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I'm not sure anyone is powerful enough to Beat Lord Beerus in the Naruto universe
@AdamDean Choji would eat him
ah come on just let me see Lee open the 7th gate.......I don't wanna see him risk it lol
But if someone could beat him it would probably be saitama
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I would have to disagree even though Saitama is super over powered in his own serious I really don't think he has the ability to destroy universes plus he's strong but he can't fly or fire energy blast like beerus can
I'm a Naruto fan but no one in the universe obviously because they are two different universes with completely different power levels But I don't believe Yamcha would beat them because Yamchas basically a human being with no techniques no nothing so people should stop exaggerating like this Adamdean guy who obviously is pretty mad telling people to educate themselves when no one had even wrote anything yet 😂
No one.
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