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Hello! I'm here with the next bonus chapter. It's super short like the other, and like any others will be. It's here as a supplementary story, not a regular chapter. But I hope it gives you better understanding of their past. I hope you enjoy!!!
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Disclaimer: The events are purely fictional. While BTS is real, I don't know them personally so this is just for fun. the original picture does not belong to me, but the editing does.
Warning: May contain mild language.
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Narrator POV
18 years ago
The two and a half months of summer vacation was ending soon. None of the four looked forward to the break ending, they’d had so much fun together. But of the four, three dreaded it more.
As the break had progressed, Sam had found herself falling more and more for Ari. He was smart, nice, and mostly even-tempered, though he sometimes acted up when Yoongi and Jin goaded him too much. Sam was only twelve and she knew she had a lot to learn about boys and love, things her books never seemed to talk about, but she knew she had the biggest crush on Ari. And soon, she might not see him ever again. If she was lucky, maybe both of their families would come back the next year, but she could only hope. And as much as she cared for Ari, she was too afraid to say anything. Her friendship with the boys was the only thing that kept her truly happy over summer and if she ruined it by confessing and getting rejected, she would never forgive herself. She knew it wasn’t likely that Ari felt the same way about her so she never gave it a chance to blossom in her head.
Namjoon was loathe for summer break to end. He tried to soak up every moment with Angel that he could. Whenever Jin or Yoongi had to do something, which wasn’t often enough, they would spend time together just being silly and having fun. He never thought he could feel so strongly about a girl before. He was only 13, but he was pretty sure his crush was pretty much love. Every second with her felt separate from time and reality. It was so long, yet too short. He’d been so scared about her finding out they were vampires, afraid that she would react the way a lot of people did, but when she found out after he accidentally cut himself, she handled it more comfortably than he could have imagined. She was seemingly unfazed by them being vampires. If anything, she was fascinated and asked a lot of questions. Jin was thoroughly entertained by her.
Yoongi had been up and down all summer. How had one girl managed to turn his world upside-down? And to top it all off, she was younger than even Namjoon. She wouldn’t say exactly how old, and she didn’t look much younger, but she was still just a kid. He was 14, practically an adult. He shouldn’t be feeling things about a kid. Yet, somehow, he did. Anytime he was around her, his stomach twisted in knots and his heart raced. He tried to hide it by either finding something to do away from her or by teasing Namjoon about how dorky he was being. Namjoon was always a dork, but he’d been getting more and more so as summer progressed. Maybe being away from school and studying was turning his brain to mush. Yoongi always hated the end of summer break because it meant early mornings and school, but now he had one more reason to hate it—leaving Angel. But maybe it was for the best. He’d start school again and find some other girl, someone his age in his grade who was a lot prettier than her. Yeah, that’s what would happen.
Jin liked Angel in that she was an interesting girl. She was nice and kind and was slowly learning to be tougher. He could only watch as his younger brothers fell for her. At first he thought it was amusing, but now he felt bad for them. Summer was ending which meant their summer crush would be ending soon as well. But at least they didn’t know about each other’s crush. They had only known each other for a year so they hadn’t had a lot of time to have fights and deal with the aftermath. But for the remainder of the break, they could enjoy their time together.
Namjoon ran to the clearing to find Sam already waiting for him. “Sorry, did you wait long?”
Sam shook her head. “Nope. I just got here a couple minutes ago. I managed to sneak some snacks,” she said, holding up the basket that usually held her collected flowers.
“Should we go then?”
“Kit and Peach had to do other things again?” Sam’s heart swelled at the idea of being alone with Ari again.
“Yeah. So we’re gonna go to our secret hideout again.” Angel’s smile made Namjoon’s heart race.
“What are we waiting for?”
With a moment of courage, Sam grabbed Namjoon’s hand and pulled him towards their hideout. She let go soon after, but the feeling of his hand in hers still had her heart pounding. Namjoon quickly took the lead in their adventure. He liked to walk ahead, knowing what she would say soon. They got to the incline of the hill.
“Come on,” Namjoon called quietly, teasing her.
“Ari…” Sam groaned. “You forget, I can’t move as fast as you.”
I know, he thought to himself, smirking. In a second he was next to her, scooping her off her feet. She let out a squeal that he absolutely adored hearing and then he was running with her to the top. When they reached the top, he set her down and they continued walking together. He made it a point to stay close enough for their hands to ‘accidentally’ touch. Soon, he wouldn’t get to see her again for a year at least and possibly never again so he wanted to make the most of every second. The two reached the waterfall and Namjoon unpacked a blanket from his bag.
“Sit,” he indicated to the blanket. Sam did so and before he could let himself have any more second thoughts, he laid his head down on her lap. He felt her tense for a moment before she relaxed. Soon her hand was combing absentmindedly through his hair. They sat in a comfortable silence, letting the sounds of nature lull them into contentment. It wasn’t long before Sam’s hand stopped moving. Namjoon turned over to see her head bowed down, eyes closed in peaceful sleep. He smiled as he watched her. When she started leaning to the side, Namjoon was quick to jump up and lay her on the blanket. He lay down across from her, staring dreamily at her beautiful and relaxed features. It was times like this he wished would never end. He prayed that he would get to see her again next year. And the year after that. And the year after that. And the year after that…

Like I said, it was short. But hopefully it was cute as well. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll try to put out the next regular chapter on Wednesday and the next bonus on Thurs, but it might have to wait until Friday. I'll see what I have time to do. Either way, hope to see you next time!!!
Please feel free to leave any feedback or constructive criticism either on here or messaging me. I'm always looking to improve.
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