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They really look like brothers! Must be the hairdo and chiseled face.
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yes,they are both goodlooking
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the producers did well in pairing them up as siblings. I totally approve.
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the bother is legit like a very confusing person,,,,,,,,like we know that he doesnt like kim tan, but we see a bit of him that actually cares for him.....but its like he doesnt want to let himself, or more even not let kim tan know..........like when he sees kim tan sit there, he was like so wanting his little bro to notice him ( hench he stopped to look at him) i feel like he actually deep down cares for this half brother of his,,,,,,,,like when that other person (the teacher ) was like to kim tan " your brother told me about you,.,,,,,,he has the same eyes as me........he has really grown"he said" i was like AWWWWWWWW/
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