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Secretly Broken Chapter2

The car was nice and warm but Eun-Yeong still shivered. The two men that had brought her to Ravi sat in the front. Ravi and Eun-Yeong sat in the back. Eun-Yeong let out a little shriek when she felt an arm snake around her waist stiffening as Ravi pulled her close to him.
"Hongbin, take a few detours along the way." Ravi spoke. There was no reply but he knew Hongbin heard him. Ravi wanted to play a little longer with his kitten. She continued to stay stiff as Ravi pulled her to sit on his lap. Eun-Yeong blushed like a tomato. One hand rested on her legs while the other was around her waist keeping her firmly in place.
"I like calling you kitten but perhaps 'little red' would fit you better." He teased leaning in. Eun-Yeong was too frozen to move. Ravi skimmed his lips gently along her jaw and up to her ear. She blushed while mumbling something. She avoided Ravi's gaze as she played with her purse strap.
"Hmm?" Ravi questioned. He let his fingers dance along her bare thigh.
"I like kitten better." She mumbled embarrassed. Ravi smirked. "Sure thing Kitten." he growled playfully into her ear. Eun-Yeong couldn't help but let out a small giggle. Ravi pulled back surprised.
"Don't! That tickles!" Eun-Yeong pushed at his chest. Ravi smirked and leaned in to tease her more. Ravi noticed that het dress had risen up as she tried to squirm away. As much as he was enjoying teasing her, he knew she wasn't that kind of girl. So he kept his hands from going any further up her thighs.
"So, why did Daddy's girl feel the need to run away?" Ravi asked to keep himself distracted. Eun-Yeong instantly avoided his gaze and question. "What makes you think I ran away?" She asked quietly while tugging her dress back down only for the material to pull up. Ravi chuckled and began to gently rub her side. Eun-Yeong began to relax as a warmth spread through her. "Someone clearly isn't happy with daddy if your sneaking out to a club. Not to mention whoever answered seemed ready to give me an earful." Eun-yeong grimaced. "That would be Hakyeon. He's my dads business partner and basically my uncle." "Uncle? Really?" Ravi's genuine voice had her talking more. Something she only did with family. "Mmm. He's the one who always gave me lectures growing up. Actually that hasn't changed." Eun-Yeong grimaced as memories of being scolded by him. "So you are a daddy's girl then." Ravi stated. Eun-Yeong remained silent and only shrugged. She put her focus on the edge of her dress. "I see I struck a nerve." Ravi spoke quietly. Eun-Yeong ignored his words completely. Sensing that it was time to back off Ravi instructed Hongbin to get back on course. Wordlessly he pulled Eun-Yeong so her head rested against his shoulder.
"I'm sorry." He mumbled quietly. Eun-Yeong stayed quiet but shrugged. Ravi had struck a nerve but she didn't mind being so close to him. His warmth and scent where comforting. The rest of the ride was silent until Hongbin began to slow down.
"Alright Kitten. Time to say our goodbyes. Your dad isn't exactly my biggest fan." "Oh. I suppose so." "Is kitten going to miss me?" Ravi teased. Eun-Yeong scoffed. "As if. I just met you and, you practically kidnapped me." "More like saved you." " I was per-perfectly fine." She lied. Ravi raised a brow and the two in the front snickered. "Okay fine. Maybe, I needed a little bit of help." She shrugged avoiding his gaze. "But then you could of just let me go instead of escorting me," she looked around and realized she didn't know the area. "Well, wherever this is." Ravi chuckled at her. He gave her a swift kiss on the cheek. Eun-Yeong blushed while Ravi seemed unaffected. HE gently moved her to the seat beside him and slid out of the now open car door. He bent down with a smile and held his hand out. Knowing she couldn't avoid facing her uncle she took his hand and gently climbed out of his car.
Eun-Yeong eyes widen when she saw her father. It worked! The plan actually worked! Her father had shown up! Unshed tears instantly tried to escape as she forced them back. AS soon as her father looked at her he glanced away.
"Leo-ssi!" Ravi spoke with a false warmth to his tone. "At last we meet. You have a lovely daughter. Shame you kept her hidden for so long." Ravi tried egging the man on. Eun-Yeong was still holding his hand.
"Eun-Yeong let's go!" Her Oppa spoke taking a step forward. Ravi chuckled when he didn't come closer.
"Come over and get her." Ravi pulled Eun-Yeong closer. She was annoyed and confused. Why was Ravi being like this? He was playful in the club and car. So why was he teasing her family? Eun-Yeong jumped when she heard a growl. She whipped her head towards her father. His fangs came out and waves of a murderous aura seemed to roll off of him. It was the first time Eun-Yeong was seeing her father like this and she didn't like it. Not one bit.
"A-a-appa?" She asked in a shaking voice. Leo didn't look at her as he spoke. "Go with your Oppa now." Even his voice was different. Eun-Yeong didn't hesitate and ran to her Oppa. He had his arms open instantly wrapping her in an embrace. This night was getting out of hand. Ken swiftly led her to a waiting car. After getting her settled in he rushed to the other side before the car drove off.
"Why was he like that Ken Oppa?" Eun-Yeong watched her father and Ravi fade as they got farther away. He sighed. He was annoyed and pissed but knew Leo had been extremely careful to never let her see this side of him.
"You know your father is a Vampire and Ravi is a werewolf."
"Ravi's a werewolf?" She asked surprised. Ken gave her a 'you've-got-to-be-kidding-me,' look.
"Why do you think he was wearing only pants? Werewolves are always warm. They never need a sweater or coat. They just wear it for the looks."
"Oh." Was Eun-Yeong's only response. That explained why his room must of felt so cold and he was like a furness. It was nice but she didn't like him teasing her father. That was not okay.
"How could you not know?!" Ken exclaimed.
"I don't know." Eun-Yeong shrugged. "Maybe if you, uncle and Appa hadn't kept me so sheltered I might be a bit smarter." She bit out. "Sorry to be such a disappointment." Eun-Yeong regretted her words as soon as she spoke but was too upset to apologize. Ken groaned knowing it was useless to talk to her now.
"You are such a child sometimes!" Ken grumbled. Eun-Yeong chose to ignore him. The rest of the ride was risen in silence.
Back at the drop off point Leo was a hair away from crossing the line attacking Ravi and starting a war. Ravi seemed to enjoy this as he seemed at ease leaning against his car as if his mortal enemy wasn't a few feet away ready to rip his head off. The only thing that kept him from doing just that was his right hand man. Hakyeon. Or Uncle to Eun-Yeong.
"It really is a shame you kept her so well hidden Leo-ssi." Ravi spoke breaking the silence. "She's beautiful. Should let her come over and have some fun with me." He taunted.
"Touch her again and you'll have a massacre on your hands." Leo's voice came out as a growl. Ravi chuckled.
"I don't think it's me you should be worried about. Your daughter has had a taste of freedom, she'll only want more. It's just a matter of time before she comes back. I'll give you the same warning I gave her. Today was strike one." He held up his finger. Two fingers "Strike two I'll keep her longer." Three fingers his gaze turned serious. "Third time, she's mine. I won't let her go."
Before Leo had a chance to react Ravi stood heading to the open back door of his vehicle.
"I guess all those rumors about you starting to loose it are true. Better be careful Leo-ssi. I may just be your down fall." He once more gave Leo no chance to respond as he climbed into his car. The car pulled away as soon as the door was closed. Once a good distance away Ravi let out a breath and chuckled.
"Woo! That was intense." He spoke shakily.
"Think he's going to start something?" Hyuk asked. Ravi shrugged. "He's more unstable than I thought. Tighten security and train the boys harder. If he wants a war, we'll be ready."
Woo! Finally! Here's part 2. I hope you all enjoyed this. Hope everyone has a good day! ^_^//
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