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Hello and Welcome to Kun & Jaehyun day!

From now on I'll be alternating cover pictures between Kun and Jaehyun because there are not enough of them together for me to use since Kun hasn't debuted yet!

The theme for this week is "Our favorite songs and why?"

(Just a note but it doesn't have to be a song our member sings/raps in because NCT is a large group consisting of sub-groups and for some of us the member's we represent are only present in one song. For example Kun only sings in the Chinese Version of Without You.)

So here's my top ten favorite NCT songs:

1. Dream In A Dream - Ten
(I still play this song on repeat...)

2. Limitless - NCT 127

3. The 7th Sense - NCT U

4. Wake Up - NCT 127

5. Another World - NCT 127

6. Cherry Bomb - NCT 127

7. Without You - NCT U (I'll include the Chinese version since Kun sings in it)
8. My First and Last - NCT Dream

9. Mad City - NCT 127 (Mark, Taeyong, Jaehyun)

10. Whiplash - NCT 127


Which NCT songs are your favorite?


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Cherry bomb is my current favorite but 7 sense is my absolute favorite. I also love Mad City too. Too many NCT favorites
Haha right? Ten's Dream in a Dream wrecked me though! Originally 7th Sense was but then came Limitless. Now Ten attacks.