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"Y/N, I'm home" I froze trying to figure out what to do. "honey is everything alright in there"  Mother said knocking on the door repeatedly. Trying not to make a lot of noise I hid the luggage under my bed. She barged in. "What was all that noise?, you should be sleeping" she said walking into my room and sitting down on my bed making herself comfortable. "You're nervous I understand. So was I...when I married your father" caressing my hands insinuating I was nervous for that reason. Matter a fact it filled me with rage. "Yoongi enjoy your last day as an engaged man. Have fun with that woman you were with..." "Okay Y/N. Don't forget" getting up from the bed. "W-Wait... what" forgetting I was still talking to mother. She turned around, arms crossed at her chest. With A blissful smile. "Don't mess this up" "I won't" not sure what she meant by it. She's tired and so am I. Tired of being fooled by a handsome face. Yes Mom I won't mess this up. "Yoongi already did"                         **Door closes** With my leg I pushed the luggage further into my bed. The corner was peeking out. I hugged my knees covering my face, "I hope she didn't see it"                        ********************** My phone rang non stop. I woke to the bright sun blinding me. "What time is it?" getting up but who's been calling my phone. It's 11:00. Why didn't anyone bother to wake me up. I unlocked my phone to check the messages. It was Namjoon Namjoonie=_=  [5 missed calls] Oh my. He's been calling since seven this morning. Namjoonie=_= Good Morning baby girl, good news. I got you an apartment. It's a little far but I'll show you how to get there. Impressive. I didn't expect him to find one that quick..maybe. Namjoonie=_= I'll see you later. Get ready baby girl. Namjoonie=_= Baby girl, I'll be there at 11:30. I put down the phone on my bed. Stretched my arms All the way up. As I tried to shake off those nervous jitters, I grabbed the towel and walked towards my bed. "11:03 okay that gives me 27 minutes to get ready before he arrives" I said mentality timing myself. After coming out of what seemed  like forever "Onlying twelve minutes with fifteen to spare" great right on schedule. "I have so much of nothing in this closet" Arguing with myself about the amount of clothes I had but never used. I opted for something casual since I didn't want to get recognized by anyone especially the media. If by any chance I do get caught they would easily make my life hell. Coming up with headlines that will kill the family's image. "11:28  okay" I headed down as quiet as possible to the back door. A buzz emanated from my jeans, making me jump up. Quickly slipped it out of my pocket. Namjoonie I'm here baby girl. I'll be waiting for you Giggling like a young school girl I replied. Y/N I'm ready with my stuff joonie let's go. I got out successfully preventing from being seen or heard. As I opened the door  I see Namjoon come out of his car to help me with my heavy luggage. I was taken aback, although he's only wearing something casual he looked better than I expected. I stood there motionless forgetting I was carrying a heavy luggage. He snaps me back to reality. Opening the door to the passenger seat. I get In while he adjusted my stuff into the back trunk. I adjusted the seat and proceeded to put on the seat belt. Seconds later Namjoon got in the car put on his seatbelt and started the car. We were on our way to check the apartment. I turned to look at Namjoon, immediately noticing his clean complexion. Freshly shaved face. Messy slick back haircut. Not to mention those dimples enhancing his smile by a thousand. I'll admit.. it triggered some foreign feelings in me. "Going anywhere special?" I said giving him a suggestive look. "Yea.... I'm meeting up with an old friend" "Oh...okay". I rolled my eyes on instinct. A hint of jealousy kept me from saying more than I needed to. "What's wrong baby girl .....are you jealous" he said raising a brow in amusement. "Ha... what... me? no....keep your eyes on the road!" I said grabbing his chin to face the road causing him to smile uncontrollably. After ten minutes of left and right turns through the city we stopped. "We're here" he said as he parked the car on a small lot. As I got out of the car I got the full view of the apartment complex "Don't worry it's a safe quiet place. No one will ever know you're here" he said softly pinching my nose.                                        *********************** From the outside, the building was average nothing too over the top. We went in, right away I could smell the clean floor.   "Hmm it smells like lavender. Home sweet home" I said to Namjoon as we stepped in the elevator a huge smile on my face.             1★★★2★★★3★★★4★★★5                                                                                             *Ding* We stopped at the fifth floor, the last floor of the building. "Close your eyes babygirl ". "But why" wondering what he had planned. "Just do it, do you trust me" of course I did but I couldn't let my guard down. Without further questions I did as I was told. I felt his palm interlace with my small fingers. Guiding me as we walked throughout a long hallway. I kept asking "are we there yet? " Counting down the seconds I had to enjoy this very moment. He let go of my hand to grab the key and swipe his card. "Yes we're here". A slight breeze hit my body followed by that clean floor smell from before. I heard the door close behind me "...can I open my eyes now?" I asked curious to see the place I'll be spending some weeks in or who knows how long. He whispered in my ear."Sure thing baby girl". This was more than I expect. The apartment has been decorated with furniture to my preference which is simple. Windows wiped clean with white curtains letting the sun in making the apartment brighter. "Joonie thank you for sticking by my side on this. Right when I feel everyone is working against me" He put down the luggage next to the door. Facing me. Looking at me eye to eye, he slowly reached  for my ear again and whispered in a seductive tone. "I'm only here for you and no one else" "That's sweet of you" I said slowly taking my eyes of him for a moment to place a kiss on his cheek. Thinking it was one of his friendly gestures. Without realizing we were both lost in each other's gaze. My accidental sneezed breaking us out of that trans. "Oh yeah, let me show you around" he nervously laughed. Walking me through the in and outs of the apartment. Curious as to who helped organized this in so little time. To thank them properly.                              *Bzzzzzz* It was my phone. Namjoon stopped the apartment tour. "Are you going to answer"? Should I? I asked since I didn't know what to do or how to respond. Pacing back and forth in the living room. "Answer it Y/N it will be suspicion not to" he said pushing the phone to my ear. I answered. Worse mistake... I Pulled away the phone from my ear no more than fifteen seconds into the call. I hung up. From the look Namjoon gave back I was sure he heard it too. How could he even..??? Why would he...??? dropping to the floor in utter shock. "So they weren't only rumors were they?". Only to intensify the hurt I felt inside. The last of my heart thrown away by my sweet Yoongi.
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