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Hello ARMYs and Agust D stans!!

On August 15, 2016, BTS's Suga made his solo debut with his mixtape under his new rap name, Agust D.
In celebration of the one year anniversary of it's drop, I am going to be making a series of cards, talking all about every track, leading up to the day of the anniversary!
Today I'll be going over track 1:

Intro: Dt sugA (feat. DJ Friz)

This will be a short card cause it's an intro song.
I think this song was an excellent intro to the mixtape. It is a remix of track 2, Agust D. The mix itself is exhilarating and makes you want to hear more. It's only 1 minute and 4 seconds long so it teases you just enough and gives you an idea of what you are in for.


[Intro: DJ Friz]
Are you ready?
[Verse: AGUST D, DJ Friz]
I'm D-Boy because I'm from D
Suga, go
A, G, U, S, T, D
Turn up, turn up, turn up
They call me new thang
I'm D-Boy
Because i'm from D
G to the U, U to the STD
My busy passport
Brazil to New York
Next target is Billboard
My size is different to fit in the K-pop category
Paris to New York
A to the G to the U to the STD
He introduces himself as his new name for the first time. From Suga to Agust D. He summed himself up in this short mix, talking about his pride for his hometown, Daegu, (Also what the "D" in Agust D stands for.) and how he's too big for kpop and is a legend worldwide. (my words not his lol) In my opinion, this is a perfect intro song.

See you tomorrow for track 2: Agust D!!!

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This is great!! I'm looking forward to the rest of these cards! 😍
Thanks fam! 💙
This is awesome!
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Your welcome😁