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Located in the interior of Grand Bahama Island and part of Lucayan National Park, Ben's Cave is described by thediversnet.com as "ideal for the novice"; even in the deepest parts of the cave there's enough daylight to see, thus relatively simple to find your way back to the main opening. The clear upper portion of the water within the cave is fresh. It floats on top of the lower salt water. A mixture of a normal cave and an underwater cave, this cave has an entry through a spiral staircase which leads underground to the flooded part of a landward cave formation. Deemed one of the longest surveyed cavern systems in the world, this cavern system extends horizontally for thousands of yards. Stalactites, stalagmites, a halo cline, fossilized conch shells, and bivalves are among many interesting features seen throughout the dive. While an amazing dive, you must be accompanied by an authorized dive instructor in order to dive here. CAVE DIVING 
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