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I'm going to South Korea in April, well, that's the plan!! The only problem is know if I should rent a Home on Airbnb or if I should sleep at a hotel??? The plan is to stay in Seoul for a week and Busan for another week. Yet, that's not set in stone. In total I'll stay there for two weeks. Also, I don't know what to exactly do in Seoul or Busan!! I just want to visit and take pics and not!! One thing I truly want to do is Bighit entertainment. (: CAN THE VINGLE FAMILY HELP ME!??? I need to make a plan before going forward with the shipment!!! THANK YOU!!!!
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I'm currently in S. Korea myself and Hotels are a LOT cheaper, although there are some hotels that wont do foreigner for some reason? Busan is a really great place to have picnics and have more of a family fun time with.
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Europe between 19 hours ahead or 5 hours behind whichever way you look at it. I've mostly only visited shopping areas like Goto mall and Starfield Coex Mall and Garosugil has the best cafes around. If you want to go somewhere where you can most likely spot some Idols theres Myeongdong and Lotte Department store. If youre trying to go for more of the traditional route I'd go to Insadong or Gwangjang Market. For souvenirs and snacks Lotte Mart and Samcheongdong.