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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Gray

You come a very wealthy family, and even became a Debutante. One day you find out your parents have arrange a marriage for you. It wasn't any ordinary agreement though, they had basically sold you off to gain power and more money from a perverted old man. You ran away the night you found out and haven't looked back since. With your new identity you work at a bar as a bartender to get by, to only fall in love with one of the clubs V.I.Ps at first site.

(Y/N POV)~


When Seonghwa proposed to me on the way to his place, I didn't answer him verbally. Yet, I still took the ring and place it on my fourth-finger on my left hand. I had then just rested my head on his shoulder lightly, and rubbed his right forearm. I didn't know I had fallen asleep though. I woke up under a black comforter, on a soft bed.

I looked around the room, before looking down to see i was in one of Seonghwa's AOMG sweaters. "Yah, Seonghwa, please tell me you're home." I got out of bed hastily, and ran to the living room. I looked around and was in awe of Seonghwa's place. He had a garden on the second floor. There were stairs in the gardening that seem to lead to the rooftop.

He even had an indoor lounge next to the garden, that allow you access to the whole apartment still. Wait.... what was this even consider an apartment. I seem more like an actual house, but when I looked out the window, it reveal that it was the penthouse of an apartment complex. The living room had an open concept to the kitchen too. Just how house his bedroom was with the bathroom.

Why the hell did he like coming to my tiny ass studio apartment, when he had an amazing place like this. I wonder around the place, before going upstairs to the room. Seonghwa did such an amazing job on this place, it was like a dream. "Y/N, please come back inside...Its about to rain." I turn around to see Seonghwa leaning against the stair railing.

"Is this place even real?"

He just smiled warmly at me, before holding out his hand towards me. I happily made my way to him. The moment I took his hand, he pulled me closer, so his other arm could wrap around my waist. "See you in my sweater only here is a dream to me." I couldn't help but giggle at his comment, before he brush his lips against mine.

"Mianhae for not being here when you woke up. I had to get stuff ready for us today."

I looked at him and just blinked. "Let's go inside Mrs. Lee, I have a gift for you." He took my hand again, and led the way down to the bedroom. I looked down at his left hand, and saw he was wear a silver ban on his finger now. It put a smile on my face to see the band on his finger.

I looked up to actually look at the bedroom. No wonder it was easy to get out of the bed, it was on the floor level, but it allow the chandelier to hang without hitting it. The mirror on the wall made the room look bigger room. I looked down at the bed to see a beautiful corset, sweetheart hem, strapless, blue bejeweled, short dress. He even had the matching blue crochet high heels ath the bottom hem of the skirt.

I just looked up at him as he smiled warmly at me. "Its for you to wear at the party we're hosting, after we get back from city hall." Seonghwa said, yet still left me lost for words, and a bit confused. "We have to go down to city hall, to legalize our marriage. Then we'll come back here and celebrate with our love ones that we do care for."

Seonghwa had everything already plan out, before I even had to wake up. I wrap my arms around his neck, grabbing his full attention. "I know this method is to simply save me from the devil himself, but I really am glad you came into my life. If you weren't there to save me I might of saw suicide as the only way out. Thank you for saving my life."

He smiled so lovingly at me, that I felt my entire being melting. "The world would be colder without you here with me." Seonghwa's hand touched my cheek, as he gently pulled me in closer with his other arm around my waist. "I want to kiss you so badly, but I want to wait until the paper work is done. So please get dress, I have a private session for us to file the paper work, set up."

I nodded my head but looked around the room for a moment. I then pointed to the dress on the bed. "Into that? 'Cause I don't see any of my clothes around here." He just blinked at me, before guiding me over to the closet between the bedroom and bathroom.

He than pointed to the left side of the closet. "All your clothes are here already, just on the left side of the closet dresser." I open one of the draws, and saw all my clothes were here. "I hope you're not the one that put my underwear in these draws." I glared up at him, as realized someone had to do this for me.

Seonghwa just walked behind me, and wrap his arms around my waist. "So what if I did, you're going to become my wife. I should at least know how much sexiness you are holding back on me." I felt his hands glide under the sweater, and caress my breast. I had just noticed I wasn't wearing a bra either.

"Yah, Seonghwa oppa..."

I whimpered to his touch, and sudden knowledge that he did all of this with little help from Lili or her boyfriend Jay. Another whimper escape pass my lips, as his lips brush against my neck. His lips made their way to my ear, sending chills down my spin.

"I've been starving for you ever since the last time we made love... but I'm going to be good, and hold on a little longer. I have a beautiful honeymoon plan for us."

His hands moved to my side, as he play my ribs like a piano, making me laugh. "Yah, that tickles." Seonghwa then pecked my cheek, and squeezed my ass. "Hurry up and get dress.

Its almost time for our meeting at city hall." I then left the room, as I looked for a clean change of clothes. Seonghwa's approach towards me had changed since last night. He was being more open, more informal, and showing his hunger for me, that he's been supposedly suppressing since we met. Does this mean he'll change as a lover? Only time would be able to answer that torturous question.

I came out of the bed, in time to catch Seonghwa actually cooking. "I though you didn't know how to cook?" He looked up at me, and winked, before I made my way to his side. He was doing a really good job as cooking the omelette. "I can cook, but only certain things, and only for the ones I love."

Seonghwa turn to face me, allowing me to steal a kiss from his lips. It resulted in him smiling, and resting his forehead on my own. "Pay attention to the omelette or you will burn it." I warn him, which he obey happily. I wrap my around around his waist, giving him a back hug and snuggle into him for a good moment.

I could feel him chuckling, as I rest my eyes for a moment. I only let go when he went to move the omelette onto the cutting board. I blinked as I watch him make a small bento box. When he grabbed the bento, he held out his hand towards me. "You're not going to turn into a sadist lover now are you?"

Seonghwa just grin, as he took my hand. "We're going to be late, lets go." I he took down to his car, and had me eat as much as I could. What I didn't eat stood in the bento box, in the backseat. We enter the lawyer's office beside city hall.

When I looked around I noticed security was heavy, like someone important was coming. "Right this way Mister Lee." I glared at the woman that directed her speak to Seonghwa. I knew why I glaring, BECAUSE SHE BEAUTIFUL! I felt hightly threaten for no reason.

She looked over at me and just simply blinked. "Y/N why are you acting like this... she only telling us what room go towards." Seonghwa chuckled as he spoke to me. I looked at him and pouted. "Are you sure you want to marry me... its only a few months, and there are girls her that are so much prettier than me."

Seonghwa stop in front of me, and in seconds, picked me up bridal style. I wrap my arms around his neck for support. "Hush Mrs. Lee, and nip that insecurity in the butt. You know I only have eyes for you. Ever since the day I met you at the bar... my Sapphire."

I couldn't help but grin, as he carried me into the conferences room. He put me down so we both properly greet the Lawyers before we all sat down. They place two items in front of the both of us. Yet I got an extra paper. The ones we shared was a prenup and our wedding license.

The third paper I got said confidentiality.

I looked over at Seonghwa, to only see him sigh heavily. "Remember my job? This to not only myself, but you as well. Anything you know relating to me, you can never talk about to anyone outside this room. Unless they already know of the matter. The prenup is if you were to ever leave me, you get to keep your stuff and I get to keep my stuff. No coming at me for a house or money."

I pinched his cheek, making him whine in pain. "I know what the prenup is for silly. I respect that, and am willing to sign it. I just needed to know why the confidentiality. Which you already answer. Plus, no way I wouldn't sign it... its either be happy with the man I love or go be a slave to a nasty trash man."

I didn't read over any of it and in the future I was going to regret it. But at this moment, I was too happy to become Mrs. Lee. I was so blindly in love with man, how could I argue. Once everything was signed, they had all left the room. The moment the door closed, is when reality finally hit me.

Ever since Mr. Kim found me at my job, I had been all over the place. As if I had lost my keys and couldn't find it. Waking up in a new place didn't help either. It just made ti worse to be honest. See Seonghwa cook through me off even more. And now... now...

I was LEGALLY married to him.

I looked down at my hand, to look at my wedding ring. Seonghwa push one of the three copies we had left behind for us. "You know you should read stuff, you never know if you're selling your soul or nipples to someone." I looked up at him, and noticed the way he was sitting was different too.

He was more cockier, and seem more smug that before. He held out the confidentiality agreement to me. "Mr. Kim is honestly one of the sickest man I know that still alive. The fact that I knew of him didn't seem to send off a red flag to you at all. Why? Because of what Jay and I secretly call business?"

My heart sank as fear started to sink inside of me. What on earth did I get myself into, and why was Lili's scolding voice screaming in my head. I looked down that the confidentiality papers and read through each page carefully. I froze when I found the 'Sadist' Clause. I read over it and my shock increased.

It stated that I could not tell a single soul about this side of his... that I was to obey any of his commands, when he used the phrase, 'that's an order Sapphire'. As well as my safe word for anything we do or try together was 'Gray'. I did have the right to say 'HELL FUCKING NO' but it would mean a punishment I didn't like at all. I stood up, kick the chair into the wall, and threw the contract at him.

"How does this make you any different from Mr. Kim!"

I scream as I felt the water works rolling down my cheeks. Seonghwa took the contract, and as he stood up held out a knew page. "Read..." He looked annoyed now after I threw it at him. I ripped the contact him his hand resulting in both of us getting paper cuts. Only mine had drawn blood from my body.

'Only for Love' Clause, was the page he had me read this time. It stated that I was not to be sold off, to only be loved for who I am. That if I wanted out I was allow to leave anytime, but I must keep all my knowledge a secret or else. Basically he was doing all of this out of pure love. If he was to fall out of love, all three contacts will become Null and Void.

I was allow to bleed him dry for everything he had, along with leaving him. His arm found its way around my waist, as his hand took hold of my injured hand. He place his lips on my bleeding paper cut. Seonghwa licked the blood away, but he triggered the string all paper cuts create. My whimper of pain, made him groan under his breath.

He was rock hard as well, and rubbing his member through out clothes against my behind. The second he made eye contact with me.... I froze once again, but was relax this time. I could see the dominance he had been holding back on, in his eyes.

"I do love you, Y/N, I truly do. I made sure all bases were covered... Even if it hurts me."

Seonghwa's hands found their way to my waist, under my shirt. "So you tell me do you want to wait til our honeymoon, or do you want me to show you my darker shades of gray for ya, right here, right now?" He whisper in my ear, and as much as a turn on it was, I just couldn't. "Save for the honeymoon."

I loved him too... more then I realized....

What on earth did I just get myself into ...

Was this truly my happily ever after?


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