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Here's the bonus chapter I promised. It's super short, but the purpose is just to provide a better understanding of their past. I only have a few of these chapters, so hopefully I can convey their past to you. It's just a short, cute chapter. Maybe it'll soften the blow of chapter 19. Or maybe it makes it worse, idk, lol. Though I'm posting this after chapter 19, you can read it before without too many problems. Just the ages are explained in the regular chapter and it basically feeds into the short flashback. The pics below are the closest I could find to what I imagined the forest looking like, a combo of the two.
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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.
Warning: May contain mild language.
Beginning: Chapter 1
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Narrator POV
18 years ago
Namjoon let out an annoyed groan as he continued looking for Yoongi. It was the same every day—he always took off somewhere in the woods to sleep and never told anyone where he was going. And then it was up to Jin and Namjoon to find him, wake him up, and bring him back before dinnertime or Jin’s parents would be unhappy. Yoongi always claimed that the whole reason he never told anyone where he was was so that no one could find him and wake him up. But it always meant Namjoon and Jin would have to look for him for a couple hours, especially after Yoongi discovered a plant in the woods that could mask his scent.
A lightbulb went off for Namjoon. Yoongi never returned to the same place he’d been before, but Namjoon had come across a large patch of the plant while looking for him the other day. It was in a clearing that wasn’t too far. He turned towards that direction and hoped that he would find Yoongi there.
After about ten minutes of jogging, he was almost at the clearing. He stopped in his tracks just at the edge. Across the clearing, someone, definitely not Yoongi, was crouched in front of a bush. The long hair indicated that it was probably a girl. His guess was proved correct when a butterfly took off from the bush and the girl turned to follow it. The second the sun highlighted her face, Namjoon felt something he’d never felt before, like his breath was stolen right out of his chest.
“Wait, don’t go,” the girl called after the butterfly, a small giggle in her voice. Her voice was pure and sweet, like the candies Jin’s parents would bring back from their trips overseas. “It’s not like I was gonna catch you!” She laughed to herself and picked up a basket and some sort of makeshift walking stick made from a large broken branch. The girl started walking to the edge of the forest. And with that was the possibility of never seeing her again.
Unconsciously, Namjoon took a step forward. The snap of a particularly thick branch had the girl bringing her branch up defensively and facing the direction of the noise. Namjoon didn’t move. The girl’s eyes darted around for a few more moments before something caught her eye. Her shoulders relaxed and the smile returned to her face. She walked to a spot a little left and down away from Namjoon.
“Ooo, this is the first time I’ve seen you. I bet mom’ll know what you are.” Namjoon smiled at the way she talked to herself. It was cute. The girl picked a few flowers and added them to the basket.
Namjoon took in a slow breath. He didn’t know who the girl was, but he wanted to see if there was a chance of him getting to know her. Two more steps took him into the clearing and caught the girl’s attention. That branch was back up in front of her. Namjoon smiled, hoping to reassure her and said the first thing that came to mind. “In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” The girl’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “Those flowers are pretty.” He mentally slapped himself.
She looked down to the flowers and back up to him. “Who are you?”
“My name’s—“
“Wait,” she cut him off. “I don’t want to know your name because you’ll just ask me mine and mom and dad said to not tell strangers. Actually, they said don’t talk to strangers at all so I’m just gonna shut up now.” She took a couple tentative steps back. “But, um, don’t follow me.”
A low growl came from just outside the clearing. The girl’s eyes went wide and she turned the branch towards the sound. It sounded like it was only a couple feet away. A dense tangle of bushes separated her from the sound. Namjoon took a step towards her causing the girl to turn towards him warily.
“Don’t.” Her hands were steady, but her voice cracked. A figure suddenly dropped down from the tree in front of her. She whipped the branch towards him and the figure fell from his crouch straight onto his butt.
“Woah!” the figure yelled. “Hold up! Geez. No need to get all crazy. I thought you were someone else. I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“Hyung?” Namjoon called out.
“You asshole, it was you!” Yoongi yelled.
The girl stepped back slowly, ready to run.
“Wait,” Namjoon quickly told the girl. “We’re not going to hurt you. I was out looking for my hyung when I ran into you. He always likes to hide somewhere to sleep and me and my other hyung always have to come out looking for him.”
“Yah! Don’t make it sound like you’re my babysitter.”
“Well I kinda am when I have to come looking for you so hyung’s parents don’t get mad.”
“I’m still older than you.”
“You don’t act like it.”
The sound of a giggle broke the two from their bickering. The bickering was nothing new in the year since Namjoon had been taken in by Jin’s parents. They got along, and argued, just like brothers. But here was this girl, apparently entertained by them.
“You guys are definitely brothers,” she said, continuing to laugh. A smile broke out on Namjoon’s face and he looked to see the same on Yoongi’s face. And that was strange, Yoongi wasn’t one to smile or show that he was happy around strangers. Hell, it’d taken Namjoon a couple months of knowing Yoongi before he had even cracked a small smile at him. Somehow, this girl had managed to skip that entire process.
“Close enough,” Namjoon said.
The girl looked confused for a moment before smiling again. “Close enough is good enough, right?”
“Right,” Yoongi answered. “But who are you anyway? Isn’t it a bit dangerous for a girl to be wandering around the woods by herself?”
The girl shrugged her shoulders. “Everything is dangerous.”
“True enough,” Yoongi conceded. “But you still didn’t answer my first question.”
“Her parents said she’s not allowed to tell strangers her name. Or talk to us,” Namjoon said. The girl’s eyes went wide with realization and she quickly took a few steps back.
She hit her head with the hand holding the basket. “Stupid, stupid. They’re going to kill me.”
“Not if you don’t tell them,” Yoongi said.
The girl looked at him like he had two heads. “Lie? I can’t—“
“Not telling them isn’t lying.”
“It is if they asked what I did and I say nothing.”
“Then just say everything except meeting us,” Namjoon said.
The girl cocked her head. “I guess… that’s okay. But I should go now anyway.” And she started to leave again.
“Wait!” Namjoon called out reflexively. The girl turned back and Yoongi looked at him as well. “Are you going to come back tomorrow?”
The girl paused. “I’m… not sure. Why?”
Namjoon coughed. “Cause I think it’d be fun to hang out. The two of us and our other brother are always hanging around by ourselves and you’re out by yourself. I think it’d be fun if all four of us hang out. Or something…”
The shy smile on the girl’s face made Namjoon’s heart race. “But… I shouldn’t talk to strangers.”
“Then tomorrow, let’s not be strangers.” The girl’s smile grew brighter. “Maybe,” she teased. “Bye!” And then she ran off without giving them a chance to respond.
Sam spent the entire rest of the night thinking about the two she met in the forest. Especially the boy with the dimples. While they scared her at first, something about them drew her back in. She wanted to see them again. Maybe they were good at hiding it, but they didn’t seem like the bad people her parents had warned her to be careful of. They were just kids like her, about her age. And she wanted to have friends she could hang out with. She liked coming to the house during the summer, but at the same time, it was often lonely. Her older sisters thought of her as a child so they often didn’t want her around. That’s why Sam spent so much time by herself in the forest. But maybe she finally had a chance to make friends.
Namjoon couldn’t stop thinking about the girl. With the sunlight on her, she’d looked like an angel. And her sweet, angelic voice only added to that image. Namjoon was fairly certain he’d never seen a prettier girl. Even Bora from school had nothing on this girl. He hoped against hope that he would see her again the next day.
Yoongi didn’t say much about her except that she seemed interesting. He said a lot more to Jin to have the older boy help tease Namjoon for his obvious crush. But at the same time, there was something about her… Something Yoongi couldn’t quite put his finger on.
Jin looked forward to meeting the girl that had Namjoon all tongue-tied and nervous. Yoongi seemed to be okay with her as well so she had to be interesting at the least.
The next day, Namjoon went to the clearing as soon as Jin’s parents let them leave. Yoongi and Jin said there was no way she’d be there so early so they would join him in a couple hours. They turned out to be partially correct. Sam wasn’t there when Namjoon got there, but she came about an hour later, the earliest her parents would let her leave the house. She didn’t know why she came so quickly, but she wanted to see the guys again.
Namjoon couldn’t help the way his face lit up when he saw the girl hesitantly walk into the clearing. He stood up from where he was sitting beside a tree. She smiled when she saw him and he reflexively smiled back.
“Hi,” she said, her eyes shying away from looking directly at him. It was true that he wasn’t exactly the best-looking guy she’d seen, but he was kind of cute. And for some reason, she was drawn to him.
“Hi,” he answered, his voice cracking slightly. He cleared his throat. “I wasn’t sure if you would come.”
“I wasn’t sure either,” she quietly returned. “You guys seem… nice, but you never know.”
“That’s true. I know it probably doesn’t mean much right now, but I promise I won’t ever hurt you or betray any trust you give me. I’ll never ask you to do something you don’t want to do. You can decide everything.” But how much can I keep this promise? I can’t tell her that we’re vampires, I’ve seen too many people change from kind to mean with that one word. For some reason, I feel like it’d be safe to tell her, but I’m still too scared to see the look on her face.
Sam smiled for a moment before coming to a realization—the other boy wasn’t there. She started to look around. Namjoon was quick to catch on.
“Hyungs didn’t think you’d be here this early so they said they’d come a little later.”
“Ah.” She looked around nervously. “So, what should we do?”
“Ummm, give me a sec.” Although he had been waiting to meet with her, he hadn’t actually thought about what they would do when they finally met. Plus, she still didn’t know him that well, so he definitely didn’t want to suggest them running off somewhere together. “Well, you seemed to like collecting flowers, right?” Sam smiled and nodded. “Then why don’t we do that?”
So that’s what they did for the next couple of hours. That and laying down in the soft grass in the clearing. They didn’t talk much about themselves, Sam being cautious and Namjoon acknowledging that. They lost track of time in all the fun they were having. Jin and Yoongi saw the two running back and forth in and out of the clearing playing some sort of weird tag game. Yoongi found his mood suddenly dropping from when he first caught a glimpse of the girl, though he didn’t know why. Jin decided to take it upon himself to scare the two. Sam was laughing and running from Namjoon when Jin suddenly popped out in front of her with a roar. She screamed and stumbled back into Namjoon, burying her face in his chest. Namjoon was pretty sure she could hear his heart pounding.
“What the hell, hyung?” Namjoon yelled at Jin. “That’s not funny, jackass.”
“What? I just wanted to join in on the fun.” He directed to Sam, “I didn’t mean to scare you that badly. I’m sorry.”
Sam turned towards Jin, still clutching Namjoon’s shirt. “This is your other brother?” she asked Namjoon.
“Yeah, I’m sorry he scared you. He’s not exactly the brightest person. Are you okay?” She let go of his shirt and nodded. “Not cool, hyung.”
Yoongi walked up beside Namjoon. “Should I hit him for you?”
Sam giggled and shook her head. “It’s okay. I’m sure I’ll get him back another time.”
“Oo, I like her already,” Jin laughed. “So, what game were you guys playing?”
A few hours later, they collapsed in the middle of the clearing. They were exhausted. Even Yoongi had joined in. For some reason, he didn’t like the idea of being left out.
“So, we’ve mostly been saying ‘you’ to each other to not give away our names,” Jin started saying. “Should we just make up some names to make it easier without breaking your rule?”
They all sat up and looked at each other. Sam shrugged. “Sure. I’m okay with that. But what names should we have?”
Namjoon was the first to speak up. “Let’s see…” He turned to Sam. “We can call you Angel.”

Cute enough? Probably not enough to make up for the chapter, huh? Lol. But anyway, hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. The next bonus chapters are technically chronological to each other, so it's best to read it like that. The regular chapters in between may or may not have an overlap to the bonus chapters, like this chapter does. I'm hoping to write a bit more before I run out of time. Oh well, lol. Hope you enjoyed! I plan to put out the next regular chapter tomorrow. See you then!!!
Please feel free to leave any feedback or constructive criticism either on here or messaging me. I'm always looking to improve.
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