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For the couple months, a few friends of mine convinced me to download the WebToon app onto my phone and read a few that they already fell in love with........ I seriously hate my friends now bc I'm addicted to a few of the WebToons XD

But there's this one that I really, REALLY like (along side UnOrdinary) and it's called Lookism.

Obviously I went to look it up all the fan art and cosplays and such, but I find out that the author/illustrator of the series bases a lot of his main characters on actual people.

The main one Daniel, that's the English name, is based off of Park Hyung Seok
I can't stop crying everytime I look at his pictures, he's soooooo gorgeous

And another one of the main characters Jay is based off of Hong Jae Yeol
Here's some of the other characters that the author, Park Tae Jun, has confirmed they are based off of
And OBVIOUSLY there's a picture of Hyung Seok and Jae Yeol together
Do any of you guys read this series? If not, I really recommend it, it's really good!
What chapter are you on? I've read most of it on ZingBox, right now I'm waiting for chapter 95.
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oh okay. then I'll just use web toon
Oh I found that and thought it was Jungkook on the front at first before I read it🀣🀣🀣
lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚