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"We need to get the boys and you safe." Leo began. "Do you have some place you can go and hide until this over?" Hakyeon thought for a moment before reluctantly nodding. He took out his phone before making a call. After a few rings someone answered. "Hyung we have a situation. We need your help." After explaining things Hakyeon hung up. "Hyung is on his way." Leo nodded as he stood. "Good. I have to go." "You can't possibly be thinking of going there alone!" Leo just gave a nod.
"Pabo!" Hakyeon growled. "They're going to be waiting for you! You'll be lucky enough to make it out alive!" Hakyeon had tears brimming now. Leo didn't say anything but Hakyeon's words stopped him. Just long enough to continue. "My eomma was a prostitute too. My appa runs an organization like the one Yuki biological dad has. Wonsik and Hongbin aren't my kids or even my little brothers!" Leo's eyes widen. He had guessed as much but this was not what he expected to hear. His mom was a prostitute and he was raising Wonsik and Hongbin like his own. Same thing Leo was doing with Yuki.
"That's why I didn't question you when you came. I understand your pain but rushing into save Yuki is only going to make things worse not better. There's no way he'll let you walk out alive. You'll come out in a body bag or in pieces. Hyung helped me get the boys and he'll help you get Yuki. Just stay a little longer! Please!?!" Leo really wanted to run out the door to Yuki. He didn't care that Hakyeon was making sense or understood his situation. Yuki was his number one priority. If he left now he could make it their by nightfall. The cover of darkness helps and he knows the ins and outs of the buildings. Not the main one. He dared not go near there. Except he would have to. That's where Yuki would be.
"If you leave now Yuki will never see you again." Hakyeon told him honestly. It was those words that brought Leo to his knees. Hakyeon was right. He couldn't leave Yuki alone in this world. She wouldn't know what to do without him. Heart broken and sad. Leo couldn't handle that. He felt like such a failure. He had tried to hard to keep her safe. He thought he was doing alright by staying here. He should of known better. That sorry of excuse man wouldn't let this go. Leo didn't respond to Hakyeon's gentle hug. He just buried his face in his hands thinking of what a failure he was for not protecting Yuki. 
A knock at the door made both boys jump. Carefully Hakyeon stood while Leo forced himself to get up. He grabbed a bat near the door and gave a nod to Hakyeon. Carefully Hakyeon cracked open the door. 
"What are you doing pabo?!" A voice demanded. "Open the door and let me in."  
Hakyeon sighed in relief and Leo's grip loosened on the bat he was holding. Eunkwang entered and pulled his phone from his pocket. 
"The boys need any information you can give them. Also your going to have to move. I already have a place set up. Lay and Sunggyu are on their way now. They'll escort you and stay with you until I say other wise. I already have people taking care of the coffee shop. Hakyeon go pack what you can. The rest will be left behind. Leo start talking. Tell them everything you can think that will be helpful. 
Yuki just stared at the man who was smiling at her. This man was a bad man! The man came closer causing Yuki to be frightened and back up. She scrunched up into a ball holding the blanket close to her face. The only thing visible was her eyes and top of her head. 
"Aww, don't be scared of Appa baby! Your safe now." His smile never left as he set on the edge of the bed. 
"I'll take good care of you. You'll have every stuffed animal or toy! Daddy will spoil you and you get you anything you want." 
"Not Appa." Yuki mumbled glaring at the man. He titled his head not hearing clearly. 
"What was that baby?" He asked sweetly. 
"Not appa! Not Appa! NOT APPA! NOT APPA!" Yuki's voice raised into a scream. "Want Appa and Oppa! She was breathing heavily and on the verge of tears. The mans smile faltered but he was able to remain. 
"Baby girl I am your appa! The man who took you," His gaze began to darken. "Is a bad man. HE took you from me sweetheart." 
"ANI!" Yuki yelled. "You bad man! Want Ken Oppa!" Her chin began to wobble. Kangin tried hard to keep a smile as he responded. 
"Ken Appa won't hurt you anymore sweetheart. It's alright. Your safe now. Now why don't we go eat dinner together, hmm?" He held out a hand. Yuki took a stuffed animal from the bed and threw it at him. Kangin huffed before standing. Yuki screamed as he came closer. With more force than necessary he picked Yuki up. Yuki instantly began to scream and hit him. Kangin just ignored her and continued walking down to the dinning room. Yuki's screams had quieted but that did not mean she was giving up. She kept shoving against the mans hold. Once at the table Kangin placed her in a chair before strapping her in. 
"Your upset because your hungry. Let's eat a delicious meal and I'm sure we'll both feel better." Kangin sat down and filled his plate with with food. Placing some on the end of chop sticks he held it to Yuki's mouth. 
"Say ah!" He cooed. Yuki refused the food. Kangin kept trying to feed her but she refused! Finally Yuki had enough and hit the chop sticks in frustration causing the food to fall to the floor. Kangin had, had enough. He slammed the chopsticks on the table and stood. Startling Yuki. 
"Fine! If you don't want to eat you can go to bed hungry!" He spoke harshly. Yuki began to cry as Kangin bent to take her out of her seat. Kangin roughly pulled the little girl down the hall. Half dragging half carrying her. He threw open her door and all but threw her in. 
"You can just stay in here and think about your actions!"  He all but growled before slamming the door closed. Yuki was scared. Everything seemed so big and mean! Yuki just wanted her real daddy. Not this monster who told lies!  Not sure what to do Yuki curled into a ball and cried herself to sleep. 
"Alright we have everything we need. We'll have your daughter back safe and sound." The man told Leo. 
"Don't forget Ken! If you can, he's most likely there too!" Hakyeon spoke up. 
"We'll do our best Hyung but no promises." 
"I understand." Hakyeon nodded. 
"Alright everyone let's move out. Spirits escort the men to the safe house. Wolves complete your mission quickly and as quietly as possible." 
Alright everyone I'm leaving you hanging there. Wonder what's going to happen Yuki and Ken, you'll have to wait and see. Goodnight ^_^//
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