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Kcon LA announced announced guest's that are attending Kcon and they are........

Kim Tae Woo

Oh My Girl

here is the rest of the lineup
I really wish I could go to kcon
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I'm still pissed wanna one is going
6 months ago·Reply
I want to see them liveeeeee
6 months ago·Reply
I will make sure to take lots of pics and video for you. Wish you could come but lets meet next time there's an opportunity:)
6 months ago·Reply
Yayyy! Have lots of fun!
6 months ago
I wish I was going too 😭
6 months ago·Reply
anybody wanna take me with them? I fit in luggage and I'm quiet- well I mean I'm not but if you are driving I'll keep you awake so you don't fall asleep 😂
6 months ago·Reply