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This is The Funniest Book Review I've Ever Seen
So I've never actually read Eleanor & Park but I've only read not great things. I know a lot of people liked it but from what I've gathered its sort of...well...watch this review.

This Booktuber is HILARIOUS.

Seriously, this review is laugh out loud funny - the sarcasm and deadpan is too much.

* disclaimer - lots of explicits! she's not afraid to drop fbombs lmao.
"you know what happens when you give someone both of your kidneys? you die. you don't have kidneys bitch, you die."

Did you read this yet?

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I didn't watch the review yet, I will later and add another comment, but I read the book and it was ok. I heard a lot of good things about it but tbh I'm really picky on my books lol.
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I've read the book and I thought it was great. I saw like a couple minutes of the review, but I left cause I kept getting triggered, but whatever it's her opinion
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So I watched sone of the review and she is really funny, I watched other ranty vids. I don't think the book is like the next fault in our stars but it is cute and I don't think it's as bad or cringey as she and people in the comments were making it out to be.
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