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Hello Topp Klass! It is HoJoon Tuesday! Let's see what we have for this Tuesday!
I look into your eyes, as I wait to come talk to you. I see you looking back at me and I smile. I finally make it to the front to say hi and hold you hand. I get my autograph and I move on. And then a last time, I look back to see your smiling face.
Even in this place, in the dark of the night. You are still so cute to me. The pouting lips, the sharp eyes in the darkness, you still look cute and sweet to me.
You seduce me with that smile of yours. You look at me with that smile and my heart just melts. The look in yours eyes that say, I know you love me, I know you want me. I just can't help but to fall for it!

I hope you enjoyed these scenarios. Remeber that there are hints of lyrics to a song that will be for game night. You can win a prize for guessing the song, so look out for the other Topp Dogg member cards and good luck! Until next time stay Klassy!
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