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Hi NCTzens!

I'm a bit late on this but here are some of my favorite NCT songs~ (I would put all of their mvs but that would be one long ass card LOL)
of course I gotta start with the song that got me whipped for NCT and that's The 7th Sense, from the raps, vocals, dance and aesthetics it has everything you could want in a song.

I also gotta add in the vocal's sub unit song Without You, the harmonization and sound is totally different and shows that NCT has many different sides to themselves.

NCT 127

I honestly could not, for the life of me, pick one video to put up because i have loved every single song from every album. So I'll just add the album here for all of you to listen to :D
I really liked this video because they included the rookies and it looked like they had a ton fun making this video together~

These cafe versions are the cutest and most relatable things ever, I'm the guys jamming out to their songs HAHA also please give them more views! they have so little and they took the time to make them for us :)

They are the cutest kids ever in this video :'D

SM Station ft. NCT

Welp I ended up adding everything but no regrets, I'm just a die hard fan HAHA

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