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Let's talk about Chocolate!

Before Midnight rolls in, Imma introduce the one the only amazingly talented Chase Malone!

Oo someone's excited!

Shush Chase I'm introducing you.

Yeah you just keep sipping that drank. Let's get started!

Cha Cha Malone 

Name: Chase Vincent Malone Birth date: May, 25th, 1987 (30) From: Seattle, Washington.
Ig: @chachamalone Titles: Producer, singer-songwriter, b-boy. Facts: -He has been active in the South Korean music industry since 2009. - Obviously apart of AOMG but he shares a label with Jay, H1gher music. -Cha Cha has been dancing for 15 years (reps the Art of Movement crew you can find them on Facebook.) -He graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle with a Bachelor's degree in conceptual art and visual development.

- he has his own personal website called Bonus fact: He's Kim's honeydew melon chocolate drop  
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😂😂😂😂 OMG Kim's honeydew melon chocolate drop!! haha
15 days ago·Reply
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@BabydollBre @MarrickeJ33 Y'all know it!!!!
15 days ago
You do know that he has a twitter too
15 days ago·Reply
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15 days ago
man he's so cool
14 days ago·Reply
we are close enough to be related because of age and because of the years and month we where both born in may I am 2 years older then him I was born in 1985 and he was born in 1987 that's awesome
14 days ago·Reply
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I mean who wouldn't love some of him?
13 days ago