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There is a YouTuber named Simply Kenna.

She is notorious for her certain aesthetic when making videos, and is also notorious for going after people that are similar to her in any way.

Now, content creators have a right to protect their art and ask people to credit them properly, but the irony is - kenna steals art from all over the place and doesn't credit them at all!
she uploads art stolen from pinterest and claims it is her own original work.
She demands credit when she doesn't give it, and that's why people are extra mad. She even called out another YouTuber and had her fans go and attack her (telling her to kill herself) and Kenna didn't say stop, she encouraged.

She also claims to be Buddhist while not actually practicing anything other than saying she's Buddhist.

Here's a good explanation of what's going on:

(yes, this girl yells a lot but its a proper breakdown!)

After this video and others like it blew up, she issued an "apology" that made everything soooooo much worse.

Instead of being sincere and direct, she wrote a poem, made a dramatic video, and never actually said what she did wrong.

It backfired HARD.

As a result, people who didn't know what she was talking about looked up the videos like the one above that explained it all. The video now has more dislikes than likes and as of the time of writing this she has lost over 10k followers in 4 days.

Will this apology be the end of Simply Kenna? What do you think?

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πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ she aint ducking Buddhism. she better shut up n not play around with our believes. oi.... but still. thx 4 letting us know. hope youtube block her or something.
she should shut the fuck up before she gets smacked the fucked up. *credit to whom ever i got that from*