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Hey you guys I found this video on YouTube and I wanted to share it with you and see what you thought.
Now personally I was never a huge fan of most of these groups but I think most of their popularity was going down because the audiances were paying more attention to newer groups that came out with more popular songs. And that's very natural. But I think some of these groups have already lost their popularity and are only relevant because of what company they are in or a member is really popular for commercials or maybe the group had some drama that is stuck in everyones mind........

Now for my personal opinions on the indiviual groups:

U-KISS, I think they were gradually losing popularity and the huge blow was Eli getting married.....ㅠㅠ...bias why you left me so soon *sniffle sniffle*. Are any of you guys U-KISS fans? Who is your bias?

STELLAR and 9MUSES, I've never been a huge fan of either of them so I wouldn't know too much about them losing popularity or not. But I absolutely love 9MUSES latest single. Who's with me?

As for Da Vichi, I got to know them when they were losing popularity, so I don't think of them as a group that is losing popularity but has lost it and only has a steady few fans with them. What do you guys think? I mean they are still really good singers as solo artists and together but they mostly do OSTs and I don't even remember the last time they came out with something together.

TVXQ lost their popularity, to me when JYJ left. That's my personal opinion. What do you guys think? I mean TVXQ is an older group too and they haven't been putting out albums or singles like that but do musicals instead......

T-ARA lost their popularity with that unfortunate bullying scandal so I don't think they should be on this list of artist that are losing popularity but on a seperate list of artist who have lost popularity. And it is unfortunate that the truth has 'finally' come to light about the bullying scandal now and they have decided to disband. What are your thoughts on them being on this list. I mean I'm not trying to be mean but they did lose their popularity at that moment. And I think it would have been hard with all the new artist out here to get it back.

CNBLUE and F.T. ISLAND are definitely losing their popularity in South Korea but I think they have basically gained a steady fanbase in Japan and I think China as well.

BOA is another artist I never really listened to but I agree she has lost a lot of her popularity. Especially since she was a really

Dalshabat never seemed to be populaar to me. Correct me if I am wrong. I never really listened to them but they seemed to be an underrated group from the start.

And Brown Eyed Girls, I love these girls but they have lost their popularity. They aren't really as active as they used to. But honestly I think this more of a personal decision for them too.

Boyfriend and TeenTop.......honestly I've been very curious about these boys. Boyfriend isn't really doing much promotion or am I missing it. I haven't heard anything new from them in a while. As for TeenTop I also don't know what is going on with them. If anyone has any information please let me know. I've been seriously missing out on a lot of things with newer groups debuting.

What do you guys think of this video and the groups on it? Do you think these groups deserve to be on this list? Is there anyone you would add or take away from the list?
I know that TeenTop recently had a comeback and I enjoyed their song. Also as far as I can tell they have held quite a few fan meetings. That is all I know so far.
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@stevieq your welcome and no problem at all. I follow Ricky and C.A.P on Instagram and TeenTop on Twitter so I kind off know what they are doing.
I do agree with the video. None of these group have really made a banger in the recent years.