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Thanks to @Addixtion card, I did some snooping on YouTube and:

Good luck!

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Tjis may have made other people jelous but to e it ade me smile because it shows how sweet our boys are to ARMYs and so it makes me smile so big my mouth hurts❣But it was a good video, thank you👍❤
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i know how you feel, im an international ARMY as well, i know the struggles
4 months ago
I knew this was a YouTube video somewhere!! Haha I found a short version of it on iFunny. 😂😂👌 Good luck people!!
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@Addixtion your card killed me so i had to look for more challenges hhaha
4 months ago
lost 😤😤😤😧😧😧
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original idea
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I am already jealous of jimin just by him talking to the girl and holding her hands and the way he is looking at her it's all in a good way I haven't even watched the video yet and I am jealous of them omg what is life and what am I doing to myself?
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