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They had so much fun the first bro night, Saeyoung and Saeran wanted to do it again
So they invite all the guys out to paintball and something to eat afterwards
Everyone agreed, except Vanderwood…who didn’t want to deal with them again
The teams were made by picking straws with colored tips with red versus blue teams
The blue team was Zen, Saeran, and…some random guy because they didn’t have enough players
The red team was Saeyoung, Yoosung, and Jumin why did he agree to do this
Yoosung wanted to be on Saeran’s team, but he picked a blue straw instead of red
He looked up at Saeran, expecting similar sadness…but the twin was smirking and suddenly Yoosung was really scared
The random guy put with Saeran and Zen was super enthusiastic….so much so it was grating Saeran’s nerves
The game counted in, and the first thing Saeran did was shoot the extra guy
“Oh, wait, dude…I’m on your team,” the guy says. “And besides, you need two hits.”
There’s a pause before Zen shoots him, “My bad.”
The guy is kicked out, and Saeran turns to Zen, “Suddenly, you’re two percent less annoying.”
Jumin points out that they had just given a point to the red team
While he’s bickering with Zen, Saeran just points out that Yoosung and Saeyoung bolted, and Jumin was alone and defenseless
That made the older man rush away really fast
Unfortunately, Saeyoung and Yoosung had left much earlier than everyone realized
They found a target soon enough…that random guy
The poor guy started getting pummeled with paint while trying to scream he was out
They eventually hear him, and get so embarrassed that they ran away
Cue guy continuing to walk away…head bowed…
Zen had his ego boosted because of Saeran’s compliment, so at one face off he tells Saeran, “I got this”
He tries to roll for cover in a super dramatic way, but he gets shot in the butt…by Jumin
He’s so busy yelling at the CEO that he doesn’t see Saeyoung behind the bush, and he gets shot again
So Zen is the first one out…and he tries to attempt a full out dramatic death scene, but Yoosung gets annoyed and shoots him again
Jumin actually had a good strategy, but he didn’t have the skills to execute it
Unfortunately, that meant being shot twice in a row by Saeran
The game is pretty slow for awhile because Saeyoung can’t bring himself to shoot his own brother
Yoosung is getting annoyed because he had a clear shot several times
In the end, Saeyoung is like, “I’m going to sacrifice myself…”
Before Yoosung can say anything, he shoots himself in the foot
He forgets how bad it hurts, and just lets out a loud yell
Yoosung is now yelling at him while he’s yelling back, and Saeran just walks into the clearing and shoots Saeyoung in the back
Saeyoung turns around, looks at Saeran through his glasses and protective goggles, “Et Tu, Saeran-te
He gets shot again by both Yoosung and Saeran
Now it’s the final face off between Yoosung and Saeran
It takes awhile, because they’ve been playing videogames together and they know each other’s strategies too well
They end up nearly face to face behind barriers, both of them already got shot once, so it was the determining shot
Saeran thinks he has Yoosung’s strategy figured out and vice versa…so he decides to switch up his own
He didn’t expect Yoosung to be thinking the same
They shoot each other at the exact same time, ending up with a tie
Meanwhile, the others are waiting in agony because they’re so hungry
Nobody cares who won at that point, they just wanted some food