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I will go ahead and apologise for this card. I'm not very good at writing stories. But before you decide to leave...

Walking back home you see the sky get darker and feel the air become cooler. You figure you will have to deal with some rain before you get to the store, but really hope it is just some sprinkling. The clouds come faster than you had anticipated and you feel a plop of water right on the top of your head. The store is still about five minutes away, so you try to pick up your pace. Almost as soon as you think that and start walking faster the rain becomes heavier, and heavier, and heavier... In no time, you are drenched. Carrying your bag against your chest with your head down to cover it, trying your hardest to make sure it doesn't get as soaked as you are, you turn the corner of the building and crash into somebody.

You grunt as you fall on your butt. But of course you did. You know how bad your luck is. Water seeps through your pants to thoroughly soak your backside. You look up at this person with an accusing look. The first think you notice is their bright pink umbrella. You can see the underside of some Ryan characters from your place on the ground. When you finally look at the face of this person you bumped into, you can't keep your mouth closed. You were not expecting to have run into the most attractive man you have ever seen. He was right in front of your face because he was trying to help you up, but you felt like you couldn't move your body.

If I move, will he go away? Could I possibly have been knocked out on my way to the store and now I'm dreaming? You sniffle and look at him. I need to move or my butt is gonna be numb.

You let him help you up and only now realize that he was trying to talk to you. "Miss, are you okay? Did you get hurt? Can you not talk? Oh no. I'm so sorry! Please say something so I know you are okay and I didn't hurt you!" He is dusting off your shoulders and trying to see if there is anything wrong with you.

You blink a few times and close your mouth to swallow so you can speak. "Umm... Hi. I'm y/n." The beautiful man just looks at you. Oh no! Why did I say that? I should have said that I'm okay! I'm so stupid!

The man laughs and shows you an amazingly brilliant smile that almost seems to sparkle. "Hi there. My name is Namjoon, if we are exchanging pleasantries."

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