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I was walking in the forest near the castle, even though as a child I was always told not to go inside. But being the reckless princess I was I decided I would go inside. Now as I look around this amazing forest I realized I was horribly lost. So I decided to sit and think of a plan, but then I hear a snap of a twig and pull out the dagger I have hidden. "Who's there?" I ask getting in to a defensive stance. No one answered, but a family of foxes ran out of a bush and pass me. I sigh in relief as the family runs off, but then an troll came out after them. As I was getting into my defensive stance again a knight from the castle appeared and scared off the troll. "Ahh there you are princess, the king was worried once they realized you weren't in your room" the knight said. "Yes I apologize for causing so much trouble for the kingdom mr. knight, but may I know who you are?" I asked as I got on the other horse he had brought.
"As you wish my lady." the knight said and took off his helmet. "My name is Sir Onejunn and I have come to take you back home princess." I blushed he was handsome and said while turning my horse toward the direction he just came. "Alright then lets go." And we went back to the kingdom.
I hope y'all liked it.

This was so great! Really enjoyed it!
I love it! Its like a Fairy tale. The knight comes to the rescue 😍