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Hello Melody! It's Melissa with Sweetie Pie Peniel Saturday! For this week's theme, we need to give 10 reasons to fall for a BtoB member. I'll try my best to give you 10 reason to fall for Peniel. Here are my 10 reasons to fall for Peniel. They aren't in order, but let's get started...
Penjae! Peniel is part of onr my favorite OTP from BtoB. Their friendship is so cute.
Sense of humor. Peniel has a great sense of humor. He can be crazy funny.
Brave. In my opinion, Peniel gots to the most brave person. He's been struggling in silence, but finally face his struggle. With help from family and fellow members, he was able to pull through and embrace it. To me, that makes a brave person.

His smile. Peniel has such a bright smile. Even when he pouts, its cute.

Irresistible! Peniel is so irresistible. He has aura about him that you can't resist.
Dorkiness! Did I mention his crazy sense of humor? He can be seriously funny. You got to love a man that can make you laugh, right?

Fashion style! Peniel is so fashionable. He looks good in suits, and even in causal wear. Love a man in suits.
Talented Rapper! Here is a video Peniel rapping. He is such a talented rapper. I have a thing for rappers. Maybe you do too. *wink wink*
Talented Dancer. Here is video of Peniel solo in Time Concert 2017. It show cases his abilities of dancing and rapping. Peniel can make you have a heart attack with this song, 'Body Roll'

Well that is my 10 reasons of falling for Peniel. I hope I was able to convince to fall for him. Do you have a reason to fall for Peniel? I'm sure you do. ; )

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Hey the moment I saw his face I was like😲😦😢😆 why you got to attack my hearteu? please tag
So cute!