off your legs. The way he was undressing you made in anticipate the sex even more. You couldn't wait until he started things up. He grabbed you by your ankles and quickly flipped you around earning him a giggle. He pulled his shirt off to reveal his amazing body and the rest of his tattoos. You bit your lip and raised your hands to touch him. He caught you by your wrist. "Not yet." He whispered. "Why?" You whined desperate for something. "Because I said so. Little Y/n, I'm in charge of this bedroom do you understand?" He said lowering himself to you. He pinned your hand up by your head. "Yes Mr.Jay." you said throwing in a little Harley Quinn voice. He chuckled, "I'm in charge of you, that means when I'm ready," He bucked his hips into your heat and you moaned, feeling his hard member clothed in rough jeans ride against your panties. "I'm going to fuck you to sleep." He purred. His words were enticing you just wished he'd do it already. His hand slid down between your bodies and he began to play with your clit slowly. He drew circles over it with his thumb making you lick your lips and moan at his touch. You bit down on your bottom lip mewling as his pace sped up and your panties began to get wet. "Look at that, getting all wet from being touched. How about we do a little more?" He teased. You nodded. His hand slipped down your panties making the hand he had pinned down struggle to be free. Your back arched a little off the bed as you let out a louder moan. He smiled at the reaction before dipping his head down and you felt his warm wet tongue graze the crook of your neck. You mewled and whined at the feeling of his wet kisses and his fingers playing with your sensitive nub. Now he was spreading your wetness up and down your folds. You felt him suddenly slip a finger inside of you. "Ah! Jay." You moaned. "A finger gives me that reaction? I can't wait till I'm inside you." He chuckled. You were begging for it. Your hips rolled into his fingers and he didn't seem to mind it at all. It probably just meant he had you right where he wanted you. A second finger descended into your warm caverns driving you nuts while his fingers stretched you out. He started to trail kisses down your chest and past your stomach causing a little tickle to come up. He kissed by your belly button turning you one even more, making you whine an mewl at his touch. His fingers hooked into your panties and he started to pull them down revealing your soaking wet core. Your arousal coating his fingers thoroughly. He showed you his fingers before he pushed them past your lips. "Lick it all up." He said. This wasn't going the way you thought. Normally you got the upper hand of dominance but the only way for you to get what you wanted out of him was to five up control. You found it far more relaxing than anything else. There was no instruction on making him do what you liked he was just toying with you, making you want it more so that he could destroy you next. You didn't have to worry about searching for your high or being in charge he was taking all control which made you relax so much more. You sucked on his fingers humming as you did when you felt his tongue flick your nub. His hand pushed your legs open wider and his tongue flicked back and forth on your clit making you stop sucking his finger so you could moan. His tongue circled your clit and his fingers pushed back inside you and started moving faster, twisting and stretching you. A third finger joined the other while his plump lips attacked your heat. You felt blood rush to your face and you core. You felt tense like you were on the edge but you had a ways to go. Right now you just felt like you were in a state of bliss and insanity at the same time. "Fuck!" You moaned out loud. He hummed on your clit, you could feel the smile he had on while he sucked harder and wiggled his tongue more. You gripped onto the blankets pulling them up. Your legs pulled up and Jay came up from between your legs. He lifted your legs up and crawled over your body. "You taste fucking amazing baby girl." He said. He kissed you and but your bottom lip. "Jaebeom, fuck me. Please." You begged. He smiled, "Sure baby girl, now I know you're ready." He got up off the bed and pulled down his pants. He pulled out his wallet and looked through it for a condom. He pulled one out and pulled down his boxers before sheathing his member. He crawled over you again giving your lips a sweet peck before you felt him reach your core and then he pushed all the way inside of you with now warning. He moved immediately but he moved slowly making you whine as he did. He sat up and held your waist while he rode his body into yours over and over again. His pace was slow and even but so satisfying. Your eyes rolled back while you scratched his chest moaning out loud. He moved faster making your bodies smack together while your body heated up with delight. "Ahhh- oh.. my-god." You moaned. He turned you on the bed so he could get his feet on the ground. He turned you on your stomach and lifted your leg up before he entered you again thus time going faster. You heard his groans as he moved fast and faster inside you fucking you harder. He leaned over your body to get to your ear "You like the way I feel baby girl?" "Yes, yes." You cried. He kissed the nape of your neck, "What a sexy little voice, let me hear you scream." He said. He snapped his hips into you hard. You squealed out loud. He lifted your butt to get a better angle. His strong grip on your hips would leave marks for tomorrow but that's tomorrow's problem. You mewled as you felt him riding into you. "I'm gonna cum." You whined. He stopped his movements and you felt his hands wrap around your neck. Your body trembled beneath and there was still so much more excitement inside of you. "Not yet." He warned. He lifted you up and sat on the edge of the bed. You looked at him with puppy dog eyes. "Come ride me baby girl." He said. You nodded and straddled him, your hand holding his member and feeling how thick he was in your hand. You licked your lips and sank down slowly on him. You started moving slow, grinding your hips against his while his hands cupped your supple breast. The tip of his tongue swirled around the nipple to tease you and turn you on more. You whined feeling like he was just toying with you. "Please." You whispered. "Please what baby girl?" "Please lick me. Eat me up, take me I don't care. I want to feel so good with you Jay." You said. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he smiled. He brought his hand to the did elf your neck and pulled you down so he could kiss you. His full lips over took your devouring your lips then the y made their way down to your breast. He massaged one aide while sucking on the other. His thumb and forefinger rolled your nipple between them and he bit down on the other making you yelp and moan straight after. He chose various places to suck on before he smacked your ass signaling you to go faster. You bounced on his dick while his hand gripped your ass. He laid back on the bed allowing you to follow him while your moved up and down feeling his length fill you up and his size stretch you out. You whined uncontrollably while your breast bounced up and down. "Come on baby. Come on." Jay moaned. His hand ran through your hair and kissed him again. He rolled on top of you and lifted your leg onto his shoulder while he held the other one away from his body. His hips snapped relentlessly in your body, running allowing your walls making them tighten, constrict around his swelling heat. His eyebrows pinched together and his hips became sloppy. You started to run circles over your clit feeling yourself closing into a climax as well. "Are you gonna come for me?" He said in a gravely voice. "Yes, yes I'm gonna fucking cum. I'm gonna cum." You whined. "Come on baby girl. Fucking cum all over me." He said going faster. The sound of your bodies bearing together entice you insane and your fingers worked faster on your clit. You whined and squealed until the dam burst and your back arched off the bed while you screamed out your climax. Your eye squeezed shut as you cursed wildly with heavy panting. "Come on. Fuck- fuck you feel so fucking good." He groaned. He beat into your body longer pounding your womanhood until finally he'd reached his own release. Spewing his hot liquid into the condom he'd placed on him. Your body felt weak and worn and you were panting as you were coming down. Jay disposed of his condom and started looking for his clothes. He got his boxers on when you grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him down to the bed, "Stay here with me." You cooed. "Are you sure?" He asked. You giggled in a kitten like way and purred when you said, "Yeah it's not like I bite." You laid on the bed with your hands playing in your hair and Jay smiled. He got under the covers and wrapped his hands around your body. You two kissed a little until your kisses became slowly and you found yourself falling asleep....

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