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Yeah I'm here to serve you a large helping of PERFECT MAKNAE.

You all know I'm a Hakyeon bias so I'm just here to mess with your bias lists, not mine ;)
Behold, the most beautiful solo stage (aka Hyuk in jeans singing a rock ballad with golden glitter all over the place plus jawlines for daaaaays)

I wasn't a huge fan of the original studio version of this song but put some guitar and drums in there plus a glittery emo hyuk and im all in.

ajbsjshs i love that hes showing off his improvements over the years. also i love this version and the studio version so much ;; makes me emo lol
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*rewrites. EVERYTHING.*
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In Vixx, no bias is safe. But Hyuk is one of the few maknaes I stan for vocal talent (and jawline. Although, he really isn't a babu anymore tbh but he is still a babu in my heartu)
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New Vixx visual? idk man because Bin's jawline is sooo sharp
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