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Here's the next chapter, I was actually happy with how this one turned out.

Hope you enjoy!!
Chapter 9: Lightweights

You and Baekhyun thankfully recovered from your case of the flu rapidly and both went back to work in no time; which was a good thing because in less than a week; you, along with the rest of the boys were given great news.

In just a few months, the boys would be debuting in December!

Starting from now, all their time would be spent on working on their album and learning choreography. The managers informed you that the boys would be required to practice for a set of teaser trailers and photoshoots that, as a strategy; would be released consecutively before the boys debuted.

Being a new recruit to SM, the staff didn't trust a rookie like you with top-class information like the boys' group name and so on, however you weren't that fussed; it was fun to learn the new information at the same time the boys did.

Of course they were all ecstatic to debut all together; and so were you - you felt so proud of them all because you had watched them work so hard for this final moment.

And of course the moment you had all entered the apartment from a long day of training and recieving the news; you said the first idea that popped into your head;

'Hey we should all go out to drink!' You exclaimed taking your shoes off.

'Really - YES!' Jongdae said sounding ecstatic over the proposal.

'Yes that's a great idea!!' Yixing said punching the air; even Chanyeol and Baekhyun looked excited - winking at each other excitedly.

'Well don't take your shoes off, let's go since it's 7:00pm and the restaurants will all be serving drinks by this time.' You instructed, sliding into your shoes and walking over to the door.

The atmosphere changed to an eager one as the boys began to realise you were dead serious about this plan.

'But do we need any other managers to join?' Luhan asked inquisitively.

'Nope I'm officially allowed to take you guys out for a drink at least.' You puffed your chest and placed your hands on your hips; smiling at the boys merrily and opening the door.

'Alright let's go~' Baekhyun said skipping out the door with Chanyeol at his heel who smiled and nodded at you politely, looking away quickly before walking past you.

Sehun looked surprisingly tense and worried while he walked oast you; unable to make eye-contact because he was so focused on his thoughts.

'Don't worry, I'm not going to drink much so you can drink less than me.' Jongin whispered into Sehun's ear while he patted his back and walked out the door.

'Excited?' You beamed at Kyungsoo, meeting his gaze since he was the last to leave he turned the lighys off behind him.

'Of course.' Kyungsoo replied, grinning and then breaking out into a smile - his plump lips looked delightful in the dark.

'Come on~' You said bumping Kyungsoo's shoulder and wrapping a scarf snuggly around your neck while you both followed the boys.
You arrived at the boys' favorite restaurant and requested a private room since you came here to drink, not eat.

This place was their chosen favorite because it was private - each party got a room of their own so the thirteen of you crammed into a room filled with tatami mats and tables.

The boys sat around the tables, pushing them togetger - sitting cross legged on the floor and playfully nudging or shoving eachother to provoke a response from the victim.

'Ok what are we ordering first?' Chanyeol queried looking at the drinks menu the waiter had brought in.

The others sat chatting to eachother excitedly and taking their coats off.

'Ah-ah this Soju first; my brother says always start with the hard Soju and end with the light stuff to ease your stomach down at the end.' Baekhyun said as a matter of factly.

'Well... alright then..., ah excuse me waiter; please could we have 6 bottles of this, thank you very much.' Chanyeol ordered counting how many bottled would be needed for 12 boys (since you refused to drink tonight, claiming you had to keep an eye on the boys so a sober head would be needed.)

'And keep them coming afterwards hahaaah.' Jongdae exclaimed slapping his knee.

'Y/N-shi, are you sure you don't want to drinj tonight? This is as much of a celebration for you than it is for us.' Baekhyun asked concerned.

'Awww, no it's fine really, I wouod rather be able to remember all of tonight's wonderful memories than forget it and the last thing I want to happen is you boys taking me home because I'm a mess. Tonight is your night.' You replied smiling brightly and honestly to the boys.

'Well, tonight's the last night we can really do this sort of thing so let's go all out!' Chanyeol exclaimed lifting a glass the moment the drinks were poured.
In less than no time, thr atmosphere changed very quickly from polite drinking, to the boys getting hammered.

Baekhyun and Chanyeol constantly took shot after shot - trying to 'out drink' each other while Jongdae persisted on getting Yixing wasted.

Baekhyun was out after just two drinks, turning bright red and curling up into a giggling ball against the wall while Chanyeol began to slur his words and increase in volume while he spoke, hiccupping after every other word;

'Seriously y/n-shi, I'm so so sorry about everything.' Chanyeol started yelling; his face was midway between a sob and laughter.

'It's fine Chanyeol-shi seriously-' You stuttered trying to nervously laugh Chanyeol's apology away to ease the mood. Now was not the time for Chanyeol to be apologising with so many boys in the room. However the more you looked around, the more you noticed they were all preoccupied with their drinking to listen to Chanyeol's speech.

'-No, no I was such a dick to you and I apologize profusely for it - aish I'm not like that I'm really not - Wu Fan - I'm not like that am I.'

You turned to look at Kevin who sat next to you. He shook his head politely before sipping on some beer slowly.

'You see *hiccup* I'm actually a nice guy *hiccup* and I want to show you how nice I am, and you're really nice - you took care of Baekhyun-ah which was really good of you because you didn't have to *hiccup*' Chanyeol looked dazed, his eyes fixed on you while he spoke.

'It was no prob-'

'-And you take care of all of us so well, I would have died of thirst and hunger by now if it wasn't for you, and we'd all be living in our own fifth by now, especially because of Junmyeon's untidiness but hey. And just you're so so nice.' Chanyeol hiccuped; but you could tell he was being 100% honest which made you blush, he really wasn't a bad guy and you knew it.

'Thank you Chanyeol-shi.' You replied bowing politely. Chanyeol leaned back feeling more relaxed that you'd accepted his apology.

'Seriously if you ever need a wingman or something, I will do the best I can, if there's any one of us that you like-'

Your eyes flung open wide and you subconsciously stared at Jongin the moment Chanyeol said that.

You flung your hand over his mouth in a flash.

'Seriously Chanyeol-shi it's fine.' You said smiling with your teeth and waiting until Chanyeol stopped talking and nodded before removing your hands from his mouth.

'Wow that's the first time you've touched me tee-heee.' Chanyeol giggled like a cheeky school kid before slumping down next to Baekhyun and laughing

You face felt hot under Chanyeol's words, but you were also sure the room was increasing in temperature due to everyone's elevated body heat to tolerate the alcohol.

'Hahahahahaaaahah.' You heard quiet laughter opposite the table at Baekhyun who was slapping Chanyeol on the arm and laughing uncontrollabley; he most likely couldn't breath since his face turned bright red and you knew he was a gonner.

'Oh dear we've lost Baekhyun.' You giggled watching this boy turn three shades of red and laugh into Chanyeol's arm controllably.

'Ba b aba-baba, b aba ba-baba-' Chanyeol began clapping a beat for Baekhyun who had stood up and began to sway his hips.

'Yeah yeah watch this watch this, I did it in high school woooooo!!!' Baekhyun shouted looked very unbalanced and red faced.

And there it was.

Baekhyun did possibly the funniest thing you had ever seen in your life;

In his drunken and over-confident state; Baekhyun rushed over to the light switch of the small room, and began flicking it on and off while moving his body, swaying left and right and turning his head in time with Chanyeol's bababa beat.

That was it.

You're face planted in the table while you cried your eyes out laughing.

'Hahahahaah you find it that funny!? HAHAHA' Jongdae laughed along with you and pointed at the two boys.

'Ah ah I'll do it some more then- Chanyeol-ah keep it up!' Baekhyun exclaimed continuing to do this amazing light dance. You looked up and then collapsed back onto the table laughing like a maniac.

Jongdae stood up too wanting to join in on the antics. He shook his hups a little to warm up.

'Go Jongdae, go Jongdae!!' Luhan clapped for Jongdae who also clapped for himself.

'Five, six, seven, eight wooo!' Chanyeol counted before Jongdae began to amaze everyone by whipping out some amazing shuffling moves

'WOAH JONGDAE!' You exclaimed clapping your hands in amazement over Jongdae's moves, he didn't not seem like the type who could dance, but he was all right!

Then it finally hit Baekhyun just what he'd done and then he immediately covered his face in his hands and buried himself under the table, laughing uncontrollabley once more of embarrassment.

'Aish don't be so shy.' Chanyeol exclaimed slapping Baekhyun's leg and taking another sip of beer.

'Pffffwwwaaahaahahahahahaahahaha you're so funny hahahahahah!' Yixing had the most cute and adorablr cheeky and guilty laugh, laughing at those two yahoos. You were mesmerized by the way his dimples emerged on his cheeks while he laughed so handsomely.

'Haha Yixing's getting tipsy~' Luhan chuckled pointing at Yixing.

'Hhahaahaha I'm not hahahahaha.' Yixing said trying to cover up his giggles by placing his coat over his head.

'Yixing-ah Yixing-ah, look.' Minseok said making a face you'd never seen him do before.

He puffed up his cheeks like a balloon and pulled his eyes down on the sides.

Immediately that did it for Yixing; he no longer chuckled quietly - laughter in his drunken state ripped through Yixing's chest. It sounded painful to a certain extent.

Luhan stared at Yixing wide-eyed and so did Kevin.

'Yixing I didn't realise you were this much of a lightweight.' Kevin muttered astounded.

'HAHAHA Yixing's dribbling!! Stop covering your mouth I want to record this!' Luhan squealed in delight whipping out his phone and filming Yixing's struggles against Luhan's hand to uncover his dribbling mouth.

'Minseok-ah, record this, record this!' Luhan ordered handing Minseok his phone while he held up Yixing's hands.

Instead of getting angry, all Yixing did was become redder and redder with laughter, drooling uncontrollabley while he giggled.

'PFFFffffffff' You heard quiet, muffled laughter next to you and turned to see Kevin absolutely wetting himself from laughter over these boys

You giggled before your eyes wandered over to Kyungsoo who sat still, watching the scene in front of him with wide eyes.

'Kyungsoo-shi, are you drunk yet?' You asked feeling amused.

'Kyungsoo doesn't get drunk.' Kevin said nodding iver at Kyungsoo who's large eyes met yours, he looked just as confused as you were sitting next to Jongin who silently sipped a little bit of soju before pushing it away.

'Hey Kyungsoo~ How would you like another beer?' Jongdae said sliding sneakily between Kyungsoo and Jongin.

'No Hyung.' Jongin warned taking the beer from Jongdae who was just about to hand it over to an unsuspecting Kyungsoo; his target for the night. Kyungsoo eyed Jongin suspiciously who drank up the beer in his place. Jongdae sighed and left those two for a moment.

'Jongin, I can take care of myself.' Kyungsoo said shaking his head after Jongdae had left.

'Not when it comes to Jongdae.' Jongin coughed already turning red from the beer.

'Oh Fan Hyung, how would you like just a little Soju for-'

'No thanks Jongdae.' Kevin interrupted, completely blocking off Jongdae who had popped up and attempted to sweet talk Kevin into getting him smashed.

'Fine...' Jongdae sighed before sliding off again.

'Oh Sehun~' Was all you heard before asking Kevin, 'You don't drink?'

'I do, but I don't like drinking too much really.' Kevin replied nonchalantly resting his arms on the table in front of him.

Of course Jongdae attempted throughout the night to constantly get Kyungsoo to drink more behind Jongin's back - he'd managed to sneak in a few shots without Jongin knowing, but when he did find out - Jongin would gulp up the drinks in Kyungsoo's place - telling Jongdae off and punching him lightly.

'Luhan let's place a bet.' Jongdae chuckled holding out some money.

'Oh yeah what?' Luhan asked eyeing the cash and then looking up at Jongdae intrigued.

'Let's bet on what type of drunk Minseok-hyung will be.' Jongdae replied nudging Minseok between the two.

'Aish you guys can't bet on me while I'm sober and can fully understand-'

'DEAL, 10,000 WON SAYS HE'S A SLEEPY DRUNK TONIGHT!' Luhan exclaimed prodding Minseok who looked thoroughly unimpressed

'Why are they betting on Minseok?' You asked in English to Kevin.

'Oh becaude Minseok's either always a sleepy or hyper drunk - so those two can bet on it because it's 50/50, it's just luck of the dice at what he will be.'

'Ohhhh sounds interesting.' You said trying hard not to laugh at Minseok's expense.

'Do you want to join?' Luhan asked looking amused.

'No thanks I'll see how it plays out... sorry Minseok-shi.' You bowed politely at Minseok who looked at you aloofly.

'Well I won't get drunk so both of you are going to be thoroughly disappointed.' Minseok stated folding his arms determinedly.

Aaaaaannnndddd somehow after 5 minutes Minseok was off his face.

He was completely gone.

And immediately passed out onto the table snoring.

'Yessss pay up Jongdae~' Luhan said fist pumping the air and gesturing his hand out to Jongdae.

'Damnit he let me down, oh well next time he'll definitely be a crazy drunk and I'll bet double.' Jongdae evily chuckled to himself.
Sehun sat next to Jongin looking a little worried and queasy.

'Sehun-shi are you ok?' You asked feeling unsure.

'Yeah he's fine.' Jongdae replied for Sehun; he was chuckling like a naughty school boy, wrapping his arm around Sehun merrily while he poured him another drink.

'Ok, I'm nipping to the bathroom, I'll be back in a second.' You said bowing to everyone politely and walking out.

'Ok.' The boys who actually heard you replied in unison and went back to drinking.

'Come on Sehun-ah; if you take it in small steps it won't work - you got to just drive in; here you go~' Jongdae handed Sehun a bottle of soju.

Sehun gulped feeling tipsy already.

'Do you want to impress her or not?' Jongdae whispered so only Sehun could hear.

Sehun's eyes widened at the accusation; his expression looked shocked and alarmed.


'Haha I'm just kidding with yoy, anyways, drink it wooo~' Jongdae said chucking at Sehun's reddeding face.

Sehun gulped nervously and licked his lips before grabbing the Soju bottle and downing it.
You walked in to the room humming merrily to yourself - but the scene in front of you was not exactly merry...

'No no no THROW UP IN THE BATHROOM GO!' Jongdae exclaimed pushing a very pale and green looking Sehun away from him. Sehun closed his eyes and opened his mouth, ready to throw up at any moment.

'On my gosh - I'll take him to the bathroom.' You said tapping a very drunk Sehun on the shoulder and lifting him to his feet quickly and guiding him over to the bathroom.

'Here you go, let it all out.' You said patting Sehun on the shoulder who threw up profusely into the toilet bowl. He rested back, standing up slowly - you helped him to his feet.

'Here drink some water.' You said handing Sehun a bottle of unscrewed water after he finished wretching.

'Do you want me to go because I shouldn't really be here, it is the men's bathroom after all...' You said looking around nervously.

Sehun shook his head weakly.

You took in a deep breath and shrugged your shoulders.


You patted Sehun's back once more.

'Do you feel better?' You asked sympathetically.

He nodded his head weakly, unable to speak in fear of projectile vomiting.

'Good, do you want to go outside?' You asked softly, straightening Sehun up while you took him to the bathroom counter.

Sehun shook his head once more.

You helped him splash his face with water. You leaned him against the bathroom counter and pushrd back his bangs with one hand while you dabbed a wet tissue over his forehead to cool him down.

'Jeez Sehun-shi did you eat anything? How much did you drink?' You asked holding back a chuckle while you dabbed slowly over his jaw line and cheeks.

He held up three fingers weakly; you stopped dabbing his head for a second to respond.

'3 glasses?' You asked with wide eyes.

Sehun slowly shook his head.

'3...3 bottles!?' You gasped covering your mouth.

Sehun slowly nodded, he began to blush.

'Have you drank before!?' You gasped looking horrified.

Sehun shook his head guiltily.

'Oh my gosh Sehun don't drink that much on your first time do you want to kill yourself!?' You exclaimed lightly slapping him on the arm. But oh dear, how could you forget your honorifics.

'I mean Sehun-shi, I'm sorry I got carried away-'

Sehun shook his head weakly trying not to look nautious, you stopped talking mid-sentence and stared at Sehun wide-eyed.

'You can call me... Sehun-ah... it's ok.' Sehun muttered in between pants resting on the cool countertop.

'Sehun-ah...' You blushed trying out the name, but now was not the time to be flustering over something so minor like a name-change.

'Tee hee.... you said Sehun-ah... your acting like my noona hahaah~'

'What?' The atmosphere immediately changed.

Sehun looked at you.

He started giggling uncontrollably and smiling.

You immediately felt your face burn hot.

'What!? Sehun-shi, I mean- ah-' You began to feel very confused over this personality change.

'-Noona bo-bo-hae~' Sehun leant closer to you against the sink, his lips travelled way too dangerously close to yours...

It was then that you realised no one had ever seen Sehun drunk; and probably due to the ridiculous amounts of alchohol he had in his system and now that he had thrown up; his actual drunken personality cropped up after the alchohol had settled in a little longer.

You realised very quickly that Sehun was an affectionate drunk.

'Wha-what Sehun no, go away!' You pushed the intoxicated boy to the side quite easily, he stumbled over his own two feet, and leaned back against the counter for support.

'Stay there you drunkard perv.' You said in English so he wouldn't understand your last words.

'Tee hee ok~' Sehun giggled playing with his shirt looking like a naughty school kid.

You shuddered and slapped your red cheeks profusely before you exited the bathroom and entered the private room once more.

'Someone take care of Sehun... he's too much to handle.' You complained sitting back down.

'What, what's he like?' Jongdae questioned getting up and walking past you to the bathroom.

'You'll see if you go in.' You said with a creeped out face, sipping on some soju uncomfortablely.

'Ahhaha wonder I want he did!' Jongdae exclaimed walking into the bathroom.
A few moments later Jongdae walked in looking somber with a very happy and drunk Sehun.

'Did he get you?' You asked biting on your bottom lip, trying to suppress the laughter; Kevin looked at you confused and then looked to see Jongdae's face, which pretty much said it all.

'Yep.' Was all Jongdae uttered, slinging Sehun's arm off of him and dropping the boy onto the floor next to Jongin.

'Well at least the other one's sober.' You said pointing at Jongin.

'Nope, look again.' Kevin nodded his head over at Jongin.

You looked at Jongin who was red faced and started giggling.

By the end of the night Jongdae had unintentionally won his little game by getting Jongin completely hammered in Kyungsoo's place - Jongdae posed a victory sign after realising his unplanned triumph.

'Oh no Jongin.' Your mouth formed an 'o' while you looked at Jongin, your heart sank - you hoped he wouldn't be another affectionate drunk like Sehun.

Unfortunately your heart rate elevated watching Jongin emit such a beautiful, innocent laughter.

But you couldn't even appreciate fully as your heart sank at the same time knowing you'd lost another member of the group.

They were all dropping like flies.

And you knew this was all because of one person:

'KIM JONGDAE - I MEAN SHI YOU STOP IT!' You ordered trying hard not to laugh.

'What?' Jongdae froze; he was about to pour a very drunk Yixing another drink.

'And I suppose you got Chanyeol and Baekhyun drunk too!?' You exclaimed gesturing towards those two yahoos that were flicking the lights on and off once again.

'Nope, they drank on their own accord - they went out to get hammered. It's not like you're told you're going to debut everyday, hahahah!' Jongdae chuckled continuing to pour Yixing another drink.

Chanyeol began to beatbox and Baekhyun started doing a special sort of dance along with the light switch flickering.

However when one of the lights in the room broke and a table got knocked over by Chanyeol - reality hit you one again.

'Wait, no will you two stop it!' You exclaimed trying hard to sound authorative and failed miserably.

You would have laughed.

The scene in front of you was beyond hilarious.

These guys had finally let go in front of you.

And you wanted to too.

They were acting like boys.

You wanted to laugh.

But you couldn't.

Because you were responsible for these yahoos.

And you were fucked.

You vowed you would save laughing about it in the morning when you knew you had gotten them back all in one piece.

'Kevin, you're still with me right?' You asked unhopefully turning round to Kevin, praying he wasn't off his face.

'Yep I'm still here.' Kevin replied resting back and watching your panic away by his reassuring words.

You rested your shoulder a little.

'Ah, why are you crying now Zitao.' Kevin sighrd turning to Tao jext to him. Tao tugged on his shirt and used it to mop his cheeks.

'I just want to be good at Korean so I can talk to everyone waaahhh!!' Tao cried desperately.

Your eyes widened over Kevin and Tao.

So Tao was a wingey cryer You mentally noted for future reference.

'Zitao it's fine, you know my Korean's rusty too, we'll get there.' Kevin replied giving Tao a gentle pat on the back while sipping a little of his soju.

You thought it was really sweet the way Kevin took care of Tao.

'Ok... ah Wu Fan I don't feel good, I'm so sick, ahh I'm tired~' Tao whined into Kevin's ear, sliding onto his lap amd stretching his limps out like a cat.

'Zitao what are you doing, get up.'

'-No I don't want to, I'm tired.' Tao whined once more.

'Aish ok just stay there.' Kevin replied shuffling his legs a little to let Tao rest on them more comfily.

'Is he like your little brother here?' You asked Kevin amused by Tao's behavior.

'Yeah I guess you could say that, I don't have any other siblings so... yeah? I can't help but let him get away with stuff he should do really.' Kevin replied looking down at a sleepy Tao.

'So you're an only child?' You asked curiously.

'Yeah I live alone with my mom.' Kevin replied casually.

'So you live with her in Canada - how did you get into SM then?' You asked intrigued for an answer.

'I auditioned in Canada and yeah... I came over here when they told me I passed.' Kevin muttered nodding slightly.

'I see - oh, sorry those were such random questions, I guess some of the alchohol is going to my head.' You chuckled lightening the mood.

'Haha mine too.' Kevin replied pushing his drink away so he wouldn't drink any more unintentionally.

'Do you usually get drunk?' You asked inquisitively.

'Nah I've got to take care of them, someone has to haha.' Kevin replied chuckling slightly.

Jongdae went around the room trying to get people drunker - it was actually him who had ordered Minseok his final drinks before passing out, and it was he who had managed to get Yixing to pass out too.

'Hello, yes please can we have another round for everyone and a bottle of Soju, thanks a lot.' Jongdae ordered to the waiter who had entered to collect empty cans and bottles.

'Damn Jongdae's good at this.' You thought seeing him slide around everyone like a serpent, offering to fill up empty glasses and ordering constant sets of shots.

You noticed Junmyeon was smiling and observing the boys but not really interacting with them, it was as if he was too scared to say the wrong thing...

'Junmyeon-shi, are you going to drink? It's on me you know.' You said peering down at yout wallet the moment the waiter entered the room. Of course it was nearly empty; you heaved another sigh knowing you'd need to spend the money you were saving up for another trip to see your family on drinks.

'No a girl is not paying for 12 men.' Junmyeon stated taking ouy his credit card and handing it over to the waiter.

'Woah, you're actually a decent guy Junmyeon-shi.' Baekhyun hiccupped holding a bottle of soju and pointing at Junmyeon.

'Decent?' Junmyeon stuttered feeling confused.

'Well yeah we thought you were all a self-centered dick because you acted like an arrogant douche just before and when we had just been put together because you'd been here for aaaaagggggeeeesss and you thought you were royalty or something.'

'Oh...' Junmyeon's face turned bright red.

'But hey, you're not likr that at all - damn we're sorry.' Chanyeol bowed apologising.

'Don't be you're sort of right - I thought I was the best... but I apologise for my previous behavior.' Junmyeon replied bowing in apology.

And with that Junmyeon quietly whipped out his credit card and handed it over to the waiter.

'Woah *hiccup* are you rich??' Chanyeol asked wide-eyed, starred at Junmyeon's shiny card.

'Oh no... it's just my dad's a professor and... Uhhh-' Junmyeon stuttered turning bright red.

'WOAH YOU'RE LOADED!' Jongdae exclaimed pointing at Junmyeon who looked down at his feet feeling embarrassed.

'Well then, excuse me waiter - let's have another round - he's paying!' Jongdae exclaimed winking at Junmyeon and laughing.

'Ohhh what should we call you then? Mr. Money? or Loaded Myeon?' Jongdae cackled at his own suggestions.

'Ha ha or just Junmyeon without the shi... there's no need to use honorifics around me you guys.' Junmyeon said blushing profusely at the fact that he'd been accepted so easily into the group; it was all he ever wanted.

'Hahahaha Junmyeon, or no Junmyeon-ah, have a drink, come on!' Jongdae yelled forcing Junmyeon to take a sip of beer.

'No seriously I'm ok just-'

'Come on let loose, we're debuting soon, we can't do this again for a long time Junmyeon-ah!' Jongdae interrupted; handing Junmyeon another drink.

It was Jongdae giving Junmyeon a nickname that made him succumb to the pressure and drink up.

That night pretty much ended then and there for Junmyeon because he ended up passing out before crying in front of everyone saying how happy he was to be accepted into the group finally and that he would do whatever it took to be a good leader to them all. It was hilarious what an old soul Junmyeon really was; he was only 21 but looked like am old man when he cried; but he was such a sweet guy with a good heart; all he ever wanted be was accepted and now he finally was.

'Y/N-shi, what's that English sentence I always hear about making rain?' Jongdae asked confused.

'Make it rain?' You replied unsurely, trying to understand what Jongdae was getting at.

'Yeah!!! Make it rain!!' Jongdae yelled pointed at Junmyeon who ordered some more drinks excitedly.

You rested your head on the tablr and groaned realising this would be a loooong night...
What made you come to the conclusion that Jongin was stupidly drunk was because he was singing loudly in the middle of the street, arm wrapped around Sehun tagged along behind (who wasn't actually laughing as he was still trying to hold kn vomit).

You'd left the restaurant all in one piece thankfully; but you braced yourself for the nightmare of trying to get these boys to walk all the way back to the dorms safe and sound.

'HAHAHAHAHAH!!!' Jongin yelled in hysterics as Sehun ran over to the side of the road - hand leaning against a wall while he threw up uncontrollably.

What appeared to be an amazing idea to Jongin appeared at the moment: he whipped out his phone from his pockey and began to film Sehun's lowest moment.

'Say kimchi!' Jongin exclaimed taking a few snap shots to really capture the scene in its entirety.

'Uhhh.' Was all Sehun muttered in repky - blinking wildly at the flashes appearing before his eyes while Jongin shoved his camera phone in Sehun's face and took a thousand photos of Sehun wretching.

'Jongin-ah that's mean stop it.' Kyungdoo tutted, meanwhile Jongin chose to ignore Kyungsoo on this rare occasion and continued to film.

'But it's funny - Sehun never acts like this~' Jongin teased taking more photos of the poor boy.

'I can't wait to show you these tomorrow.' Jongin cackled - excited by his own video.

'Uhhhhhh.' Was once again all Sehun could grunt while he curved over the wall and wretched some more.

'Come on Minseok-ah, help me out a little - jeez how can this tiny guy be so heavy.' Kevim exclaimed rolling his shoulders and trying to muster strength to keep a passed out Minseok standing. You eyed Kevin but didn't reply - he was as thin as a twig with little to no muscle - so it wasn't a case of Minseok actually being heavy, but more like Kevin just didn't have the strength to hold him up...

'I'll help.' You said standing on Minseok's other side and lifting his arm over your shoulder.

'Lean on both of us Minseok-shi.' You ordered to a drowsy Minseok who obliged before drifting back into sleep.

'Thanks a lot.' Kevin said grateful for your help.

'It's no problem, it's my fault his like this anyway.' You sighed helping Minseok take a few steps forward.

Where were these boys hiding the whole time? There were hilarious! The honorifics had diappeared - the awkwardness amd constant manners were non-existent, these boys were absolutely hilarious.

'Wu Fan I'm tired!' Tao yelled loudly behind the two of you.

'No you're fine stop whining.' Kevin scolded Tao over his shoulder.

'But Fan~' Zitao yelled.

'You've got two legs, use them.' Kevin replied.

'Tao we would help you, but we're busy carrying someone who has passed out; so please stop.' You told Tao of in a gentler way so he'd understand.

You heard sniffles behind you.

'What's wrong with him?' You asked confused.

'Ah he gets really affectionate and pretty much regresses to a baby when he's drunk - he's most likely spilling drunken crocodile tears now.' Kevin sighed turned his head around to make sure Tao was still following. You couldn't help but smile a little at Kevin's concern over Tao. He was tough but caring when it came to the boy.

'Are they always like this when they go out?' You breathed feeling cautious.

'Worse.' Kevin shrugged.

'Maybe I shouldn't have suggested it...' You said cautiously.

'Nah it's fine - they enjoyed themselves, amd I hope you did too although it's not a great end to the night.' Kevin said watching Jongin film a throwing up Sehun on his phone.

'Kid can't hold his drink!' Jongin yelled, and then immediately fell on the floor laughing like a hyena.

'Gosh, some of you guys are real lightweights.' You muttered rolling your eyes and trying to suppress a laugh at how ridiculous this situation was.

'Well that one isn't, Kyungsoo-ah, are you drunk?' Kevin said nodding over at Kyungsoo.

He stared wide eyed at both of you and shook his head.

'No.' Was all he stated, silently holding up with the help of Jongdae who was in fits of laughter at a passed out Junmyeon who by the looks of it, was dribbling onto Kyungsoo's shoulder.

'Well I'm all good don't worry about me, at least you two are relatively sober - I'm drunk and I have to carry this one.' Luhan whined in Mandarin with a giggling Yixing over his shoulder.

'Oh sorry Luhan!' You apologised looking over at him.

'Is Luhan always this feisty?' You asked with eyebrows raised; you'd never witnessed this more manly type of Luhan before.

'Yeah that's just Luhan once you get to know him.' Kevin replied chuckling.

'You guys are crazy.' You muttered under your breath.

'Hey don't put me in with them.' Kyungdoo interjected.

You bit on your bottom lip; embarrassed he had heard your statement.

'Haha me too.' Kevin added chuckling.

'Jeez he's so damn heavy.' Luhan yelled.

'Tao go help Luhan.' Kevin ordered pointing at Luhan and Yixing.

'Wahhh ok... but no one helps me.' Tao muttered taking drunken steps over to Luhan.

'Seriously, you're sending a drunk Tao to come and help me-woah!' Tao managed to lift Yixing easily over his shoulder.

'You're welcome.' Kevin muttered frustratedly and continued to help you lift Minseok.

'Woah holy shit Tao you're strong.' Luhan said breathlessly watching Tao lift Yixing like he was nothing, taking easy steps next to him.

'Wait isn't Tao younger than Luhan?' You asked quizzically to Kevin.

'Hahaha she got you good Luhan.' Kevin laughed.

'Wait-wait Tao hand him over I can lift him - Tao!' Luhan exclaimed nervously.

Tao seemed to not be paying attention to Luhan at all and kept sniffling while he walked down the street.

'No I'm a man I can carry him, Zitao!' Luhan whined.

You couldn't help but laugh realising Yixing had completely passed out and was snoring, but you tried to suppress that drunken laughter that wanted to come out.

'Move out the way!' A voice shouted and became louder from behind both you and Kevin.

You mouth widened as you turned around to see who exactly had made that noise, 'What-WHAT THE F-'

Before you could fully comprehend the situation further, a bicycle zipped past you. You then realised it was Chanyeol with Baekhyun sitting in the basket (how on earth he managed to fit in the basket was beyond you).

'HOLY SH- I MEAN WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT BICYCLE FROM CHANYEOL!?' You had no time to say honorifics you were so horrified.

'Bring bring!' Chanyeol and Baekhyun mimed the sound of the bell while Chanyeol rung it and cycled in a circle around you and Kevin before speeding up ahead.

'Oh my God it's stolen - you stole a bike!' You shouted after them, breaking out into a sweat.

'Shhhhh everyone's sleeping - we're just borrowing it for tonight y/n-ah~' Baekhyun giggled, pressing his finger to his lips before resting back into the basket in front of Chanyeol.

'What - how are you allowed to call her y/n-ah, I want to call her that!' Chanyeol whined.

'Haha well you can't because we're best friends and you're not~' Baekhyun chuckled poking Chanyeol.

'Y/N-ah, y/n-ah, Y/N-AH! Call me Chanyeol-ah from now on~' Chanyeol yelled down the street.

'Aish Chanyeol you're drunk stop it-' You hissed feeling your cheeks heat up with embarrassment.

'Call me Chanyeol-ah!!' Chanyeol yelled down the street.

'Oh alright; Chanyeol-ah.' You said stuttering, knowing it was the only way to get Chanyeol to quiet down.

'Hee heee, now call me Chanyeol-oppa~'

'-NO WAY!' You exclaimed. Your face bursting into a heated wave. You'd finally understood the connotations of calling a guy that after reading up on it and you were not going to give Chanyeol the satisfaction of call him Oppa.

'That's enough Chanyeol.' Kevun said warningly at Chanyeol who tutted before peddling off and giggling with Baekhyun in the basket.

'Faster Chanyeol-ah, faster! What are those long legs for if they aren't for peddling faster!' Baekhyu. exclaimed.

You stared at Chanyeol and Baekhyun in complete alarm, completely gobsmacked as to how this nighy had turned out.

Kevin let out a sigh.

'Don't worry I'll make sure they return it tomorrow.' Kevin said shaking his head at those two yahoos.

'Thank you.' You muttered trying to keep calm about the whole situation.

I hope I laugh about this tomorrow.


Part 2 will be out soon - the aftermath of the nights events will be interesting hahaha!

Stay tuned! X3

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