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Hello and Welcome to Seungsik day!!

This week we are "Talking about our biases."

~What is it that you like so much about him?
~How did you come to like him?
~Was there someone who was your bias before that?
~How did you decide he was your bias?

Let's get started~
I like that he's a total mom, and his smile. And oh god his cute cheeks! Don't ask me why but I love his cheeks... XD
I was watching their debut video "I'm Fine" and suddenly I was blessed with the face of Kang Seungsik. The rest is history!
Well I wouldn't say I had a bias before him but I definitely had some wreckers. Seungwoo, Byungchan, and Sejun gave me issues at the beginning but now my wreckers are just Seungwoo and Sejun with Seungsik as my bias.
Watching the live versions of I'm Fine made me love Seungsik even more to the point he became my bias. His vocals are amazing!!!


Feel free to talk about your bias in the comments too!


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