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Since @kpopandkimchi so kindly brought up the interesting topic of Nicky Park earlier this week, I decided to shed some light on the kpop group he claims he would've debuted with.

Nicky Park almost debuted with who?

This is VX. They debuted in 2015 with 'Fantasy'. The song below but I don't think it's very good. It was sounds like it was made very sloppy and there is a lot of autotune. But the lyrics aren't that bad. Right?
Then they came out with this single of theirs 'O.M.G'........*sigh* Not that I don't like the song or anything. I actually think it is very good but my heart just feels really heavy listening to them. Their vocals sound good and stable but I can't help but get the feeling that their company isn't helping them properly.
And finally we come to one of the only music video they have of them singing their song 'You What!' What do you guys think of this uber cute boyfriend concept they are trying to emulate? I think they succeeded sorta. I mean they are getting there.
Lastly I found this audio single they supposedly recently came out with for 'If You Love'. This is a decent love song and kinda leaves me feeling a bit reminiscent about past relationships and even some other love songs I liked listening to. Who else is having a nostaligic moment about the way kpop songs used be made? What do you guys think of this song?
For more info you can find them:
Fan Cafe: vxlove
Instagram: vx_jj
Twitter: vx_jp
Facebook: VX official

As for the members, there are 5. Jin Hwa, JT, Lay, Si Yoon, and Jeki.

Jin Hwa

Name: Jung Jin Hwa
Birthday: 3/28/91
Position: Leader and Vocal
Twitter: @jjhm328
Instagram: @vx_jjhm328

Si Yoon

Name: Kim Dong Jun
Birthday: 4/21/90
Position: Vocal
Twitter: @siyoon421
Instagram: @vx_siyoon


Name: Kim Jun Young
Birthday: 9/28/91
Position: Main Vocal
Twitter: @JYK_Xx
Instagram: @real._.jt


Name: Kim Je Ki
Birthday: 10/14/91
Position: Rap
Instagram: @jeksogood_


Name: Han Ju Hyun
Birthday: 10/05/92
Position: Lead Vocal and Maknae
Twitter: @H_J_H1005
Instagram: @vx_la_e

Now for the important/interesting facts. Now I wanted to present this card with some solid facts about whether or not Nicky Park actually trained with this group but unfortunately I couldn't find much of anything. There are only these pics below and I'll leave a link to an article that has some more info here.
Now the first one could be easily photoshopped. But the second ehh, not gonna lie though. It looks like they cut out some of the picture to remove Nicky.... But this third one, I'll confess that he knows them at least. But I'll leave it up to you guys. Do you believe Nicky Park really trained with VX members and could have debuted with them? Or where they just in the same company?
its weird cause X stands for 5 so.... but i dont see why he'd lie hahah i honestly couldnt find much info on this group so thank you for being a better detective hahahaha
@kpopandkimchi lol your welcome and they appear to be more popular in Japan if your curious (I don't know if that helps anything)
I wonder why none of them appeared on PD101. It could have gotten them more exposure
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But I know what you mean they would've gotten more international fans as well as Korean fans