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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with a Yano card! This week is mystery lyrics!!! I'm going to write stories below with some lyrics intertwined, will you be able to guess what song it is?? Also, be sure to look for the other members cards for more hints to what the song could be!! Have fun!!
Every day, every night Breathing gets harder for you because You think you're a burden But in my eyes You're everything wrapped in one. And even though you're burdened, The rain still falls And clouds your judgement. I wish this rain Was a light shower, Something that would quickly pass So you could smile again. But it feels like a long monsoon, A never ending trail of tears, Even as I tell you That you're more than a burden. That the feeling won't last. You shake your head As the tears fall down And you ask, Why is that?
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I love it! Great job!