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So I was never really into this guy to begin with, but I always like to see people who are stuck in the trainee life escape it and be able to debut.

But his debut is just...

so bad

I mean, his voice is totally flat and boring, but at least the producers could have produced it better. Everything about the song is bad (which isn't completely Nicky's fault) The music is fine but the vocal tracks are a train wreck (again, it has a lot to do with Nicky's voice but wtf were the producers doing with the nasty echoy sound they put in there???) ***

***Actually, according to the video the song was written and produced by Nicky himself...

The video is pretty cute though so like, why didn't they put a little more time into the song?

It's just sort of embarrassing and considering how long he's been a trainee I have to think that its his company that failed him. Even people who can't sing can grow to become great singers with the right training and team behind him.

Sorry to Nicky fans, but do you think they'll even give him a chance to make another single?

Does anyone like the song?

@awkwardjazzy @VixenViVi @MaggieHolm exactly, i think the company should have stepped up and gotten a good producer, given him more training, and said 'nope' to releasing this as a finished product :/
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Definitely! He deserves better than this, but I just don't think he's ready yet with a sound like that. Maybe more time and a new company
honestly I've been following Nicky (unintentionally it just kind of happened) since the beginning. I was a bit sceptical since his voice is already nasally when he speaks but his voice seriously leaves something to be desired. I honestly couldn't get through the song the first time or this time....
I couldn't finish the entire video. It''s just bad.
Oh my gosh. This is like the Rebecca Black of kpop
I watched this mv when it first came out and I couldn't make it through the entire song. Maybe it's because he has a bit of a lisp, but I'm just not a fan of his voice. I agree that the video itself was extremely cute.
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