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my july favorites!

hi guys, a lot of people had requested i start doing monthly favorites, so here's my first one! I hope you enjoy and please let me know how I can improve this next time~

Here's the breakdown:

Korean Street Style
Music (K-Indie, Rock, and More!)
Books & Film
The Korean indie band is a new group with one of my favorite guitarists ever (he was in my favorite group but they broke up because of the military service) so please give them lots of love!

What were some of your july favorites?
I have a couple things to say. 1) I freaking love your channel 2) that is one of my favorite Queen albums 3) do you know that there is about two games you can play with the Mazapán with yourself and/or with friends 4) do you have like a P.O. box that we can send you goodies and stuff. Thank you for your blogs and videos!
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@PierceHorizon awww thank you so much!! and korea has CRAZY po box rules (like, if you dont get 100+ letters per month they'll close it LOL) but im working on it! and marzapan games??? do tell!!
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the first game is trying to open the mazapán without ripping the wrapper. the second game is trying to open the mazapán without having it crumble up.
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