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Who: Reader x Jay Park What: Flip Universe, Smut Story: As the CEO of MGM, Kim Hyojin known by your American name Y/n, you're battling the stress as a boss. So you enlist Park Jaebeom, as your stress reliever. No strings attached. Y/n's POV You woke up the next morning to see Jay asleep right be side you. His sleeping face was so precious and soft; you found him too cute to resist. You slipped out of bed with ease and took a shower. You were in the bathroom for at least a half hour taking a shower, brushing your teeth, washing your face and putting on eyeliner. When you came out, Jay was still knocked out. You smiled at him laying there, you weren't going to wake him up so you left him a note and you grabbed your things and headed out to the MGM building. You felt like you were on cloud nine, you couldn't wait to get in the building to tell Hoody what happened. She might cringe over specific details so you'd have to keep it clean enough but you were so excited. You hadn't had this much energy after being with a guy for a while. He literally fucked you to sleep and that was impressive to you. All that teasing must've worn you down it was the best sleep you had since you took those shots of tequila last year. You had left your number for Jay and then called your driver while you were on your way to MGM and asked him to drive him home even if he refused. Honestly, it was the sneakiest way you could find out where he lived. There was a method to your madness though, knowing where he lived was just a perk. You assigned one of your guys to find out information about him; although, you could only imagine how many Park Jaebeom's there were in Seoul let alone all of South Korea. You also called up your lawyer to create a contract for you while you started getting to work. You went into the studio to see Black,Yonggi, working on tracks. "Normally I'm the first to arrive, did you guys not party hard enough?" You giggled. "I partied at a medium level; although, I'm sure your night was far better than all of ours combined." He looked up at you and smiled. You chuckled and kissed his forehead then rubbed the spot you kissed with your thumb. "What have you been up to?" You asked. "Just working on a track for my new album. Thought I'd get to work on it early before Do Hyeon showed up." "Yeah I know how he likes to distract you." You laughed. He tsked and turned to his board with a smile on. You all had sometime before you and to pile into the cars again and head out to your interviews. You weren't even sure they were all going to show up at MGM first; they may just head to the place where they were holding the interview. You forgot who was doing it, as long as your driver had the address, you didn't really care. Right after the interview all of you had to head back to the stadium where you were going to practice your concert again. By now, the team should've worked out the stage systems that were messed up yesterday. Part of the stage where Myung Joon and his DJ set up was supposed to rise on stage went up half way before the lift stopped. His head didn't even rise up to the stage floor. The technical team worked on it while you all practiced but, as far as you knew, nothing had been fixed yet. Your stage director was supposed to call you once they found out anything. You weren't necessarily hard pressed for that information. You had weeks before the concert even began and you had to get some bills done. You patted Yonggi's back and headed out of the studio so that he could work on his music alone. You headed into your office to work on the bills that needed to be paid and checked on your expense accounts. As much fun as you had being a baller and throwing money to the wind, you did have to be smart and responsible and put the good times on hold so that you could take care of bills.

The hours seemed to have swept by while you pulled up document after document looking at which bills had been paid and which ones hadn't. The accountant another company sent over to take care of your finances and make sure you were following your budget had been sending you reports on the regular about your cash flow. Now that you were looking at it, it seemed like you guys were using a lot more than you were the past year. That just added onto the pile of stress. It wasn't like you weren't bringing in enough revenue but you guys needed to do more. You just didn't want to over stretch the crew, they were already working so hard for you. You supposed it was all a matter of who you started to promote from now on. Perhaps you could've done more for Spirit, Chaewon, he was an amazing singer and it wasn't like you took him for granted but out of all the others he was the only member to have the least promotion. If you stick him with Hoody there could be really good feed back for both of them. There was a big plus about Chaewon though, he was in high demand based off of social media content. He was always going live on instagram which kept fans involved in MGM affairs without giving to many things away. Not to mention, his covers of popular English songs had fans wanting to hear more of his voice. With all the perks of promoting Chaewon more, especially after this passing concert, you decided you'd talk things over with him. You filed your papers back up and you checked your email. You had been sent information on Park Jaebeom and you smiled hard. You looked through it seeing he was Korean-American, he was thirty and that he had a brother. He had some years on you but you always preferred your men like you preferred your wine: with age. Although, for him to be thirty you didn't think that he'd be so playful. He was dorky and energetic but he definitely seemed to have good vibes. You got a little more information on him than you need but all in all he was a solid guy, definitely single and he came from a decent family. He had a good job as a choreographer at his own studio, he was a player which you could easily tell. From the information you got, you liked him more than you did before. You bit your lip looking at his image on your computer. You really were going to have some fun with him. A call from one of your lawyers came in to tell you the contract you wanted him to draw up was all done. That made you feel settled. There was a knock on the door a little later and you said, "Come in." Hyun Jung walked in and she smiled, "Hey how was your night last night?" She asked. "Oh. My. God." You emphasized each word as dramatically as possible. She chuckled, "That good huh?" "He was amazing. I picked a good one, who would've thought. I knew I should've been going after dancers this whole time." You laughed. "Oh my goodness. We'll at least he gave you a good time." "Yeah I'm hoping he'll continue to give me a good time." You mumbled. She clearly heard you and she laughed, "What do you mean?" "I want him to be permanent that's what I mean." You said laughing. "Y/n you don't do permanent you do flings. There's a reason your relationships don't pan out." "My relationships don't pan out because they're always one sided. I don't need a relationship with all the love and gushy feelings what I need is a guy that'll do me. Real good." "You're one of a kind you know that?" "Yeah so is G dragon, what else is new?" She laughed and you stood up to head out of your office with her... Jay's POV Jay woke up in the large bedroom that clearly did not belong to him. He looked around to see a neat clean area. A dark blue blanket covered his mostly naked body while a glass table sat beside him. A yellow sticky note laid on the table and Jay picked it up before looking at anything else.
Jay it's Y/n feel free to eat anything in the fridge, wash up and head out. My driver will be waiting for you to take you home. My number's at the bottom, call me once you are home. Thank you for a wild night.
She wasn't the type to dot her I's with cute hearts. Somehow it seemed like last night once he'd taken over her she'd turned into a different woman. This note seemed straight forward some how with no real depth of feeling inside but last night he had her begging to be fucked. He remembered every inch of her, every taste of her, how she felt and how she sounded. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't intoxicated by those memories alone. As he looked around, he observed the large bedroom. White walls and white pillows, a book case with various genres of books on the shelves sat on the right wall. A large 72" HD TV was propped up on the wall with gaming consoles in a case with glass doors. There was dust on the consoles revealing they hadn't been touched in a long while. She had a full body mirror on the left corner and there were two doors: one he assumed was her master bathroom and the other he assumed was her closet. A large dresser sat on the other end of the room with stuffed animals on display. Along with a large laundry basket right beside it. There was a large sliding glass door that opened up and led to a terrace that she could walk on and enjoy the view of the city and the long driveway before her home. They had moved in such a haste yesterday he didn't have a chance to look at how big her house was. The place could get lonely for one person; he wondered why she needed such a big one. He took her offer and showered and got dressed and went into the kitchen to look for something to drink. He wondered when she left, it was only nine thirty when he woke up. She had a cork board and dry erase board in her bedroom hung up on the wall. One side had sticky notes covered in it while a calender was on her dry erase board. He was staring at the second dry erase board on her fridge. There was a short list of groceries that she needed to buy along with a few other notes that she needed to remind herself with. For her to need this many reminders in her life, she either had incredibly bad memory or she was very busy. His money was on the ladder. He walked into the living room to see a large soft tan couch that stretched around a large glass coffee table. Another huge 72" HD TV sat hooked up on the wall with a sort of stand below it with a DVD player and a rack of movies to choose from, both American and Korean. On the far end of the room, sat something that looked like a doggy bed. Actually, two beds but he hadn't seen any dogs hanging around, as far as he knew, there were none in the house last night. He explored farther seeing her balcony and walking out to see the huge pool that was in her backyard along with freshly cut green grass surrounding the concrete. Her backyard was huge and unfathomable even to Jay. He took a picture of it thinking he'd show Kiseok when he got back home. She had a beautiful garden on the other end of her yard and in the center was a fountain and a koi pond that he could spot a mile away. "Who in the hell did I sleep with last night?" He said amazed. Her place might as well be a palace. Still, as he considered before, for her to have such a big home and live alone there had to be more to her than just her money. Was she bad at relationships or was she just too into one night stands? Did she have a bad experience that made her want to be alone? He suddenly thought back to how the crowd reacted to her and her friend when she walked into the club last night. She was obviously someone of importance but he didn't really know who she was. He didn't ask much either. She gave him her number, she wanted him to call her too. He was kind of on the fence about that but at the same time he wondered what might happen if he did. He soon gathered his stuff after cleaning up any mess he made and he headed out. He realized at the very least he could text her a thank you for letting him shower and eat at her place. It was weird to him that she would trust him enough to leave him alone in her house. She had enough stuff for him to walk out with and pay off his place. It's not like he was going to do that, it wasn't like he was even considering it but he was wondering why she didn't. She probably had some safety net. As he walked outside, he saw her security cameras. Even with the cameras though, it just didn't make much sense that she'd let him stay in the house alone. Sure enough, when he got outside, her driver was waiting for him. "Mr.Park I've been instructed to escort you home by Ms. Kim." The man said. He was very formal and polite and even bowed to him. The treatment he was getting was making his brain do flips. Somehow this treatment seemed in the reverse. Since she had money, it seemed like these things were no problem for her but for him it was like he held no power. He thanked the driver and got in the car without argument and gave him his address. He had places to go himself. While he was riding in the back, he texted Y/n a 'thank you' while unconsciously saving her number to his phone. As soon as he pulled up to his house though, his phone began to ring. It was her. He answered it. "I thought I asked you to call me when you were home." She said. She didn't sound annoyed, more amused than anything but she had more of a business tone to her voice than last night. He remembered those high pitched mewls that spurred on his aggressive nature in bed. He chuckled, "Quite demanding, aren't you?" He said. "I like it when people do as I ask." "I texted you Y/n." "A text is not a call Park Jaebeom.... I wanted to hear your voice." She said in a softer tone. "Okay. What did you want to talk about?" "I want to meet in person around three o'clock we can go to La Yeon for lunch." "Kind of expensive don't you think?" "Eh, I can afford it. Since you're coming out on my occasion, I'll be paying of course. Come in your Sunday best." "I don't remember agreeing to this." "You'd be stupid to refuse." She said. Jay laughed in the phone. "You think so?" "Hell yeah, free food from La Yeon and a pretty girl, if you turn that down you're a full moron. Besides I have some things I'd like to discuss with you." "I can't do three I'll still have a class I'm finishing up." She sighed and said, "Alright when does your class end?" "I should be done at four." "Then you'll meet me at five. I'll send my driver to your house to get you. Be clean and dressed properly, understand?" Jay grinned at her boss like attitude and said, "Understood boss lady." "Good boy." She chuckled. He heard a click and he realized she simply hung up the phone. Whatever they were going to discuss he was going to have to tell her not to do that to him. He hated when he was on the phone with someone and they didn't say goodbye before hanging up.... Later on, he met Kiseok at his studio just before classes started and he showed him the picture of her backyard. Kiseok pulled him over to a corner of the room and whispered, "Dude you have no idea who this woman is do you?" He said in awe. "Nah. I think that's pretty clear." he chuckled. "She's a hip hop artist. She's one of the best female rappers out there and as far as business goes she kills it. If you're seen with her for more than thirty seconds your popularity will shoot up tremendously." "What are you saying that going to lunch with her is a good thing?" "I'm saying whatever she wants to say to you Jay it's got something to do with business and no one talks business better than Kim Hyojin. You're going on that lunch, it's the wisest thing you can do. She's loaded man, you've seen her house, even you can't question that." Kiseok said. Jay just laughed but assured Kiseok he was going on the lunch, or rather the dinner. By the sound of it, he didn't really have a choice anyway. The day seemed to go by faster than he could imagine and it may have been because he was so heavily anticipating the possible business he and Y/n would be discussing. He headed home and got dressed in his best suit as she asked him to and awaited her driver to show up. Y/n's POV You waited in your seat tapping your finger on the table at La Yeon. You ordered yourself some wine while waiting. The floor was empty but that was your fault, you bought out the entire top floor for you and Jay to speak in private. La Yeon wasn't like going to a cafe and being hounded by fans, which you liked, but you also didn't like having a lot of people around when you discussed business. You tried to find places that rented rooms privately while you ate and you even had a few places picked out but Jay wasn't a client. It wasn't that he was less important than them it was just if the media caught wind of this little meeting they'd wonder about your treatment towards him. You liked to keep certain things about your life as private as possible. You finally saw Jay walking over to you, being led by a waitress with a bottle of wine in her hand. She offered him the seat and you smiled while your waitress filled your glass. She handed Jay a menu and poured him a glass of wine then left promising to come back for your orders later. "It's- quiet here." He said. "The way I like it. Especially, when I want to be heard." You said. He smiled big, "Is that so." You nodded. "So what did you want to discuss?" He asked. You licked you lips and straightened up. You reached for your bag and pulled out a folder and pushed it across the table. He took it and looked at it while saying, "What's this?" "A contract." Jay looked up confused. "Before you sign it or even read it I have an offer to make you that sounds a bit unconventional." You said. "Okay?" He said with caution. "I'd like you to be my stress reliever." He chuckled at first not understanding what you meant and then he gave you an odd look. Your face hadn't changed a bit to show you were dead serious. Although, you had a joking and playful personality, it had become apparent to you that, when doing business, sometimes you became a different person. It was more of a professional personality. "How would I be your stress reliever?" He asked. His thumb and forefinger pinched the first page of the contract and half opened it while looking at you. You looked at his hands then back at his face. Your laced your fingers together and leaned on the table. "I want you to have sex with me. Any time I call you, any time I want you, you're going to come to me and fuck me." "That's it? Just sex? I'm your on call boy?" He smiled. "Of course. The conditions are mapped out in the contract along with a privacy policy for both our sakes but it basically says anytime I want you to come fuck me you're going to do it. I named it the Deliver me clause. Read it over and see what you think. Of course anything you have a problem with we can change to suit you and make you comfortable but at the end of the day I won't be able to move forward with this deal until you've signed." You said. He took his time reading it over while you nursed your wine. Your waitress had come back and you both ordered before you sent her away again. He was still reading and you weren't sure if it was because he was being careful, he was stunned or he was just a slow ass reader. The contract was not that long and it wasn't that complicated. He finally closed the contract after about twenty minutes but his hand came up to cover his mouth while his eyes settled on the table. His eyebrows narrowed and you watched without a changing face. "I have questions." He said. "I have answers." You gave him a slightly stiff smile. Your business smile unfortunately. "How often do you offer deals like this?" He asked. You smiled softly, "Never, this is the first time." "You could've fooled me, you've covered all the bases." "I'm an expert in covering my ass Jay. I have a crew to look after as well as my reputation I need you to understand that. Every decision I make and every thing I do can and will affect them if I'm not careful." He sighed and said, "Okay I can understand that....So, what, are you paying me for this?" You laughed, "Well, I think that's illegal and quite honestly if I was going to pay for sex I would've just done it. If you'd like money I don't see a problem in doing it-" "No. No. I'm not that kind of guy." He said. He sighed and looked away for a moment. You tried to loosen up and act like your normal bubbly self so that he'd be more comfortable. You took another sip of wine. "So I'm just your sex boy?" "Jay I'm not naive enough to believe you'd do this for me out of the goodness of your heart. There's something you want, just ask." You said. "My studio could get a lot of press because of you." He said. You smiled, "Interesting. I have been looking for a way to make more profit. We could partner up." "You'd help me out?" "Well we'd need an entirely separate contract for that but yes." You smiled. Jay chuckled. "Why do this? Why not just get a boyfriend? Wouldn't it be easier?" "I don't do boyfriends. They've never really worked out for me. It always results in me being an ass. They fall in love and I just want sex and for them that's not enough. I don't need you to be my boyfriend I just need you to-- de-stress me." "You mean deliver you." He grinned. You smiled bigger, "Exactly." He nodded and sighed. He stood up leaving the contract on the table and walked over to you. You looked up at him and he lowered down to your face. He moved his lips to your ear and whispered. "Why do you want me?" You shivered at the sound of his voice. He had the same tone from last night. Sultry, dark and hungry. Your thighs pressed together but your core screamed for friction. You tried desperately to remain calm and not beg him to fuck you now. He could do such magic to you. The sexual tense between you two was unmistakable so it wasn't like you didn't know he wanted you too. He was just about ready to eat you up. His hand slipped up to your neck while his thumb lightly pulled on your bottom lip. He squeezed your neck and said, "I asked you a question." You moaned lightly turned on by the change in him. He was dominate but not mean just- commanding, like he owned you. He smiled hearing you release a moan and he bent over and said, "You like being helpless don't you? You like being dominated." "For more than twelve hours a day, I'm a boss. I have people to take care of, a business to run, music to make. Every second I have to fight to stay relevant. I'm stressed being in charge all the time so when you take my control from me, in the oddest way I feel so fucking free I can't stand it. It turns me on." You said. He smiled and kissed you softly, his full lips slowly melding with yours before sinking deeper, crushing your lips beneath his hard heavy kisses. If you wanted to be dominated he'd dominate you and from the taste of his tongue ruling over yours he was going to enjoy every ounce of power he stole from you. He started kissing to the side of your lips, his tongue grazing the side of your mouth as the moans he was swallowing now became clear to the world. He continued to kiss over to your ear as hand on your neck trailed down to your clothed heat. He began to pet you while he panted in your ear. "You want me to fuck your brains out?" He teased with heavy breaths.

He was so clearly turned on which only sent you further down the abyss. "Yes." "You want me to ride into that sexy little body until you break." there was growl in his voice driving you nuts. "Yes." You moaned breathlessly. "I'm going to tease and torture you so bad baby girl. I'll enjoy every minute watching you squirm beneath me and moaning so fucking loud. I'm going to hear you begging me." he kissed just beneath your ear before allowing his tongue to slide up your neck to your ear lobe. "Jay." You mewled. "That's what you want right? For me to stick my hot, thick cock inside you. Maybe stick it down your throat." You were melting in your seat from his words. His hand was rubbing you making you get your panties wet but his words already had you soaked. You squirmed in your seat, your business personality was gone. You were his trapped prey, ready to be devoured. He grabbed you by the chin and forced you to look at him. "Look at me, when it comes to sex baby girl, I'm the boss. You're not going to tell me what to do, how fast to go, how to fuck you, or in what position to do it without saying please behind it. Everytime I fuck you, you're going to be my property and no one tells me what to do with what's mine, do you understand?" You nodded weakly. "This body is mine. I'm the boss, okay. I want to hear you say it."
"You're the boss." you whimpered. "Louder." he demanded. "You're the boss Jay." He nuzzled his face into the side of yours. His hot breath tickled your neck when he chuckled, "Good girl. You're going to do everything I say... There's one more thing." "Yes?" "If you don't obey me I have every option to get up and walk out." He said. You swallowed hard and then nodded. "You want me that bad?" He smiled at his ability over you. "I think that's a bit obvious if I'm willing to go through- ah." You gasped feeling his finger press on your clit. You grabbed onto his shirt. "Wait Jay-." You whined. "This place is empty aside from our servers. Who's going to see?" He chuckled darkly in your ear. His voice had your eyes rolling back in pure pleasure. Your body was screaming to be touched more to be completely used until you were unable to move. He hovered his lips over yours. Your lips chased his wanting to feel his plump fleshy lips against your own. His hot tongue riding against yours, dominating and controlling you. You moved up to get to him, you tugged on his shirt to pull him down and in return he moved his lips and pulled your hair to yank your head back. "Don't even try it." He warned. "Why are you teasing me?" You whimpered. "You can hold out longer than this Y/n." "I can't." You said feeling hungrier than before. He gave you a soft smile, "Well you're going to have to learn. I love to tease. I love watching my little girl squirm and whine beneath me and more than anything," He leaned back down to your ear and his voice deepened in lust, dominance and seduction. He was so dangerous. "I'm going to make you beg for me." You could feel the smile he had on when he pressed his lips to your cheek. He stood up straight and went back to his seat. Your heart was racing and your body was incredibly hot; it had nothing to do with the wine that you now started gulping down to maintain some sort of control over yourself. You were completely flustered and utterly turned on it was exactly what you wanted from him. In your mind, you were celebrating that he was all you had hoped him to be but in reality it was very obvious what his effect on you was. You took in shallow breaths still and when you found the ability to speak you said, "I'll have a new contract drawn up. We can set a date to discuss your studio. I'll give you my lawyers information as long as you do the same." Jay chuckled, "It kind of amazes me that you can go from fucked out to business woman so smoothly it's almost unrecognizable. Your recovery time is quicker than I expected." He smiled. You gave him a big smile. This was honestly the most a man had ever gotten to you. You've had others that were sexy, they had the right bodies, the right smile, they said the right words but they didn't do much for you. Though you saw Jay as a stress reliever, the others compared to him were toys you played with and easily became board with.

You didn't do relationships. Not real ones anyway. The fact of the matter was, no matter how much you tried to fall in love, you just didn't feel it. At some point, it felt like you were trying to force yourself to do something you couldn't do. You often called yourself a robot. You were emotionally dysfunctional. You loved your family and friends but that was a completely different side of love. Real romantic love, you never experienced it. Quite, honestly you needed more of a wow factor when it came to love. Growing up you were such a romantic that it seemed your expectations became unreasonably high and utterly unrealistic. Finding it hard to force yourself to lower your expectations in relationships, you found it easier to keep distance and not get close. Find men that were kind of like you, not looking for serious stuff just sex. Like it or not your body had needs, it was very clear that you didn't need to be in love to have sex. The same applied to Jay but as much as you were physically attracted to him, as much as you wanted this little affair to last as long as it could without catching any feelings there was some alarm in your body, heart and mind that said he was dangerous for you. That he was going to turn your entire world upside down and that's what you were afraid of. But you just couldn't keep away.....
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