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Hey guys! Welcome back to another Inseong Thusday, I got some special memes prepared for you today! Keep in mind that some of the memes are made by me and the rest are from my favorite SF9 Meme account on instagram! Mine contain the watermark @eah.16 β€’ ig which is my instagram user! FYI(if you see one with the watermark smallpugtato that was my old user on instagram.) So if you decide to use them please give me credit and don't take the watermark off.

Now for the memes!

Credits to memes.sf9 on Instagram and to the other owners of the other memes. Thank you for blessing us with them! I hope you guys enjoyed this card and let me know which one is your favorite and which one you can relate to! Until next time!

The Sensation Feeling Squad

Sensational Feeling Fam
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