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due to language, and sensual content
Lead: Gray

You come a very wealthy family, and even became a Debutante. One day you find out your parents have arrange a marriage for you. It wasn't any ordinary agreement though, they had basically sold you off to gain power and more money from a perverted old man. You ran away the night you found out and haven't looked back since. With your new identity you work at a bar as a bartender to get by, to only fall in love with one of the clubs V.I.Ps at first site.
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A/N: You saw my secret note I hid at the bottom and asked for an extra chapter... here you go ^^

(Gray POV)~

This woman was killing me inside. I had never wanted someone so badly, before now. The night she and I made love, was the death of me. Her body was beautiful, and the way she made eye contact with me, made me want to be a better man. It also made me think of over hundred ways how I could play with her.

When Mr. Kim went after her, it made me want her even more. Yet, it was more out of love then to feed my sadist desires. This woman had my attention since the moment I saw that bouncy sapphire hair behind the bar. I even took the time to get to know her, when I usually rather be at work. When she push me away and told me to actually go to work, it just made me want to stay.

The night she saw my wounds, the fear, sadness, and compassion she had in her eyes. That was when I knew she had to be mine forever. So I waited til after she was my wife to let her know about my sadist side. Not only was she now my wife, but that Mr. Kim wouldn't be able to touch her. Jay even back me up on it, and with Simon hyung actually being a mob boss, There was no way he would dare harm her.

We were in the car, driving back to what was now our home. Y/N just kept looking over the contract, and refused to say a word. She was even leaning against the door, as if she was getting ready to jump out of the moving car. When we got to a red light, I touched, her arm lightly. She yanked her arm away from me, and glared.

"Right now, I wish I listen to Lili."

She mudder under her breath, but her words stung. "Y/N I may be a sadist, doesn't mean I'm anything like Mr. Kim. That man is scum, and I give you my word, I won't let any man like that near you." I went to hold her hand, but she pulled away. I growl under my breath, before pulling into our apartment parking lot.

I locked the door on her, after I parked, and turn towards her. "Yah! Ever since you found you, you have completely stop listening to me. I will not let you out of this car, until you give me your attention." She glared at me, but her eyes said she was more hurt and scared than angry and full of hatred.

"I would of never married you, let alone saved you Y/N, if I didn't honest to god love you. Yes, I am a sadist, but I am nothing like those sadist you see on TV or in the movies. You are the only one I have eyes for, how many times do I have to say that... The Sadist clause is to protect you from me. The whole damn contract is to protect you from me. That how much I fucking love you, Y/N. So please stop being so cold to me, I beg of you."

She just stared at me, but her expression did lighten up. Y/N wasn't scared of me anymore at the very least. I took hold of her hands, and press my lips against each one of them. "Do not worry, not much between will change with you knowing of this. I give you my word, and I will ease you in. You'll be surprise how gentle I really am."

She sighed heavily as she held my hands tight again. "Do you still want to have this reception with the fam? I need to know now so I can tell my parents to stay home." Her eyes lit up so pick as she sat up. "You invited your parents? Do you think they would even like me?"

She seem nervous now, before glaring at me once again. "Do they know you're a sadist?" I sighed heavily and lean back in my seat. "No they don't know, nor do they need to know. The contract restricts you from telling them too."

Y/N went for the door, but when she unlocked it, I locked it again. "Are we still having this party or not? I need to know now before I let you out, Y/N... NaRi." I looked over at her, as her birth name got her attention. "We can still have it... I just... give me time before you show me what your sadist side really does."

She looked over at me softly as she pouted. "I was already planning to, I don't want to scare you away." She lean over and peck me lips, right as I unlock the door. "I'm holding you to what you said ...oppa." She tap my nose before getting out of the car.

When she acted cute it always got under my skin. I smirked, whilst getting out of the car. I caught up to her in the elevator, and wrap my arms around her, from behind. "You know what you're doing, I swear. Because you got me wanting to kiss you all over now, just because you were cute."

Y/N had tense up, and just stood there. I sighed heavily, and let her go before leaning against the wall. She turn around to look at me, but I just hung my head. I slowly follow behind her to the apartment door, and just kept my glance down. "What's the pass-code?" I looked up to see her pointing to the door.

"Do you remember my birthday?" She nodded her head yes, as she smiled warmly at me. "December 6, 1986." I waved my hand to the lock. "That the cold for now.

I plan to change it to today's date soon." She turn to put the code in and open the door. I follow slowly behind her, but stop at the kitchen. Allowing her space to get changed. "Seonghwa oppa?"

I perk up, before going to her, to see her standing there in lace white bra and thong. I swallow back my thirst for her, and did my best to stay calm. "I was wondering do you have a play room, or toy closet?" I raised an eyebrow, before walking over to her. "You're standing on it."

She looked at the rug before her feel. "I have toys, yes... but if I bring in costumes, I would have them place in the back of your side of the closet." She moved to her closet, to see if there was any closet. "Please just get dress... there is nothing in there."

I a dress up shirt and pants, and went to head out of the room. She stop me, by grabbing my forearm. "Am I annoying you?" I turn to look at her, and saw she was simply being curious. "Sexually frustrated." I free myself from her and got dress in the bathroom, with my back to her.

Once I was done getting dress, I went to set up the food upstairs, before the carter company came. "So do I call you, yeobo, or, oppa now?" I turn around to look at Y/N, and felt my heart skip a beat. She look stunning in her wedding dress, as her hair was down, yet she had a silver headband on, holding back her hair from her face.

I walked over to her, and went to reach for her hand, be retreated, and stop moving closer. "Call me what you're comfortable with..." I walked pass her once the door bell went off. I wanted her so bad, I wanted to see the love and joy she had in her eyes for me again. But I was starting to think that would never happen again.

She told me she was open, and the moment I open up, she simply ran from me mentally.

My sapphire more afraid of me...

Then in love with me...

Damn I seriously fuck up.

(Y/N POV)~

The party started which I was happy, because it allow me to stay by Lili. "Why don't you wanna stand by your newly wedded husband?" Lili asked me in a low tone so only I would hear it. I looked over at Lili, before looking around. "I found out why you warn me... I am legally bond though, so I can't tell you what."

Lili blinked at me as she try to think. "You mean the selling they do on the side? That's why I warn you... It gets dangerous sometimes, so much so that you could be used as leverage."

I blinked as I realized her warning wasn't Gray's Sadist side. It really was the dirty business they did. "Come, let me introduce you to Jessi, Dream and Hoody. Jessi can teach you self-defense." I just nodded my head, and was about to go with her, when Seonghwa came over and took hold of my hand.

"My parents have arrive..."

He gave me a gentle expression, before taking me with him, and away from Lili. We walked over to his parents, whom greeted me with a warm and welcoming smile. "You must be Y/N... Its so wonderful to meet you... though I wish it was before you two were married." Seonghwa's umma hit her son's arm, getting me to giggle.

"Umma..." Seonghwa whined, before I bow to my new father-in-law. "You are very beautiful, are you from Korea?" I nodded my head, and smiled sweetly towards him. "Born and raised, I'm even an debutante." My words grabbed my mother-in-law's attention.

"Oh... and you're parents, will they be joining us?" I shook my head, and glance over at Seonghwa. "They past away actually, about a year ago now." My parent-in-laws gave me sad expressions, before my hands were in my mother-in-law's hands. "I am so sorry for your lost my dear, but you are family now. We are your parents now, okay?"

I smiled warmly at her, and nodded my head. "May I barrow your wife, Seonghwa-ssi." Lili came over to me, and linked arms with me. "Someone has been patiently waiting to meet you, Y/N." Seonghwa raised an eyebrow, while Lili pulled me away from them.

"You two have to talk especially since you are now Gray's wife." I blinked, as she had me stand in front of a very slim, and tad intimating blonde man, with a cross chain around his neck. He looked over at me, and gave me one of the most charming smiles I had ever seen. "Annyeong, beautiful, so you are Gray's new wife."

He took my hand in his own, and kiss the back of it. "I'm Jung, Kiseok but everyone here knows me as Simon Dominic... If someone addresses me as Dominic, do not talk to them, young lady." I nodded my head, before taking my hand back. "You will need to take self-defense classes, don't want anything bad to happen to you. And this is for you... hit one of the speed dial, it will contract me directly."

He slip a phone into my hand, as a set of arms wrap around my waist. "Are you done charming my sapphire." I felt Seonghwa's chin resting on my shoulder. "You should bring her by AOMG sometime, this way we can brace her better." Simon had a serious expression now.

"Ne ne, but let us have a honeymoon first... did you get the place I requested?"

Simon smirked deviliously, before handing over a set of keys to Seonghwa. "Don't break anything... The place will be empty for you two for a week." I just stood there and blinked, when Seonghwa kissed my cheek lightly. "Honeymoon... His wedding gift to us is his house in Busan."

I looked at Simon in shock, as he just winked at me. Others started jumping over to meet me. Loco was very bubbly, and coo-ing over his son more than Seonghwa and me. Dream was the same way since that was Loco's wife. Jay and Lili already knew me, so they didn't bug us that much.

Sik-k was the maknae of them all, and was trying to steal me from Seonghwa a lot. He was like the cutest little brother ever. Duckie kept Sik-k in check though, for Seonghwa. Jay had a video-chat for us with Chase, so I got to meet him, even though he was in Seattle. The video-chat allow me to meet Jarv, Danny, most of AOM, Hep.

Groovy Room boys, play music for us so we could all dance together. DJ Wegun and Pumkin step up though, so Jay and Seonghwa could sing. Jay sang his song 'Stay with me' so Seonghwa and I could have our first dance. Once 10 o'clock everyone left me alone with Seonghwa in our new home. "Y/N please... would you mind packing?"

I would of moved to do so, but packing meant suitcase. I didn't see any in the house at all. Seonghwa came over to me, and took my hand. He led me to a duffel bag, and handed it to me. "Pack what you need for the next week, or want. Unless you don't wanna go on our honeymoon."

He pouted at me, after he asked me about the honeymoon. "Do we have to go to Busan?" He looked at me a bit stud, as gave me a gentle smile. "No... We don't... Whatever you want to be we can go. I just thought Busan would be nice because its by the beach, and beautiful view. Plus its Simon's place, no one would dare come for us there or here of course."

Seonghwa was thinking of everything thing, and I was just being spoiled. I walked over to him, and wrap my arms around his neck. "Yeobo, thank you so much for everything thing you have done to make our first day and night together special." Seonghwa was surprised by my action, yet his eyes lit up with joy. "I told you I love you. I meant it."

I kissed him on the lips, while he had one hand on my back, the other loosen my dress. "Yah..." I giggled as he smiled warmly at me. "I'm starving, do I have to keep waiting?" I took a deep breath to relax myself, whilst he play with the straps on the back of my dress.

"Show me..."

He looked at me confused as I looked up at him. "Show me how much is changing when we make love." I kick up the rug, so it would show the hidden door. His lips attacked my neck, as he simply yanked off my body. A moan escape my lips, as he grabbed the back of my thighs, and pick me up to straddle his lap.

"No... I won't show you that side tonight..."

Seonghwa looked up at me, before gently laying me on bed. "I'll show you a shade that's all, cause honestly I just want to make you feel the love I have for you right now. Not scare you more." I couldn't help but smile warmly at him, as his hands glided up my sides. His hand rounded to my back, and unfasten my bra.

I undid the buttons of his dress up shirt, earning another assault on my neck by his lips. He had my breathing shifting into a soft panting. Seonghwa's touch was becoming intoxicating. In seconds, he gripped my wrist and used his shirt to tie them to the backboard of the bed. He pushed my bra off my breast, before gently gliding her fingers down my sides to my panties.

I squirm, only cause it tickled a bit. He licked his lips, before pulling my panties off. His hands slid down between my legs, before he gripped my ankles. Before I could even say a work, my legs were up in the air, and slip so he could just dive right in. I gasped as a moan was caught in my breath.

His tongue was driving me insane as he toy with my clit. I was moaning and whimpering heavily, and new my moans were loud. Right as I was about to hit my climax, he pulled away. Seonghwa had my legs rest on his shoulders, as he smirked down at me. "You look like you want to beg... don't."

I was simply panting, trying to catch my breath, as I watched him unfasten his pants. He then slap my ass hard. I cry out in pain from the sensation, as he claw at the red mark. The feeling of his fingers on the singing sensation, since a wave of pleasure throughout my entire body. Seonghwa would repeat this pattern everything I wiggled.

"You are so fucking cute..."

I made eye contact with him, as this sweet chocolate brown eyes darken. "Do you love me?" He tower over me, as he had my knees touching my shoulders. "Yes, but please... don't hurt me." He peck my lips as he smirked. "I told you not to beg."

We both shared a hot and heavy kiss, before he licked his shaft inside of me. A moan escape pass my lips as we kiss. He was in deeper than he was last time. He lean back up to hold my legs in place. He thrust hard inside of me, resulting in my scream moaning.

Seonghwa just grin at the pain mixed with pleasure he was ending throughout my entire being. His groans and my moans fill the room. He had me mewling so hard I couldn't even think, let alone say a word. All I could do was focus on breathing, and loving every single thrust, every single slap on my behind. It was the most intoxicating sexual experience I had ever had in my life.

I started pulling at his shirt to get free, hurting myself a bit. I just wanted to touch him, and it was driving me insane that only he could touch me. Seonghwa held my arms down, but didn't stop thrusting. "You'll harm yourself, I don't want that... just endure my love."

He was right, and I didn't have to endure for much longer. He found my g-spot and was sending me over the edge. I just gripped onto his shirt, as my back arched. I wanted to tell him I was reaching my limit, but my body was doing the taking for me. His mouth latched onto my breast, as he had us both riding out our climax.

All I could do was pant heavily, while Seonghwa free me from his shirt. He held me close to his body, and I snuggle up to him. Seonghwa kissed the top of my head. "Lets go to Busan. This way I get to see you in a sexy swimsuit."

I could only giggle, and nod my head. I was fully drained as I snuggled up to him. He held onto me as if I was the worlds most precious teddy bear.

I knew this man really did love me

And I pray that no one try to take him away from me

My world would be nothing without my husband.


Hope you like the chapter see you again next Saterday for the next Chapter ^u^ .....
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