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Who: Reader x Jay Park
What: Flip Universe, Smut
Story: As the CEO of MGM, Kim Hyojin known by your American name Y/n, you're battling the stress as a boss. So you enlist Park Jaebeom, as your stress reliever. No strings attached.

Y/n's POV

"I can have the new contract drawn up by tomorrow." You said.

"Are you really not going to do anything until I've signed?" He asked you with a curious smile.

You felt the coil in your stomach tighten again. Even after eating dinner, what he'd done to you was still rocking your body. You were sensitive, one kiss away from breaking the rules of sanity. You liked that, you liked that he could tear down those walls but you also knew to be careful. Doing things without thinking, without being safe, wasn't wise. You had no defenses built up against him though, not yet anyway.

"Signing first would be the best thing to do." You swallowed.

"Oh, I see so you're going to go home and touch yourself." He chuckled.

You felt a visible blush come over your face. You weren't easily embarrassed but he was so aware of what he could do to you that it made you react faster than you had to any others. He laughed at your reaction. He stepped closer and you already felt weak. You looked up at him.

"You're a mess Y/n, you should let me take care of you." He said.

He had such a large charming smile. His hands came to your shoulders and you bit back a moan. You were still so turned on that the contact alone made you shiver not to mention you were a bit drunk off of wine as well. He leaned down to kiss you and you moaned immediately on his lips. You pulled away quick,

"Jay I want you. I really do-"

"Then behave." He teased.

"I need you to sign the contract first."

"We didn't have a contract last night."

"I-I know b-but," you were so hot and bothered you couldn't even speak straight.

"Just think of it as me doing you a favor. Just ask me to fuck you, let me hear you say it and I'll put you to bed baby girl."

"Jay you're making me weak."

"Good." He whispered on your lips.

He lifted your chin and kissed you again. It was the most painfully teasing kiss ever. Slow and methodical, his tongue tangled and searched your mouth while you hummed on his full lips. His hand ran through your hair, holding your head firmly. Your arms explored his body fully enticed by him. You moaned in his mouth as he dipped down deeper to kiss you.

You forgot you two were outside, you forgot you called your driver to get you. You forgot about the restaurant and the world around. Most importantly, you forgot about the contract.

Your body won.

"Fuck me." You whimpered on his lips.

"Fuck me please I need you."

"Now you're starting to behave like a good girl." He chuckled.

His hand came to the side of your neck and he pulled you into his body. You completely gave into his hard kisses and the way he ravished you. You felt his heat on your leg, hot and throbbing. You whined,

"Jay I want you."

"Hold on for me baby." He whispered.

Everytime you heard that fucked out seductive whisper your insides turned. Your core heated until it was hot enough to melt him. You wanted his fingers inside you, no you wanted him inside you. You wanted him to pound you. You hissed when he pulled from your lips again.

He heard the car pulling up before you did. He turned to open the door for you and you hurried inside and told the driver where to go. Jay got in and closed the door behind him. You sat on your side of the car panting and rubbing your legs together. Jay looked you over while you were losing your sanity with each passing second. He came closer to you and you released a small cry. He looked you in the eyes.

"I've got you." He whispered.

His hand came to your breast and you bit your lip hard. Your eyes were open while he moved closer to your neck and started to kiss you while he fondled your breast through your shirt. His tongue searched your skin, making it to places that made it hard for you to hold your voice back. You tried to cover your mouth and he grabbed your wrist to pin to the seat.

"Jay- I'm going- crazy." You breathed.

"Good keep going." He said into your neck.

His hand slipped into your pants right past your panties. Two fingers dipped so shallowly inside you that you squeezed his shoulder and whimpered.

"Don't do this to me." You whined.

"What did I tell you Y/n. I'm the boss." He said.

You bit your lip and he pushed his fingers in you a little deeper, making you press your lips to cover a scream. Jay looked you in the eyes as he started to push his fingers in and out of you. His thumb pressed circles into your clit and your hips rolled on his fingers. He still refused to let them go deeper but you needed something and you'd take what you could get.

"Good girl keep doing that." He said licking his lips.

You held onto his shoulder shamelessly whining and moaning in the back seat with him torturing you. He kept his eyes on your face. Your hand cupped his neck and cheek, any place you could touch him. Your hips moved with more fury and Jay chuckled,

"If you cum before we reach your place I'm going home and you can put yourself to sleep."

You stopped rolling your hips and whined. You looked at him shocked while your thighs trembled and every inch of your body screamed at him.

"I didn't tell you to stop moving, did I?" He said in a stern voice.

You shook your head and whimpered. You kept going but moved slowly and he seemed to like that you paced yourself while knowing the risk that he'd go home if you disobeyed. His thumb pressed harder into your clit and he rolled it a little faster.

"No." You whined.

Your walls tightened around the tips of his fingers trying desperately not to cum.

"I want you closer to that edge." He said.

"Jay." You gasped for air.

He continued, even speeding up his fingers pumping into you but still only shallowly. Your hand went through your hair amazed at how high you felt. Jay looked at your driver and said,

"You may want to drive faster or she'll explode." He chuckled.

You forgot the driver even existed, you were just focused on what he was doing to you. You started to wrap yourself around him begging to cum, feeling it edge closer and closer and your body shaking from trying to hold it down. He saw how close you were and drew his fingers away. You shook your head and he smiled. He brought his fingers up to his lips and licked up your juices that coated them. Because you had wrapped your arms around him and pulled him closer, you had an excellent view of him licking his fingers clean. His lips glided over his slender fingers and he hummed liked he enjoyed the taste of you. His hand came to your clothed core and growled against your lips,


You nodded.

"Tell me how much you want it baby." He said.

He sat back while pulling you up on his lap to straddle him. He yanked on your pants to make you sit lower on him so your heat was covering his and you could feel how hard his length was. You leaned forward placing your hands on his shoulders.

"I want you Jay....Fuck, I want you so bad." you mewled.

"You want me to make you cum baby?"


He chuckled and pulled you closer to his chest. His hand went through your hair again and he whispered in your ear,

"I'm going to make you my little slut tonight."

He started grinding his hips up into you, making you whimper. You were shockingly sensitive having been denied the wildest orgasm ever. You'd never been denied an orgasm before, sometimes being with men and never having one by the end of the night further frustrated you but this frustrated you in a beautiful way. You knew he'd give you one, he'd give you the most amazing orgasm you'd ever experience. He continued to grind against your core while making you do the same against him.

"Don't cum." He warned.

You nodded but cried lightly as he pushed your body's limits. The car stopped and you looked out the window to see you were finally home.

"Thank you Taewon." You said in a hurry.

You climbed off of Jay and opened the door and hurried to your front door. You unlocked it and looked back to see Jay. He was just standing in front of the car smiling. You mewled,

"Please Jay, don't tease me any more. I need you."

You came down your front steps again and placed your hands on his chest. He just smiled at you while cupping your face. His eyes were soft as they made contact with yours.

"Jay please. Please I want you so bad. You want me too right? Please." You begged gripping his shirt.

He chuckled and pecked your lips,

"Told you I'd make you beg." He smiled.

He took your hand and pulled you along with him as he hurried into your house like it was his own. This time he didn't rush kicking his shoes off but you got rid of yours urgently. You took off your jacket and aimed to unbutton your shirt.

"Don't." He snapped at you.

You put your hands by your side. He straightened up and looked at you. It seemed that if you moved in a rush the more he took his time. He did say you'd have to learn how to hold out but you couldn't. You had so much energy from him you could've done jumping jacks in the anticipation. He moved towards you so slowly you thought you were going to die from waiting.

"Please, please, please." You whispered over and over again as he closed the distance between you.

He snatched you in his arms and pushed you against the wall while attacking your lips. He ripped your shirt open, popping buttons and letting them rain on the floor. The reveal of your white lace bra didn't affect him; his hand went straight to your neck and he kissed you harder and sloppy. His tongue whirled around yours and explored your mouth. He kissed you harshly, making your lips feel bruised and swollen but it was the right amount of pressure that you were looking for.

He pushed your hips against the wall. His thumbs were adding pressure to your hip bone. Your heart raced as he pulled away from you, a line of saliva connecting you two followed him until it broke.

"Take off your bra." He said.

You didn't rush it as much as you wanted to because you thought that's what he wanted but he pushed you against the wall as he growled and said,

"If you don't move faster I will rip it off you, do you understand?"

You nodded and moved faster. He knew when you unhooked it because he forced it off of you and tossed it to the floor. He lifted you up and your legs wrapped around his waist as he carried you to the bedroom. The whole time he kissed you hard and heavy. He dropped you on the bed with his body towering yours. He kissed down your neck to your chest and let the tip of his tongue flick back and forth on your nipple. You ran your fingers through his hair and he crawled down your body until he got to your pants. He sat up and pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his belt. He moved off the bed and grabbed your pants by the hem and yanked them off of you in one swift movement. Your panties following them. He unbuttoned his pants quickly but only pushed them down enough to release his hard member. You rushed up to grab onto him and he was either too far gone to care or it was exactly what he wanted. He wrapped his arms around you and pushed inside you hard and fast and didn't allow you to adjust.

He groaned and growled into your neck, his hands gripped your waist as he pulled you into his body, rocking your bed into the wall. You screamed out and scratched his back enjoying the surge of pain and pleasure going through you. He came to your ear panting heavily; he sounded feral. He raised your legs up higher, the sound of skin slapping echoed in the room. You moaned and clutched onto the blankets beside you, feeling yourself coming close to that edge again. The coil twisted more, it tightened as he lifted your butt up and said in your ear,

"Don't cum."

You screamed in frustration, you squeezed him tighter trying to hold onto an inch of sanity. Whatever you had left was slipping away while he rode hard and fast inside of you.

"Jay. Jay I'm g-onna."

"Don't." he growled.

You whined as you pulled his body closer to your chest. He was panting so heavily, he sat up and looked you in the eyes with his lips parted and his eyes dark, his pupils blown, his lips pink. He licked his lips and kept his eyes linked with you but he started slowing down his thrusts. You felt him throbbing inside of you. You didn't realize there were tears in your eyes until his hand came to your cheek and his thumb wiped it away.

Jay got off of you and turned you around on your knees, he slipped inside of you from behind and began to ride you doggy style. His hips moved in a mind blowing rhythm while his hands came around your body to fondle your breast. Your walls were sore and clamping down on him begging for a release. Your body trembled while his fingers rolled over your perked and senstive nipples. He kissed the crook of your neck sending shivers down your spine and then up just below your ear before his hand descended down your body past your chest and smoothing down your flat tummy, rolling over your belly button and reaching your heat. His fingers came to your clit rolling over it, rubbing you while he fucked you from behind and kissed your face.

"Jay let me cum." You cried.

"Don't tell me what to do with what's mine." he growled in your ear.

It just fucked you out even more. His hand captured your neck again and you turned your face to look at him. You two kissed softly, almost lovingly if you dared to describe it that way. It was a comforting, relaxing kiss that took your breath away. You noticed his pace started to slow again even while the hand on your neck squeezed tight enough to make you light headed. You pulled away to look him in the eyes and saw how into it he was. How deeply satisfied he was to see you bending to his will and being his.

He let you go and laid you down one last time. He had you on your side so your front half had to twist to look up at him. Your top leg he pushed off your bottom leg giving him more room to see your slick folds resting between your legs. Your bottom leg curled around the rest of his body and he got off the bed for a second to remove his pants and boxers competely. He started to jerk himself off a little, staring at your perfectly heated entrance, waiting for him to fill you up again.

He moved closer to you letting his hand glide over your butt as he did. Your rushing orgasm was calming down, to your dismay, but the fact that he wasn't done playing with you made you happy. He pushed inside you and started moving slowy but with each pump into your body it seemed to spur him to go faster until his was slaming his body against yours once again. Both of you were sweating, hair was sticking to your face; Jay's hand was fondling your naked breast while you tried to turn more to look at him. He slipped his leg between your scissored legs and he wrapped your top leg around his waist. It was like a position you'd find in the Kama Sutra. You watched as he bit his lip and you mirrored his action.

Jay smiled and lowered down to kiss you.

"I want you to be a good girl okay." he said.

You nodded.

"I want you to come for me." He said.

You were more than happy to hear him give you that command. You nodded and he started moving faster once again gripping onto your hips and pulling you into him when he thrusted hard and fast inside of you. You gripped onto his waist; you heard a deep groan come from his throat while you screamed in pleasure.

"Cum with me baby girl- Fuck!" He groaned.

You nodded feeling that coil tighten and tighten with each snap of his hips.

"Jay!" You squealed as you came hard and long.

Your body quaked at the intense release that came from two other built up orgasams you had been denied and it was worth having to wait for. Your hands frantically raced to grab hold of him or anything else to grip, your nails ran down his chest leaving scratch marks, you could only imagine what his back looked like. He had released with you, bucking his hips into you while you milked him of every last drop.

He collapsed over you showering your face with light kisses. You turned under him so you could get comfortable. His lips some how felt softer while you panted and your body shivered below him. You wrapped your arms around him breathing in his scent because he was so close.

"Should I go home?" He chuckled through a pant.

"No. Stay- here." You said falling asleep.

"I wore you down."

"Yeah but to be fair- it was a long day." You whispered.

He moved closer and brushed his lips against your own for a very light kiss.

"Then get some sleep." he whispered back.

He brushed your hair lightly until your eyes coudn't stay open anymore. In no time you had fallen asleep.


The passing weeks that followed left you a bit tired. You had gone through two other interviews, appearing on Weekly Idol with Hoody and Do Hyeon, you sat down with Chaewon to discuss him making a full album instead of a mini album and promoting him more. You also just finished a concert but you had a few others that were planned in the next few weeks in Singapore, New York and Brazil. All places you were okay with going to, you were even excited but you were running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

You had your lawyer draw up another contract for Jay but you sent it to him through your driver that time so that you didn't do anything stupid. He was just lucky you were on birth control because in the heat of it all, neither one of you considered protection. You just thought about animal insticts. Hell, you didn't even really think about that you just acted upon them. He agreed to the privacy policy that said he wouldn't discuss your relationship with the press but you had specfically said that Kiseok and Seonghwa could know about what you two were doing since he trusted them. Seonghwa and Hoody had actually hit it off and she had kept that a secret from you for a little bit which you were suprised about.

You supposed it was because she didn't think anything really serious was going to come from it so she didn't mention it but apparently they got along well. She still said it was too fresh to tell though. She always asked about you and Jay.

You had to squeeze in talks about his dance studio with the rest of your busy schedule which only made your tension build up more. It was quite odd to you that anytime you were around Jay you found yourself discovering another part of you. He met up with you once to discuss something about his studio and you two had no intention of sleeping together but he placed his hand on the top of your head and smoothed your hair down like it was such a natural action you found yourself reaching the equivalent of a puppy dog's happiness when their owner pets them. It was something you could really explain but you just found that it was something that you liked.

You of course didn't tell Jay. You thought it would give him more power over you, as if he didn't already have enough to begin with. However, since you two signed the papers, there was only one other time you two slept together. There wasn't much time for anything else. Although, you both had been textingeach other regularly.

You were at the MGM building, sitting in the studio while Yonggi and Cisco mixed some music for Chaewon to listen too. You were texting Jay while Chaewon was writing lyrics and Yonggi at some point had asked you a question that you didn't hear at all. You did, however, hear Cisco's sly comment that you were too busy texting your "boyfriend".

"I will hit you over the head with a cast iron." you said while texting Jay.

"Serioulsy Y/n who is this guy? You've been in your phone relentlessly the past few weeks." Cisco asked.

"One: he's not my boyfriend. Two: he's the one whose Dance studio I'm partnering with, you remember that national dancers studio project? Since we paired up he's gotten two hundred new enrollees in the past few weeks. That's a faster enrolling period than he's had it the past year. Three: the reason I am relentlessly texting him is because I have to know how well my investment is going. Even Hyun Jung agreed with me on this one, I just don't want to do anything wrong. With everything that we've built up together I can't risk it all falling apart."

"You sound stressed." Yonggi said.

"I'm always stressed, always assumed I am stressed." you answered.

"I don't understand why though. MGM has done well these past three years and we're only growing bigger, plus from what you descirbed your investment seems to have paid off." Chaewon said.

You leaned forward to look at all of them, your arm resting on your knees as you hunched over a little.

"Yes but his popualrity rose because he was promoting with us and that's what I'm afraid of. I know Jay is an amazing dancer and I even know our choreographers are great teachers but I'm worried that his business is going to become too dependant on us. It was his studio to begin with. On some level, I feel like we're taking over but I still want him to be able to run his own show. You know?" You said.

Yonggi, Chaewon and Cisco all nodded understanding where you were coming from. You sighed and looked at your phone when you saw a message had appeared.

"Ahhh Fuck!" you groaned.

"What?" Yonggi asked.

"I forgot there's that charity thing tonight. " you grumbled.

You looked through the rest of your calendar to see what you had on your "to do" list and figured out what you'd have to do right that moment and what you'd have to move to tomorrow's schedule. You stood up telling the guys to have fun and be good before you walked out of the studio and to the elevator. You got on your phone and called Jay.

"Deliever Me." You whined when he answered.

You heard him laugh on the other end of the phone.

"You know I was really starting to wonder about you."

"What do you mean?" you asked.

"Well, we've slept together a total of three times and only once after signing the papers. I was wondering if you really needed me. Maybe you found someone else."

"Are you kidding me I'm too busy to find someone else. I swear at any minute I'm going to crash." you said.

He lauhged.

"Well, I wish I could come meet with you right now but I have a session starting in like ten minutes. What time will you be free?" he asked.

You sighed,

"That's fine I can't meet now anyway. I'm afriad I have to go to a charity event tonight. I completely forgot it was on my schedule I don't think I wrote it down in the house either. I'll be running around trying finish up things I was supposed to get done for the rest of the day."

"Sucks. I could've given you a massage, released some of that tension you've always got in your shoulders. Then flip you over and kiss you from head to toe. Let my tongue linger on that little clit of yours."

You moaned ligthly in the phone.

"Stop you're going to make me melt at work. You have no idea how bad I need you."

He chuckled,

"You have no idea how much I like it when you say you need me."

You were silent for a moment but it had nothing to do with what he said it was just that you were trying to figure out how you could get him to come to you.

"Hey when are you off tonight?" you asked.

"Oh planning on playing hooky?" he mused.

"No but I'm desprate so when do you get off?"

"I don't think I'll be out until seven maybe eight tonight." he said.

"Look this thing starts at seven even if you get off at eight I don't mind being kind of late. I'll take you with me but you have to be dressed to the nines." you said.

"Y/n I'll be sweaty and dirty when I get out of work. I'll have to go home and shower."

"No you won't, you have showers there right?"


"So shower there, I'll have Taewon drop off a suit for you. When you're ready call me and we'll come pick you up okay?" You said.

"How do you know what size I wear?" he asked.

You chuckled,


You hung up the phone immediately, forgetting that he hates it when you abruptly hang up without saying goodbye. He called you back seconds later and when you answered he said,

"Did you just hang up on me little girl?"

There was a primal strict tone to him that made your body ache even more.

"I'm sorry. It's a habit Jay we haven't talked on the phone for a while."

"Who even taught you a habit of just hanging up the phone without saying goodbye? That's just bad manners." he said.

"Well, I never said I had good manners did I?"

He couldn't hold back a laugh on that one. You heard him sigh over the receiver and said,

"Say goodbye to me babygirl."

"Goodbye to me babygirl." you parroted.

He laughed on the other end,

"I'm going to spank you when I get my hands on you I hope you know that."

You bit your lip not being able to contain the smile as you walked out of the elevator and out the building to get to your car.

"I like it when you talk like that. Will you be ready when I come to pick you up Jaebeom?" you said.

"Yes Y/n. I'll be ready. I'll try and end class early okay."

"Okay." you said happily in the phone.

He laughed and said,

"Goodbye baby girl."

"Goodbye Jay." you hummed before easing your thumb down to the end call button.

You didn't necessarily mind Jay calling you babygirl all the time. The term of endearment kind of turned you on but you had to make sure he wasn't calling you that when you were around people. It was strictly expressed to him that this was a sexual relationship not an emotional one. You wanted physical contact, you wanted to be fucked when you were so stressed that it was driving you crazy. You wanted to be fucked when you were unable to fall asleep. Already you started to realize that Jay was getting away with more things than any of your past flings were able to.

You shut down pet names quickly, you never asked them to stay, if they stayed with you they stayed with you but you were never making an effort to ask them to sleep with you. That's probably one of the things that made Song-Sin, your last fling, so irritated with you. He just felt like a pass time. That's unfortunately all he was. You felt bad for always kind of fooling around with these guys but it wasn't like you weren't up front and honest with them before you hooked up with them. You told them you weren't the type to fall in love. You just didn't feel it, there was nothing spectacular in the relationships you had but most of them responded the way a straight man would if they had a crush on a lesbian: you just haven't had good dick yet.

No, you've had good dick, some of the greastest came from people you'd never expected would've been good with their meat swords but that was never the problem. Sex was never something that you emotionally connected with. Sex was a physical want, at this point a physical need but emotions- emotionally you hadn't met the right man yet. You sure as hell wasn't looking either.

You called Taewon to meet you at your house and you gave him your second black card to go by Jay a suit and drop it off at the studio for him while you ran your errands. You drove yourself around to do all of that and you got back to the house around six o'clock to get ready. You took a quick shower and brushed your teeth again. You did your own make up and slipped on a dazziling silver dress that caught the light beautifully. You pulled your hair up into an elegant bun that showed off your neck well and then you wore a sterling silver necklace with a diamond halo hanging at the end of it. It was actually past seven by the time you were finished getting dressed.

Jay had called you while you were getting ready and told you he ended class at seven so he'd be ready in a half hour. By the time you got to him, he'd be ready to go. You hopped in the car with Taewon when he came back around to get you and he drove you to Jay's studio to pick him up. You rolled down the window when you saw him walking out in a beautiul black suit with a steel gray tie that had a matte pattern to it. It was Prada and you were amazed at how stunning he looked in it. The tattoos on his hand and neck were going to show regardless but you were okay with that. You didn't really care and no one else should either, most of his other ones were covered up as much as they could be.

He walked around the car and slipped into the back seat right next to you. He smiled at you and you chuckled,

"You look very dashing in that suit I must say." you complimented him.

"You look beautiful as well, I shouldn't be surprised."

You blushed flattered by his compliment and Taewon started to drive off.

"So I have to tell you, when we get there, please make sure that you keep the sexual side of our relationship hidden. No kissing, no hand holding, if you'd like to dance I'm alright with that but nothing that makes us look like a couple. The media is already all over my ass about the concerts and with you signing as a part of MGM or the reverse I guess, I just want to keep things-"

"A secret I know. I'm perfectly capable of behaving myself little one. You don't have to worry about me."

He lifted your chin to look at him and his thumb pulled lightly on your bottom lip. He smiled at your stunned face, you weren't sure why you were stunned. Maybe you were just mesmerized. Jay leaned over and planted a sweet kiss on your lips. It didn't last long, it was a nice little peck but it was slow and lingered on your lips causing you to lick them and even touch them in amazement at the tingle that lasted on them.

There was no silence in the car. You two talked about various things just like you had over the past few weeks and at some point he even started showing you funny memes on his phone. It was all very relaxed and slowly the space between you two in the car began to close until you were next to him, leaning on him and he was planting kisses on your hand, your cheek, your head and then..... your lips...

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